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Mad Props To The Top December DJs

Things have been a little quiet from the development team, and I realized that we never announced the winners of the Mad Props holiday giveaway. Many of you probably didn’t even know it was going on since our blog is tucked away in a little corner of the site, but I promise nobody will be left out next time because we’re going to start sending a regular newsletter to all of our DJs with stats, site updates, and news about stuff like this.


The results of the Mad Props December were pretty astonishing, producing numbers that made me realize just how impressive some of our DJs’ skills really are. All of the winning DJs had well over 2,000 props given to them from other DJs in the month of December alone. That’s props that were specifically given from other DJs. To put that in perspective, I have been here since day one–actually BEFORE day one–and I haven’t even cracked 500 props ever. OK, I’m not the most prolific blipper, sure, and my musical taste might be considered dubious by some (you’re entirely wrong), but these DJs are seriously on top of their game. The number one blipper, a full head and shoulders above the rest, is a true blipping machine. Here’s the list:


@adbert: 3,071 props

@by_starla: 2,482

@abarbosa: 2,327

@luiz_com_z: 2,222 (rad)

@santamistura: 2,196


All of these DJs will be getting free limited edition first-run hoodies, and our number one DJ, adbert, is also getting a $100 gift card to We’re still in the process of having the hoodies made, but if they turn out as badass as I hope, you can definitely expect to see another run soon after.


So there it is, mad props to my DJs. OK, that even sounded corny while I was writing it.

24 hour Valentine’s Day Blipathon

One of our heavy hitting DJs, briangreene, gave us the lowdown on a special Valentines Day event he’s putting on and asked us to put out the word. Starting at Midnight GMT and continuing for a full 24 hours, @briangreene and many other DJs who are getting involved will blip in a nonstop marathon, all day and night. The goal is to raise donations for the Northern Ireland based Tuesday’s Child charity. Here’s Brian’s description of the event and how you can get involved:


Open your heart ~ Share the love: 24 hour non-stop blipping for charity

How does it work?. All day Feb 14th starting at 00:00 local times blippers blip non-stop, similar to a non-stop broadcast.  Blippers can direct listeners to donate at If you want to take part, contact @briangreene 

For this first blipathon the money pledged will be going to help the kids of the Gaza strip. Blipathon is open to all, take part for 24 hours or lend an hour of your day if you are busy. Make a donation too. Running totals, webcasts, news, info and support will be at 

regards @briangreene


Update: The event has been written up in the Irish