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imeem disabled

Sorry guys, imeem songs will be disabled until further notice.

We’re working on it…

EDIT: OK guys. We’ve turned the imeem integration back on. Sorry for the wait. You’ll notice much more imeem results starting next week, in the meantime we are using the weekend to make sure everything runs smoothly. Make sure to email with any strange bugs.

If you notice an increase in the number of 30 second clips (international users) we are working hard to give you the best results we can.

New Noise

The past few months have brought hundreds of thousands of new users to In fact, we are currently doubling the number of DJs every 10 weeks. Thanks to your efforts, we have rocketed up the charts on all the definitive website ranking sites and continue to see people stick around for DJ sessions way longer than most other social networks. Fortunately, we’ve been able to bolster our infrastructure to keep ahead of the new traffic and we will continue to make improvements along the way.

Today, Papa’s got a new bag of tricks. What tricks? Well, for starters we’ve just increased the number of songs in the song catalog by more than double, with even more to come. Yep, there’s a whole lot more stuff to blip. We’ve partnered with imeem to deliver all the full-length tracks they offer. And, because imeem stores all of the songs on their own super fast servers, you’ll see far less “unavailable” tracks from now on. You don’t have to do anything different, will pretty much behave the same as it always has; you search for music, preview and select a song just like before, but there’s just a whole lot more music to choose from.

The other big update is the addition of in the external services. Which effectively means we’ve added about 30 new social networking sites you can broadcast to. is like the swiss army knife of updating social networks. You set it up once and from then on it’ll update all your accounts with one post. You can automatically post blips to facebook, myspace, imeem,, and all of these other sites. Just sign up over at, set up all the accounts you want to broadcast to, and add the external account in your settings. Happy broadcasting, blippers.

Some of you might also notice that we’ve changed “props to give” to “credits”. There’s a good reason for this: it was confusing. It was hard to explain the difference between props given to you and props to give. So, now you have props and credits. You use one credit to give props, and the person getting props also gets one credit. When you invite someone to sign up, you get a credit, etc. See? Simpler, right? OK, maybe there’s another reason for the change in nomenclature, but you’ll have to wait for that one.

Finally, there’s a long list of bugs and updates that are like candy sprinkles to make things even sweeter.

  • New badges for 5,000, 10,000, and 25,000 listeners
  • Cleaned up the UI just a bit
  • Less short clips in the search results
  • Fixed the playlist player for Windows users
  • correctly shows last 10 scrobbles again
  • Changing account info on external services correctly verifies the info
  • More less-interesting-but-good bug fixes

We’re always working to improve the service. Keep the feedback coming, we’re here all day looking at the computer screen and your emails give us a nice little break, and sometimes a good laugh.


Maintenance, Tonight @ 1am (Tuesday, April 21 08:00 GMT)

Here we go again! We’ll need to take down the site for some database upgrades tonight at 1am PST (that’s 08:00 GMT). We’ll be doing everything we can to keep you from going through blip withdrawal. The update should take no longer than 2hrs, more likely less time than that.

This push contains a pretty significant batch of updates. I’ll post a longer entry talking about the changes once everything is live. But as a little teaser, you’ll soon be able to blip from a much larger music pool with more reliable playback. So there will be more relevant tracks and less “unavailable” songs and 30 second clips showing up in the search results. We also added a one-stop-shop integration service that’ll allow you to broadcast your blips to a ton of external services.

I have to thank everyone for sending us your feedback. We read all your emails and even though we might not be able to respond to everything, we take it all into consideration. Thanks for making my job awesome.


Maintenance: Tonight @ 11:00pm (Tuesday, April 7, 7:00am GMT)

Hey blippers,

We will be upgrading a few things on the site that will require a 1-2 hour maintenance window. As usual, we’ll try to get things done as fast as possible. This set of updates is getting things prepared for the iPhone app release, which we hope to submit to the Apple store in the very near future. The wait is nearly over!

There’s also a few other updates in there to get us ready for some new features that lots of blippers have been asking for (no @phatduckk, no comments yet).

Stay tuned!