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We’re growing up

We’ve been getting feedback that the site feels more snappy over the past few days, and there’s good reason for it too. Last Thursday we more than doubled the number of machines serving up Without getting too nerdy, this means things will be fast and reliable even during peak hours. And, as more people start using, we will continue to add resources as needed to keep things running smoove.

We’re still running just a fraction of the hardware that the big guys like Yahoo!, Google, or even Digg, have but we’ve proven that our product can scale, thanks to a solid core framework and some clever engineers. That’s a pretty big stepping stone for a website that’s only been around a few months.

So bring your friends, I want to buy more servers.


Scrobble Scrobble

For some reason it seems like all of our new features go out on Fridays. Generally, that’s not a good idea because there’s nobody around on weekends to fix any bugs that we didn’t find in our “Agile, eXtreme Programming” development cycle (read: we spent 20min looking for bugs). But we get all excited about this stuff too so we want to let it loose, and since we call the shots (when Brian isn’t looking), here’s your new Friday goodness.

Now each song you listen to on can scrobble back to WTF is a “scrobble” you might ask? A scrobble is when we tell what you’re currently listening to. And, if you listen to most of the song, its added to your listening history on your profile. Just like iTunes… but more social.

To get your scrobbles scrobbling, log in and go to your external account settings ( and create an account for by selecting “audioscrobbler” and entering your username. Click “OK” and you’ll be redirected to a page on asking permission to let access your profile, click “Yes, allow access” and you’re brought back to Yer Dun.

If you already have a account set up, you can enable the new scrobbling feature by clicking on the username or icon for that account. That takes you to a page where you can click a link (”Enable song tracking”) and you’ll be guided through the same process as above.

Once these steps have been completed the songs you listen to on will automatically be sent to your account. It’s done in the background so you won’t really notice anything going on. Just listen like normal and the next time you go to your profile you’ll see all the songs listed under the “Recently Listened Tracks” section.

As always, if you have any trouble with this don’t hesitate to email or leave a comment below and we’ll respond as soon as we can. Also, I’m usually on #blipfm on so you could try to catch me there or ask the other friendly blippers for help.

Have a good weekend, it’s nice and warm here in SF. Summer’s just getting started for us!