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Improved Search

In order to give you more flexibility with the song search we’ve added some features that will allow you to be more specific about what you want. By default the search looks at each of the keywords you enter and sorts the matches ranked by relevance so that you see the best match first. That’s in an ideal world, of course, and sometimes the system doesn’t get it right.

If you’re getting a bunch of results but not finding what you’re looking for, you can try narrowing your search a little with the following techniques:

* To get results that match an exact phrase, wrap the phrase in double quotes
(e.g. “Medeski Martin and Wood”).

* To get results that must contain a particular word, stick a “+” before the word
(e.g. Chemical Brothers +remix)

* To get results that do not contain a particular keyword, stick a “-” before the word
(e.g. Morrison -Van +Jim)

This should greatly improve the accuracy of the results without being too difficult to use. We’re not stopping here, of course, and we’ll be continually looking for different ways to improve both the quantity and the quality of search results.

As a side note, If you keep getting ringtones or partial songs feel free to email the search term you used to

Props to my DJ’s

“Props” are the currency we use for earning and showing respect among DJ’s. We start everyone out with 10 credits to give when you sign up. If you appreciate a particular DJ, show ‘em by giving them props. Each time you give a DJ props, it costs you one credit. If you want to increase your props score, there is only one way: by getting props from other DJ’s. There’s lots of ways to increase your credits, but for each props you get, you also get one credit.

How do I give props to a DJ I like?

Give props to any DJ by clicking on the thumbs up icon in the lower right hand corner of every Blip. You can give any DJ up to 3 props per day.

How do I get more credits to give to DJs I like?

You can accumulate more credits in a number of ways:
* By Blipping: 1 credit for every 10 times you Blip
* By inviting friends: 1 credit for every user you invite to join that signs up
* By being a great DJ: 1 credit each time props are given to you by another Blip DJ

How can I tell how many props a DJ has earned?

You can see how many props a DJ has earned by looking at their user profile; the number appears in the upper left hand corner of their profile picture.

How come my profile still shows 0 props; I thought you said I start with 10?

You start with 10 credits, not with a props score of 10. To increase the props score shown on your public profile, you must earn props from fellow DJ’s.

What’s the difference between “credits” and my “props score”?

Your “props score” is the number of props you’ve earned; this number should steadily increase over time as you gain respect from other DJ’s. “Credits” are like your currency; this number will go up and down over time depending on how you use them.

Can other users see how many credits I have to give away?

No. Other users can only see your props score, which appears in the upper left hand corner of your profile picture. Only you can see how many credits you have “in the bank” for you to give out.

Option to not play a song you blip

Hey all,

Per some feedback we received, we’ve added the ability to blip a song without automatically playing it, which obviously interrupts whatever current song you may be listening to. All you have to do is hold down the shift key when you click the final ‘OK’ button to blip a song and presto it will be added to the feed, but not start playing. We’ll probably come up with a way to add this info to site, either via UI or FAQ in the future, but for the meantime this does the job so spread your knowledge if this is something you like and keep the feedback coming ;-)