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Timezone Support Added

Hey Blippers,

Just wanted to let you know we’ve added time zone support to your settings under the ‘Account’ section ( so now you view blips relative to your own time wherever that may be. If for some reason we missed your particular locale, just shoot us an email at or leave a comment and we’ll be happy to help you out. Hope this makes the experience a little more seamless for everybody.

New listeners are people too

I’ve had a few people ask me if the emails they’ve been getting about new listeners on are fake users or possibly someone using a bot to sign up a bunch of accounts. Rest assured, they really are new users who have added you as a favorite DJ.

We recently rolled out a way for new users to find other DJ’s on with similar musical taste based on what artists and songs they’ve blipped. New users can then add the top 30 matches to their favorites, making their personal station (the one at immediately useful with blips from people they actually have something in common with. So each of the emails you’ve received means that a new user searched for an artist or song you blipped and you were in the top results.

We thought this would be a better way to introduce people to the site, and a good way to connect people with similar taste. You can try the new flow yourself by going to You can also search for people who’ve blipped similar artists/songs by clicking on “Search by music” under the search box in the right column.

New upload and services pages

We’ve made some changes to the Settings section this week.  First up, is the addition of upload functionality ( ).  This is for all the artists whose songs aren’t on and who previously had no way of adding their tracks to the search.  Use your favorite media player to add id3 tags (artist, title etc…) to songs that you upload as this greatly helps the search (i.e. the chance of your song being found).

Second, we made some serious changes to the Services section under Settings as well (  We think the interface is much simpler and cleaner and you can also now find friends from your other social networks who are already on

So thanks for reading, go check out the new features, and be sure to let us in know in the comments or at ( what you think - about these features or in general.

Playlists make their return

Playlists are back again. I’m going to give some explanation about where they went, but the impatient folk can get started by going to your settings ( and enabling advanced/beta features (don’t forget to save the settings). Click the little star at the bottom right of any blip to add it to your playlist.


So, why the extra step to enable playlists? When we moved Blip from the servers to we made the conscious choice to leave out the playlists. If you’re a new user, you probably have no idea there even were playlists, but for some of the OG users it was sad to see them go. The reason why we left ‘em out is because the whole feature goes against our main goal with Blip, which is to keep things very intuitive for everyone to use. That and the user experience still hasn’t been completely hashed out. The playlist page looks different from everything else on the site, it’s a little awkward to have a list containing other people’s blips out of context, and it’s hard to explain in words drag-and-drop reordering. Playlists just weren’t ready for prime time.


That didn’t stop the power users from finding and adopting playlists very quickly. In just two weeks there were playlists that had over 100 blips and a good percentage of people adding at least one song to their playlist. Their departure was missed, as exhibited in several emails and tweets about their disappearance. It became pretty clear that we have an asset on our hands.


There’s a group of people on the site that are happy to mess around with new features and are vocal about feedback, so instead of disregarding their willingness to delve deeper than the average user we decided to let them go nuts. Allowing our power users to use features before the average user is a good stepping stone between us engineers and the first time visitor who will either take or break in the first minute of visiting the site. In determining the user interaction for new features we try to figure out the user psychology every step of the way, but sometimes practice is completely counter to intuition. If we get it wrong, new users will bounce before we’ve had a chance to show off, but the power users will make sure to let us know we’ve done something backwards and sometimes even give us suggestions on how to fix it.


So there you go. If you want to see new stuff before everyone else (playlists, as of today), go to your settings and enable advanced/beta features. Make sure to let us know ( if you find something funky about the playlists or anything else on the site. The engineers read these emails; there’s no support team, just us.

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-11

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