‘Tis the Season for Mad Props

Love it or hate it the holidays are here again. Whether you’ll be stuffing your face with turkey and Nibblets, organic locally grown roasted butternut squash and Tofurkey, latkes and sufganiyot, candy canes and sugar plums, or a bottle of 2-buck Chuck, this next month will be filled with plenty of reason to summon your cheer face. We want to start the season of joy off on the right foot by giving you all mad props… well, lots of ways to get mad props anyway.


5 props for everyone you get to share in the joy of Blip.fm:

We think the holidays are better with friends. That why we’re putting the season of giving into high gear by quintupling (that means 5x) the number of props you get for every friend who joins Blip.fm (via one of your invitations). You give the gift of Blip.fm and we give the gift of mad props. Beginning at midnight on December 1 (PDT) and continuing for the whole month of December, you get 5 props for every new DJ that signs up via one of your invitations. You can use the automated import feature, the manual email invite, or use the invite link (all of which can be found on the right column of your http://blip.fm/home page, look for “Invite friends to join Blip.fm“). But make sure they use an invite link because we can’t give you retroactive props if they don’t use one of your invitations.


1 prop for every blip between December 25 and New Years Day (12:00 AM PDT):

Yep, you heard that right. We might be crazy for doing this, we don’t really know, but for one week only at the end of December, every single blip will bag you props. How’s that for the spirit of giving? We figure this might help alleviate the pain of not getting what you wanted from Santa (or your Babushka, if you roll like that).


10 props just for filling out your profile:

We didn’t want to leave anyone out, so for those who don’t have any more friends to invite and those who won’t be around to blip the last week of the year, we came up with a way to get 10 props for almost no work at all. Simply fill out your account settings (Name, birthday, gender, and postal code) and upload a profile picture and we’ll give you 10 props. That’s it. We’re going to start playing around with location based stuff and we need more people to give us their info; this way you’re giving us something too… doesn’t that make you feel festive? On December 1st you’ll see a “postal code” field pop up under your account settings, as soon as you see it you can get the free props.


5 Blip.fm hoodies for the DJs who get the most props (from other DJs) in the month of December:

Read this one carefully ’cause we don’t want any confusion. Starting on December 1 (midnight PDT), we’ll be counting all the props that you get from other DJs (when they hit the thumbs-up icon, shown as the number at the top left of your profile picture in the right hand column at http://blip.fm/home); this does NOT include the props you get for blipping or invitations, that’s your props bank, that’s different. The five DJs who get the most props between midnight on December 1, 2008 and midnight on January 1, 2009 will be getting an official Blip.fm hoodie. Cuddle up with Blip.fm this winter, we’ll keep you warm.


1 $100 gift card for Amazon or iTunes for the DJ who gets the most props in the month of December:

The DJ who gets the most props (again, from other DJs) in the month of December gets not only a Blip.fm hoodie, but also a gift card to his or her choice of Amazon or iTunes. This is our cheap-ass attempt at a grand prize, but you can think of it like a stocking stuffer that doesn’t suck.


Get ready for mad props this holiday season, the entire month of December. Enjoy the many sessions of leftovers and food comas, and keep the glee flowing.


EDIT: Just to be clear, the props you get for inviting DJs and filling out your profile are more props *to give out*, they are like the 10 props you start out with when you joined Blip.fm, they are not the same as props you have *earned* from other DJs. Only props earned from other DJs show up on your public profile (above your profile picture), and only those props count toward the hoodie and gift card.

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Miss Bella  on November 26th, 2008

Yes!!! Finally some Blip merch. Kick ass!!!!!!! That shit is MINE :)

sophie_o  on November 26th, 2008

I guess PROPS is the best social networks creation ever! It means LIFE through virtual relationship. You get it, guys! Congrats! PROP’re awesome!
More than a simple sign of approval, the amount of props means how beloved someone could be, even virtually. In internet environment, where you don’t have natural channels to express feelings through attitude but only through words, images and songs,
PROPS create a new value and an unique expression of emotion. A gift, a sign of recognition.
Unfortunately, giving props as a sales promotion you both destroy the richness of PROPS and their meaning - for the giver and the earner

In few words, it’s the same to by a trophie without a meaning. Totally useless.

gigia  on November 26th, 2008

I totally agree with Sophie_o. Also I’m afraid about the PROPS meaning after this “Blip merch” - as Miss_bella properly said
The point is: what is the value of a prop without its meaning of approval?
When you created props you gave life to blip.fm. And also a value based on merit and recognition from one to another. Each prop represents a compliment, earned as a sign of merit! It’s too strong and deserved. So what is the recognition meaning of props given to everyone who blip as much as it could be blipped?
I hope you can reconsider to preserve the good value of props.

maria gabay AKA gigia

Miss Bella  on November 26th, 2008

Gee, totally didn’t think my excitement over some cotton would stir stuff up. Honestly I think it’s a cool idea. Adds more fun to Blip (as if it needed anymore in the first place!) and also adds on to the holidays. Not like they do this every week and everyone just sits there propping each other to see who gets more. I don’t think this should be taken THAT seriously. Yes props have special meaning to them and are given when someone deserves them but are you really gonna complain when you get extra ones for filling out something as simple as your zip code???? Really? I honestly could use those to give to all the people who Blip songs I love and I’m sure you can too.

fuzzygroove  on November 26th, 2008

Just to be clear, you get props in your props bank from all this props madness, they don’t show up on your profile, they are simply more props to give out to other people. If you remember, when you signed up we gave you 10 props to give out at your discretion, but your “props earned” starts out at 0. Right now you also get props for every 10th blip. The mad props thing is just another way to earn props to GIVE OUT, hence the whole “giving season” thing. They don’t count as props earned because people like your blipping.

This is completely in line with the current concept of props because the only way props show up in your public profile (the number that you see above your profile picture in the right hand column) is to have another DJ give you props. This promotion only adds more props to your bank, more for you to give out to others when you like their music.

The top 5 DJs who get the hoodies are the DJs who get the most props FROM OTHER DJS, it’s not based on how many props they get for blipping or inviting others.

I hope the distinction between props given to you by the system (added to your props bank) and props earned from other DJs is clear. I’ll add a little more about that in the top post soon.

Mitchell McKenna  on November 27th, 2008

@fuzzygroove Thanks for clarifying, I think you should edit the post to make this props-bank vs. profile-props more apparent.

ps. What’s the status on loss of upload feature? Alternative ideas you are thinking of pursuing/stuff talked about from last post?

gigia  on November 27th, 2008

WOW! Now you’re talking @fuzzygroove!
I belive that PROPS is the best creation of internet ever!
and it’s already becaming to be a slang, meaning well done!
props, props, props.

nitetalker  on November 29th, 2008

Ahh, your props _to_give_. I agree with Mitchell McKenna … you should update the post to make that clearer.

daretoeatapeach  on December 1st, 2008

Thanks for the clarification. I am wondering, do the props we get when someone reblips a track also count towards the total of received props for your holiday competition? I assume so, but it is hard to tell because they don’t show up in the list on our props page.

Phew! Reading “props” so much is starting to do that thing where the word sounds strange and loses all meaning.

manu  on December 4th, 2008

hey, i’m not able to give ANY props at all today. is there a problem at blip?

Aspeltytevelf  on December 27th, 2008

Hi your website is cool
I have a new band and we just had a live gig you can see here:

evablue  on January 9th, 2009

Hey to the powers that be!

Now that xmas is finally over and we’re all suffering from prop bloating. Our greedy fat blipping nubbies got used to the sharing spirit. You’ve put us on a strict regime (or back to normal), we’re feeling the effects of “fat” withdrawal.

Can we have a compromise of some sort?

Having more blips to share makes it a more enjoyable community experience. Can you adjust the system so we have just enough props so we’re selective yet sociable. And I feel really cheap having to ration my blips to one per dj. How do you tell a dj how fabulous they are based on one song?

You guys are awesome in many ways but MAYBE your nose is too close to the programming? Can we think a little bit more about the human experience?


I <3 BLIP!

brian greene  on January 10th, 2009

I second what evablue says
3 props per DJ per day is too low a limit.

if she is right then as programmers you will understand this equation

if ($props <3 ){ @blippers = ‘:(’ };

who won the booty? I want to follow them and pay respect!

happy new year
thanks for blip
it rocks my world

patricia de miranda  on January 13th, 2009


pablo  on January 18th, 2009

sweet. can you also fix the linking of new content from external sites? thanks.

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