SXSW Blip Madness

SXSW is right around the corner. If you don’t know what SXSW is you should probably get on over to the SXSW webpage and check out the awesomeness. Now then, we wanted to put together a little something for our DJs, both those who will be attending and not, to be able to congregate around this music and technological extravaganza. To that end, we’ve created the SXSW page to collect all blips related to SXSW. All you have to do is put #SXSW or @ reply to SXSW in your blip message in order for your blips to show up there. So if you know of some great bands playing, let the rest of the blip community know or even better, if you’re gonna be there, definitely share some of the killer acts you find with us and if they’re not on yet, let them know that they should be!

We’ve also provided a link to grab our embed player for the SXSW page so you can post it on your blog / webpage etc… Also, you may have noticed we’ve added a few new features to the site. We’ll get to those in another blog shortly. Right now start getting psyched for SXSW and letting everybody know who the new hotness at SXSW is gonna be!