Navigating the Storm

In the past few weeks we’ve had to make a few difficult decisions that will change the way some things work on  For the majority of you the changes will be for the better, for others they might be less than ideal for the time being. But everyone can be sure that we are doing everything in our power to make the best place to be a DJ and discover music through real people.

The challenges involved in running a start-up in the music space are immense.  To be honest it’s completely nuts, but we are trying to navigate our way through the perfect storm: a struggling music industry, a global economic meltdown, and a fundamental shift in the way people relate to one another and share their appreciation for music.  There is still much to accomplish behind the scenes in order to provide the best possible site for the folks that we care about most: YOU. We are committed to that process and bust our tails every day in order to bring you a game-changing product.

Many of you have been asking why we have had to make some of these changes.  I’ll be direct with you: I can’t tell you - at least not right now.  But, as you can imagine, we are working closely with the parties involved to address their needs while staying true to our initial product objectives.  There are a lot of smart people and groups involved in sorting out a whole boatload of issues regarding an industry in transition: software developers, lawyers, artists, people from the labels and aggregators, ad agencies, merch, ticketing, live event production, management and publishing companies to name a few.  We are working with all of them to create innovation and bring you the best experience possible.

So, here’s what will be changed: Going forward our music will be primarily sourced from the good folks at imeem while we engage with other sources to enhance our content.  Many of you will notice already that there is significantly more music available and that songs are more reliable than before.  Unfortunately, others may notice limitations on what can be streamed. We are looking at ways to improve the experience for everyone, but it’s a slow and piecemeal process.  Beyond that, there will be some other significant changes:

  • Adding urls to public mp3s will be limited to legitimate bands and labels approved in our systems (you can sign up here:
  • The embeddable widget will still show blip messages, but won’t play the music in most cases.
  • Where applicable, old blips will be replaced with content from the imeem catalog, but anything that doesn’t match will temporarily cease to function. We plan to add tools to allow you to correct any false matches and find replacements for unavailable tracks.
  • We plan to add a preference to skip 30 second clips.
  • Additional media content will be available as it is sourced via new partnerships.

Brian, fuzzygroove, Yan, and I cannot thank you enough for all your feedback and support.  We appreciate your comments (we personally read every one of your emails).  And yes, we know that we have made some mistakes along the way, but we couldn’t be happier knowing that we’ve built something that millions of people find useful and enjoyable;  not bad for 4 guys in a basement. But the real props go out to you, the DJs, and to your blips. would be nothing without all of you and we know it.

We hope that you will continue to use our service while we work things out.  We’ve got more features coming and will continually strive to improve  Stay tuned.

Jeff Yasuda

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Jencvs  on May 14th, 2009

I’m looking forward to the changes, I understand it must be hard to set things right for everyone.
I just hope there is not too many limitations for international users.


evablue  on May 14th, 2009

thank you for addressing the issue. i have much faith in blip and each of you as individuals.

i heart blip :)


randyhate  on May 14th, 2009

i understand that there are quite a few issues going on behind the scenes, far too many to count actually, what with labels, artists and the dreaded riaa.

but the imeem thing really is crap to me. i mean i enjoy many of the new songs that it offers, but the rights management issue of the 30 sec clips are an open chest wound to those outside of the us. i mean really.

it is a disgrace to international users. and yes i understand it is an issue at the artist/label level, who controls territory rights, but this knowledge does nothing to lesson the blow that my international blip friends have been and will continue to feel.

the solution is to let them skip tracks? if one takes your words here, and that imeem songs will be the norm, one could wind up with not a single song on their page that is blipable. think about that for a second.

an entire page where everything is unplayable. where is the use in that. i am sure you would argue that you are doing this in able to survive the hostile waters of the remnants of the music industry in the cesspool of late capitalism. but, how is a page where nothing blips any different?

quite a few of my favorite djs are from outside the states, as they expose me to the most new music. and that is really why i am here, to find music that helps complete my life. that is why most of us, if not all of us are here.

but these changes are helping to disrupt the curated radio station that i have come to love.

i used to use pandora. i used to use i stopped using them when they could offer me little more than the same old stuff, when i exhausted their collections for interesting new music. please do not let me get to the point where i say i used to use the international flavor here is vital to what is. to say any different is to lie.

i also understand that my opinion on this will likely drift into the ether and wind up not doing much but take up the time it took for me to type this, but all the same i needed to put it out there.

LoriRedding  on May 14th, 2009

Love what you guys are doing! Great concept. Yes, you have weaknesses, but you’re smart enough to know that you do and hopefully you’ll come out on the other side. My best to you and my thanks to 4 guys in a basement!

Miss_Bella  on May 14th, 2009

First off, no matter how much something isn’t working, I know you guys are always trying to fix it. And so far you have done everything to insure that DJ’s get the best experience possible. This attentiveness to users has been with you guys even before Blip, and that is awesome.
Old blips replaced by imeem stuff? Perfect, this way I can insure all my stuff will play! YAY :)

Good job you guys, can’t wait to see what else is gonna go down.

- B

workerbee  on May 14th, 2009

Thank you for all your hard work and effort to bring us something nice. keep up the good work.

euskir  on May 14th, 2009

I know you were on the good path, now you’re on the wrong one, I hope you can get back the old Blip…
Best wishes, as always,

Federico (aka euskir)

gigia  on May 14th, 2009

We all understand the challenges that you need to overcame to make the happens everyday.

Actually, I couldn’t be less than grateful for you well-succeeded efforts! I meant it. I love, and thank you very much.

Althouugh I personaly understand, and sincerlly wish you overcome all issues, its a common-sense that the imeen thing dosent worth.

Its not reasonable!!

Enable us to hear only 30 seconds of your favorite song is bad joke or a lack of taste

I really have faith on you and wish you can count on me. I’m 100% available to be a part of any effort you ask- as if I can help.

I HEart

me  on May 14th, 2009

What happens when imeem goes under in a month or two?

Killing off the international users is a non-starter for me. Most of my favorite DJs are non-US users. I might as well use Pandora or now.

I’m guessing that lawsuits were imminent if you guys didn’t switch to a more ‘legal’ system, but this change is going to end up ruining the experience. The sad thing is that mp3 search and play shouldn’t be illegal. Google allows you to search for mp3s, why can’t do it?

Thnikkaman  on May 14th, 2009

This is truely a sad day for I am a US user, and I primarily use blip at work. However, for some strange reason the imeem player does not work for me at all. I can use flash at work, and I can visit the imeem site, but their player is a bad piece of software.

It was fun while it lasted. At least I have built up a nice playlist on youtube based great songs I have heard on

I truely hope this does not turn your site into vaporware.

In my eyes, this is letting the RIAA choose what we hear. Its bad for the music industry, and pretty much sucks for everyone but the few where imeem causes them no problems.

@briangreene  on May 14th, 2009

@Jeff (and the rest of the wonderful crew at

most tracks will be from imeem, Adding urls to public mp3s will be limited, what are you not saying? the BLIP.FM DB of tracks of wild MP3 is being killed off like you did with the S3 stuff?

guys is social radio not an iTunes store sampler. Compare the user experience in Europe from the Blip S3 / clean www DB days to the imeem 30 seconds samples of today and some other tracks. does the social bit very well. but now you can’t do the music radio bit well at all. 80% of blips come from Rest Of World 20% USA (source: todays stats on busy blippers). the imeem tracks are so annoying I have blocked them. my choices are being actively reduced by the phasing out of the DB.

@Jeff can you make a statement on the following, Are phasing out the database of tracks that are on the world wide web? by when?

What is the use of killing the widget in the way it can not play the tunes? The widget takes the social radio off site to the EARS of more people and you are about to halt this. Is it that wild MP3 will not flow through in the very near future? have you given partners or third party assurances this will be the case?

while I understand very well why you are doing this, I also can see what it will mean to the listeners, many are downing tools (headphones hung up) for 15/05 in protest of the lack of track choice on Have you considered taking the social tech you have to a platform that has the licencing worked out for ROW under a Pay model? call me. Regards Brian Greene

avivamagnolia  on May 14th, 2009

Thank you, Jeff. This is EXACTLY the kind of communication I was hoping for. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your forthrightness, excellent writing, and detail re: the flux in the content/service/music industry.

There are NO surprises in your post regarding changes to the service; I anticipated them all with the first installation of imeem features. The fact is, service/policy changes make total sense from a business standpoint.

Frankly, encountering the ability to upload MP3 files that weren’t MY property really surprised me. It was fun while it lasted, although I didn’t take much advantage of it; even before the partnership with imeem, I was in heaven with the amount of existing content.

One of the biggest joys was finding all the music from Brasil that I was unfamiliar with. It was a truly monumental experience of music discovery for me. I will miss this kind of experience in the future, should the community narrow in multicultural scope, as I expect it will.

I understand that the “wild frontier” that existed when I joined on March 1, 2009 has been tamed. I expected it. I know its irrevocable.

I will stick with for what it has to offer, and hope for the best for both the corporation and the community.

Once again, Jeff, I truly appreciate your openness with us in today’s post. I see no reason to participate in any boycott now; the only purpose (from my standpoint) was to elicit the communication which you have now provided!

Best regards, Aviva

avivamagnolia  on May 14th, 2009

For now, I am happy to have clear details on what we, as users, can expect from

It’s a major improvement over the miasma of speculation, wishful thinking, victimization, demonization, and naivete that was brewing before you posted this message, *Jeff.

That being said, many of the points made by both *briangreene and *randyhate echo my concerns and questions as well. I don’t have much optimism that very many of the multicultural/discovery qualities that existed in prior incarnations of (which I’m only vaguely aware of, being very new) will be preserved or reinstated in some legally/commercially acceptable form. I just don’t see it happening.

Still, like *briangreene and *randyhate, I can hope a little that hard questions and forthright suggestions might make some difference in preserving and/or fostering the wholly unique international and multicultural musical DISCOVERY that did best of any social music website I’ve ever seen.

I’m exhausted from the hours of blogging I’ve done with various blippers, in various venues, since 12:00 PM on May 14th. I’ve spent at least a full work day grappling with all the issues we’re facing, talking to folks, and writing about the struggles/conflicts/confusions. So, I’m not going to write anything more tonight (at 1:40 AM on May 15th).

But I’ll be back. I want to respond to, and bounce off of, many of the excellent points that *briangreene and *randyhate made…for whatever it’s worth.

Thanks for listening.

Charleyhorse  on May 14th, 2009

I’ve been blipping for over six months now and I’ve loved every second of it (first as twostiffs and now as charleyhorse) and would like to give my two cents on this imeem, R.O.W vs U.S. affair. I’ve read a few posts where the author makes the point that we should be thankful for the privilege that is blip. Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for blip but it’s not the blip staff that makes me spend up to 8 hours a day on it’s the users. What makes a community like this is the labour of users putting in hours, days, weeks to make it a great place for spending your online hours.

It’s a sad day for blip when 80% of it’s users are suddenly stuck with an inferior version. I know that this probably was the only way to make blip 100% legit, but still its sad.

Best regards

Jessica Schiller  on May 15th, 2009

Dear folks,

thanks for your great work, it’s pretty obvious that the music industry’s pressure is giving you a hard time. Stay strong!

I have to stop using cause it is pretty useless to have an ineem catalog of music (that i can’t fully play) and an option (in the future) to even skip them. In the end, there will not be much left.

It is so very sad to see your product slowly turning useless in Europe.
Anway, you seem to know what you’re doing and I wish you good luck.


daihard  on May 15th, 2009

Two straightforward questions. I hope I get answers.

1. When will you stop registering third-party (i.e. non-imeem) MP3 URLs?

2. Once that happens, will the existing URLs be wiped out?

If the answer to #2 is yes, it will indeed be very sad because I have a lot of songs registered that I still cannot find elsewhere including imeem.

The_Kraken  on May 15th, 2009

Thanks for the update Jeff.

It is appreciated but it’s not the best news for your international users.

I really hope this doesn’t have a negative effect on our Blip experience.

ladypn  on May 15th, 2009

FIrstly, thank you Jeff, Brian, fuzzygroove & Yan - for the experience that Blip has been! I’ve enjoyed (obviously given the quantity blipped!) Blip from moment one. I so appreciate the opportunity YOU afforded us DJ’s, in my journey musical renewal & discovery. Frankly, given what I know of copyright law, I assumed it was merely a matter of time until things changed on Blip. I think we were most fortunate to have the experience as it was, for as long as we did. I sincerely hope that whatever the imeem bug is that makes it difficult for non-US listeners, will be remedied post-haste. For one of the most compelling aspects of Blip is not just the joy & love of music, but also of international community, of the diverse & universal language of music.

I do not condemn the changes but just hope they bugs will be mitigated so that the original PURPOSE of Blip is retained. A magical tour of musical discovery!

gigia  on May 15th, 2009

My very dearest Blip.creators,

i need to be clear and fair:

nobody is boycotting the
Im not boycotting the
I love

neither I am boycotting the IMEEN. As an sponsor, I thanks Imeen to sponsor

so, what exactly Im boycotting??

personally, Im boycotting the end of the blipping joy - 30 sec is very mean!!!!

I sincerely want you to suceed very hardly, and I certainly go forward with blip unconditionally, so I hope you can find a final solution soon, where an sponsor and its target can coexist fair and peacefully

… just to think about, maybe you didnt realized yet how passionate we are, and how powerful network you have on your hands. maybe, just maybe, it could be a path. a viral path.


robotnik  on May 15th, 2009

I believe there has never been a better way to promote new bands - on the web or in any other media - than through Because of the social aspect in blip, I discover great new music every day.

So, I have spent around $400 on new music on on the first three months this year - more than I normally would spend for a whole year. And I know it’s the same for many many other blippers. (Blip should take advantage of this better in order to get their share, by getting the “buy mp3″ or “buy cd” to be usable for international users.)

Many indie labels and particularly totally unsigned, independent artists have understood that they don’t have to do the marketing themselves. We do it for them. The artists get free and high effective promotion by “leaking” new tracks to the blogosphere. Obviously, they would be more than grateful to us for promoting them.

This worries me:

“Adding urls to public mp3s will be limited to legitimate bands and labels approved in our systems”

What I have enjoyed most about is the ability to play those “loose” or “wild” tracks - and listen to blips by others of those tracks. That’s where you discover the new music.

I understand that the artists or labels have the ability to upload at, but please, don’t tell me that this will go away.

This is no criticism against the blip team. It’s just a reflection on the music industry that should know better. My sympathies lies with you and I hope you will not get crippled by the lawyers.

PauleeC  on May 15th, 2009


Hard to convey quite how disappointed I am right now. randyhate and briangreene have made the main points well already so I won’t repeat them. But one thing… how can you write a blog post on the new/upcoming changes without even referring to the US/rest of the world? ’some of you’? ‘others’?? Spell it out, Blip is becoming a US only product, soon I will have a playlist of unplayable or 30 second clips thanks to the ‘good folks at imeem’.

And since when did 4 guys in a basement need a CEO?

Sorry for being bitter, have really loved every second of Blip since I joined, have heard new music, bought new music and made new friends. Just seems like it’s over now.


chiron08  on May 15th, 2009

i love and you made a great job to make it work.
But i never played any inmeem traks because of the 30sec limit and most of the traks i play are uploaded by myself.
So what will remain to play for me ? nothing..
that is your solution to survive with ?
sounds bad

sunnysunnysunny  on May 15th, 2009

Good luck with the technical stuff, more power and let’s try to keep the music playing :)

I recently lost all my mp3s to a corrupted hard drive. So I’m just thankful I have Blip and my DJs right now.

*crosses fingers*

picknick  on May 15th, 2009

Thank you for finding the right words PauleeC, robotnik, randyhate, briangreen, chiron08…
I couldn’t agree with you more.

I still cannot believe that this lively exchange will surely come to an end.

What a sad, sad news.


Madigan  on May 15th, 2009

yeh it’s all been said, but Jeff, I think it’s extremely disingenuous to say
“Unfortunately, others may notice limitations on what can be streamed”

when as Briangreene has pointed out (i always trust his stats!) that in fact the “others” are in a majority.

avivamagnolia  on May 15th, 2009

Madigan, I have been wondering what the “blipper” population and demographics are; it seems to me, purely by “guesstimating,” that the international community on (inclusive of Brasil) far outweighs the U.S./Canada community. Where might I find the stats on this? Do you know?

Your point is well taken regarding the minimizing that Jeff may have done regarding “others” who “may notice limitations.”

I imagine that Jeff and the leadership know fairly accurately how many “others” WILL experience limitations. The word “may” is useless. The noticing has already occurred.

That being said, I understand how tempting it is to use such language when spelling out the “bad news” in a single blog post.

GR8FL  on May 15th, 2009

go to to see stats on what countries blippers are from (scroll to the right) and all other kinds of interesting tidbits.

gigia  on May 15th, 2009



avivamagnolia  on May 15th, 2009

I apologized all over the bliposphere for “blipping” my impressions that non-imeem tracks were being “converted” to imeem tracks (or, being made unavailable).

I did so partly because I was challenged by someone who essentially claimed I was “making things up,” or “imagining things.”

Because I couldn’t prove what I was observing, and didn’t want to unnecessarily inflame the community, I dropped my assertions about what I was seeing.

Within hours of making those apologies, my observations were absolutely confirmed as true.

I really must learn to trust my own intuition.

avivamagnolia  on May 15th, 2009

Thanks for the “statistics” link, @GR8FL. The metrics that are available on that web page are fascinating!

ishfaq  on May 15th, 2009

Well I figured this was going to happen sooner or later - so it looks like that’s the end of the line for Blip and me. The one thing that kept me coming back here was the amount of crazy stuff added by people from all over the world that I had never heard before. If I’m going to end up with content only available through imeem, I might as well quit now…

Thanks for the good run though, and good luck…

squidbrain  on May 15th, 2009

I understand that “having an actual business plan” is probably preferable to “becoming functionally indistinguishable from Napster” but I just realized something: Pink Floyd is not on imeem. That is a problem. So once URL sharing is disabled (I understand why this is necessary) then they (and presumably other bands of that caliber such as Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles et al) will be gone from blip because they have historically not fond of the way the 21st-century music industry actually works. Just get those guys on board and there will be nothing to worry about.

I know you guys have to work hard to keep this site economically viable. Don’t stop coming up with new ideas.

Mike  on May 15th, 2009

Hey guys, best of luck. From first-hand experience, I know how difficult navigating the music startup waters is.

Looking forward to the changes and wish you all the best.

PauleeC  on May 15th, 2009

OK, so Pink Floyd are not on imeem, but I am still really gutted about the changes.

Giancarlo  on May 15th, 2009

Father and Son by Cat Stevens just got more blue for me. I feel bad for the population that won’t be able to listen which I think is roughly more than half of the Blippers.

Melodyofyourlife  on May 15th, 2009

Freedom of Expression was a great thing once on blip. I loved the unsigned bands and the uploaded classics from NyQuilDriver and Bendrix. So you are saying those are going to be gone. Blip was about discovery and finding a new bands and unusual covers. I hope there is a way not to change that. As for our International friends, they seem to be left in the dark, which makes this place seem small.

But the upside is, we will not have to rifle through a few hundred/thousand church sermons people have posted.

Chris Charabaruk  on May 15th, 2009

I understand and respect that you don’t want to (or can’t) talk about why you’re making these changes, but we all know it’s the music industry and their ass-backwards ways. It sometimes feels almost as if those idiots at the IFPI and RIAA _want_ us to illegally download music.

This totally sucks for non-American users like myself, who now have to backtrack on supporting because the service is about to become barely a shell of what it has been for us. I don’t like this at all, but I’m not blaming you guys. I’m putting the blame right where it belongs: on the music industry itself.

Delfin  on May 15th, 2009

Please, Jeff and The Crew (what a Blip band name!), just DISABLE the Imeem search results if the IP is outside US. I think it is very reasonable and easy to do. For us, brazilian blippers, it’s annoying and that kind of thing makes us to plan the Imeem boycott day, today. You know we support Blip.FM, but we just want it to be useable, easily and fun. I actually met my girlfriend at and because of Blip, so I really want it to, you know, boldly go. Good luck, guys!
PS: BLIPSTER, by Leo Lobato, is helping a lot to find not-Imeem music. I’m a main beta-tester of the system and I know it really improves the blip experience. Thanks to Blipster, the shows I run at Blip.FM (the main one is Owl’s Nest, almost every Sun-Mon night) became a whole new experience, and I continue to explore the blipsphere searching new ways to communicate music and info. One thing I expect, someday, is a way to blippers can create radio shows officially — if you saw a user info, there will be his ‘radio shows’. I just wandering, trying to invent a concept to turn it an option between podcasts and the common blips. We’re baptized the attempts, here, of Blipcasts. There are other guys trying. There are guys trying to blip together and, to have a complete experience, you have to hear the two or three guys at the same ’station’. There are immense possibilities to you. If you’re thinking about it, know we’re thinking here, too.

Delfin  on May 15th, 2009

Oh, I read better. You plan to KILL mp3 entries and replace it to its IMEEM correspondents? Sorry, I understand your RIAA concerns, but it will destroy your credibility faster than you think about it. It’s just life. Or we fight for a new way to democratize music listening or we’ll be only hippocrites. Sorry to say it. All the best.

Zarabeth  on May 15th, 2009

Well, I’m one of “the others”, it seems. What can I say? I ran away from Last.FM and I’ve been so enthusiast about I also promoted and suggested it on my blog. Now there’s a bitter taste in my mouth. At least, on Last.FM, they gave us the opportunity to pay for a “premium membership”… I didn’t do it and I came here… after 4 years on not that I couldn’t afford it, it was just a sort of ideological choice not to pay for the service I was giving, in the end, and for their “xenophobe” policy.
And now, after just two weeks, this? Too sad, really really sad, even because the “structure” of, the IDEA you’ve had was amazing. Blip.FM was the only real SOCIAL radio I’ve ever seen online. And we (the others) will be cut off soon.
Why not putting an option to pay? I’d pay for THIS kind of platform. Why not putting lo-fi streaming limit, I.E., instead of 30 secs snipplets?
You know, I’ve been here just for two weeks and I downloaded many covers and “unusual” versions of the songs I liked and blipped, or that have been suggested me by other DJs… I’ve never used iTunes so much! Downloading legally stuff I’d never have otherwise downloaded.
Guys, I understand you, I do not put all the blame on you… but I’m absolutely embittered.

Chris Charabaruk  on May 15th, 2009

Zarabeth: Welcome to the club.

Zarabeth  on May 15th, 2009

Chris Charabaruk, I read the article on your blog… you’re absolutely right.

You all, forgive my English: I’m Italian.

BTW, to the staff, again, I forgot to highlight one of the focal points: it’s not a matter of “streaming quality” here. There are other services that give beetter quality streaming for free, the possibility to upload tracks, create playlists, manage them and so on… grooveshark, gohear, many others… it’s been the “music twitter” idea that intrigued me! I actually got to know lovely people blipping! And you’re going to let this thing die? Really? Because THAT’S what your policy is driving you, driving US, to.
There must be another way, please!

danielbeattie  on May 15th, 2009

Hey guys,
too bad. I am international user, and I have brought so many people with me to this service. But we like the service because we can share the music we actually listen to, with our eccentric taste. This means I will have to go somewhere else.

Thanks for the good times. I am off. Bye bye.

Delfin  on May 15th, 2009

And if you host Blip.FM at, well… Mauritius Islands or some place where RIAA or someone else can’t interfere? Just an idea.

Don’t know, but, if the good ideas continues to be blocked by something we can call “The System” (like Peter Kuper said once), the web will fall at its hands.

BlueTG  on May 15th, 2009

Though I am new to I have been sharing the site all my Twitter, Facebook and Industry (Film,TV) Friends as a place to find new music. Bands that you don’t hear on commercial radio.

I understand what you are up against but for me when you take away the little guys, the bands who don’t have a big label or one at all you will lose what makes you special.

Will I go away? Maybe not It depends on what music disappears.

avivamagnolia  on May 15th, 2009

Zarabeth, Chris Charabaruk… I wonder if there’s some way to use our Twitter accounts, merged with some other musical streaming service that’s not so restricted outside the U.S., to recreate what we used to have here on

I’m not technologically savvy enough to flesh out this vision…but my intuition tells me that something along these lines (mashups of existing services like Twitter and Deezer, for example), coupled with user-built music databases, could potentially work to recreate the “real-time” social experience of “meaning-making” through shared music that USED to provide!

avivamagnolia  on May 15th, 2009

Jeff, I’m not sure why you say “For the majority of you the changes will be for the better.” It’s my understanding that 50-80% of existing users will imminently have virtually no access to full tracks!

avivamagnolia  on May 15th, 2009

Jeff, I think that one of the risks of’s new business plan is that it’s (apparently) ignoring the core quality that bring users to the playing field: the opportunity for shared “meaning-making,” for the creation of a shared culture in real time, an actual social experience occurring synchronously as the blip-conversations scroll by.

avivamagnolia  on May 15th, 2009

No one wants more “stuff.” Not really. We can access mainstream music more conveniently on other “music discovery” and “music streaming” sites. They do it better than

What the community clearly wants…and has clearly built here… is a “meeting place” that happens in real time, and helps us to add value to the music by attaching “meaning” to it in collaboration and conversation with other folks.

It’s like this: Sunsets are great. They’re beautiful. But most of the time, they “mean” a lot more to us when we SHARE the experience of watching them with someone else.

What good is “more music,” ultimately, if we’re listening to it all alone in front of our computer screens?

And who needs “yet another” clone that streams the “same old, same old” mainstream music?

I just don’t “get it.” What’s hoping to accomplish here? What will set it apart from all the other music-streaming websites?

GR8FL  on May 15th, 2009

I sadly feel the demise of as we have known it is just around the corner. What it will evolve into is not clear, but I don’t think it will be the same fun, social online radio where ‘blippers’ world-wide can ‘DJ’ all kinds of music that might have not been heard otherwise, environment.

Been here six months and have blipped 16,184 times… that is a staggering amount. I have blipped all kinds of music and also reblipped all kinds of music and exchanged music information with people who have no other agenda other than the love of music. I also have uploaded many MP3s in an attempt to supplement what was missing on blip. This has been a joyful experience and I feel the better for it. And that is inspite of horrible search engine, blip downtimes, samples not labeled correctly and crappy quality MP3s that have never been filtered out.

But, now it seems, very similar to the alternative radio stations I used to listen & support, that this is all going away. Assuming the imeem issue will be resolved and the whole world can enjoy music beyond 30-second samples (Briangreene said it well - is social radio not an iTunes store sampler), there still will be the issue of an imeem-only music selection. Reminds me of what happened to XM Radio when it merged with Siruis… lost some of the best independent/alternative stations such as Fred, Ethel, Lucy & Fine Tuning in favor of more Clear Channel and sports news.

I don’t understand what the legal ramifications are with copyright or the RIAA if all we are doing on is listening to music rather than downloading. No blipper is making any money off their labor of blipping. And messages above this indicate the opposite - that having heard a certain band that money was actually spent to buy the CD or download legally thru I-Tunes or something like that.

The difference between a regular radio station and has always been the blippers who have had the choice of what to play and what to listen as opposed to some corporate entity with hands tied to their board and stockholders. And that has been the huge difference. I follow people or listen to all on the public site and hear what is playing or not and others do the same with me. In addition, we get to put a little message with our music or ‘chat’ with others in ways that have never been done successfully online before. But it has always been about the blippers… and sadly, these days are now looking to be numbered.

monocultured  on May 15th, 2009

Hi all.

I’ll add to the ROW-voices: I can’t even begin to imagine the work that is required to make legal, and I appreciate all the work and what has offered. It’s been great fun and it’s not fair if your success is what will kill the service…

A request: Would it be possible to allow for a backup to be made of the blips I’ve done and comments I’ve received? A function like Tweetake for Twitter? Before my playlists are nuked it would be awesome to have those backed up.

(I don’t mean to be snarky about it, but I wont be using as it looks right now and would like to keep the comments from some of the wonderful people I’ve chatted to here.)

All the best!

me  on May 15th, 2009

It’s a shame that the folks (any of the four of them in their basement) aren’t responding to everyone here in the comments.

rubikoO  on May 15th, 2009


Diordan  on May 15th, 2009

Sorry Mate! :^) Again I make Brian Greene’s words mine. Couldn’t agree more.

Zarabeth  on May 15th, 2009

@avivamagnolia yes, with grooveshark you can twit the songs you want other people to listen to, and you can decide which songs you want to twit and which ones you don’t want to… I just did it.
Go and check out on my twitter page.

But THAT is a limited thing… I mean, you just put a link on twitter redirecting you to a streaming link… you have no suggestions from other users, no strange covers coming out (maybe because it’s still “new”), no props, no exchange… I don’t like it!

Also it’s a lot easier to upload music.

My point is that Blip.FM is a COMMUNITY, that’s it. :-/ I do not have “friends”, but I find myself sometimes smiling when I see a certain “avatar” blipping…

And also, I have “peculiar” tastes in music: I.E., there’s a Japanese guy on (@nakatake) that blips amazing Japanese tunes I’d never have had the occasion to listen to without this community. I sometimes just play his radio while working and so… with grooveshark there isn’t the opportunity to have a “real” radio, just a playlist. :-(

I know it’s not nice to give links to “alternative sites” on this blog, but I’m looking for alternatives, and that’s a fact: it seems there is no other choice for us, “the others” (Lost quotation).

Zarabeth  on May 15th, 2009

Oh, and please read this article: I know it’s long and about P2P but it’s an interesting view: sharing music doesn’t damage musicians, the “long tail” sais it improves sales of tickets, merchandise and so on.

The same thing happend to me: I bought some cds I’d have never bought if it wasn’t for discovering them on

Trent Rezonor (who also uses has “presented” his last album via Torrent and he’s now on world tour, a very successful one.

PLUS he also presented videos of his concerts to download and share… more people should learn from him!

daretoeatapeach  on May 15th, 2009

I’m with robotnik: “This worries me:

‘Adding urls to public mp3s will be limited to legitimate bands and labels approved in our systems’”

It took me forever to figure out how to upload stuff to my server and then add it to Blip and already it this feature is gone? Supremely frustrating.

I still believe that Blip is the best music site out there. But what’s ironic is that this change (if I understand it correctly) will hurt the indie, unsigned bands the most. If you look through my uploads, 95% of them are bands or DJs that either don’t have recording contracts or are long-forgotten and much in need of the free publicity. I didn’t get on Blip to play the over-saturated music that’s already being hyped on the radio. I came here to share the little guys with an audience that is starving for new music. I hope some of that will remain in the new Blip.

You guys are onto something truly great with Blip; I really hope you can make this work!

daBlueManedBlackMagicWitchWoman  on May 16th, 2009


So the problem does indeed have to do with licensing etc. (like I figured after a while). Good to know.

I also (like someone else, above) wonder if having the option of a paid version might be a solution for those who don’t want a crappy blip experience. I currently pay 4 pounds per month for DVDs and if I can do that, I certainly can and would be willing to pay a similar amount for music.

I am with daretoeatapeach and robotnik, re: “This worries me: ‘Adding urls to public mp3s will be limited to legitimate bands and labels approved in our systems’” That does worry me as NOT being subjected to something like that is one of the reasons why we come to blip.

It’s quite a challenge, what you guys are doing and, thinking of that, if you are really only four guys, consider adding a woman or two to your team. A woman might come up with different solutions than four guys and you might well end up with the best of both worlds.


who’s also been called a CEO of her own business and isn’t even four guys in a basement, PauleeC

@briangreene  on May 16th, 2009

@daretoeatapeach when I was mic side on free radio in the 1990’s we ran the risk of raids, big fines, loss of equipment and time off air. We did not do that in order to play Kylie Minogue (to paraphrase the brother). is a wonderful social media tool, the draw is the lucky bag of the database that fed into the music industries long tail, the glue that makes the site sticky is the community that we are. This all happens coz the team made a wonderful tool, the currency of props, the ease of reblips, the overworked but never tired mail server, the user interface that is simple & rocks!

If the music is reduced to imeem the addicted layers of DJs will walk, the masses may trial the system but there will then be no long tail of music to find and less of a community to share it with. My point is that everything is connected, take out one piece and watch the whole scheme crumble.

daBlueManedBlackMagicWitchWoman  on May 16th, 2009

How about an option with a paid version that DOES allow the type of tracks daretoeatapeach uploads? The “unapproved” ones.

Yes, more programming challenges. ;-)

daBlueManedBlackMagicWitchWoman  on May 16th, 2009

Having said that, I am one of the users who does not only listen to new music. My old music is in storage on another continent, has been there for a long time. I was delighted to discover all sorts of old tracks on blip when I first came here (Jan 09) and I devoured it all, OD’d on old stuff before I started listening to new stuff.

Music is connected with one’s life, with all sorts of events and memories, and with one’s emotions. That sometimes really makes you want to look for one particular song.

It’s not just the social aspects but also the immense variety of what is available on blip that has made it different, so far. If you guys can find a way not to limit that variety, please go for it.

That’s bound to have to involve membership options and it would have to be in such a way that it is not too limiting. An “old music lover” might still want to hear, say, ten new tracks per month after all. Something like that.

purplesime  on May 16th, 2009

I’ll keep this short: I’m not doing anything illegal in streaming music via Blip, nor am I turning to torrents to get new stuff I hear. I’m buying it. So RIAA, think about the damage you’re doing to your own industry.

Blip? RIP.

me  on May 16th, 2009

I’ll say it again. Why aren’t the guys responding to our comments? It’s time to come out of hiding and open a dialog with your users.

oliboni  on May 16th, 2009

The fatc is we all love blip. We tell to all our friends, readers, listens all around the world that is the best thing to do in internet.

And suddenly all that change… I really hope that blip get bigger and bigger and you guys make tons of money with ads and sponsors.

BUT you are going to a path that make it impossible. You´ll kill 80% of your public and soon even US and Can can´t stand being only them in blip and the site will die. It will be a very nice idea that vanish in the air.

Think in the rest of the world, find a solution for 80% of your public. Till there, take imeen down, bring back the good old blip.

We will continue supporting you, we will continue bring new listener… but you have to give us something to work with…

blip must to be fun, not a place to protest and complains …

see more here

ilbis  on May 16th, 2009

I’m addicted to last few weeks,
but it’s very sad with this imeem 30 seconds clips for us, out from US.
Give us just a chance to avoid this - as a DJ I can’t suggest my listeners just 30 seconds of a piece. No sense for me.

MetalRocks  on May 16th, 2009

Reading all of the above comments it appears that the general consensus of opinion is that, which we have all come to love, is about to alienate around 80% of it’s users!

I have been an avid blipper for around 2 months and seen my followers grow close to 1000 in this short time. I have personally added the URL’s to over 400 of my favourite songs, most of which were not available on Blip.

I believe that the majority of my listeners and the 2000+ props I have received would be much lower if I had not introduced so many great songs to Blip.

Knowing that I am shortly going to lose the access to the songs I have added to Blip dismays me. I do not want to be limited to the 30 second ‘ringtones’ that imeem offers, what is the point of that?

I have met many great people via Blip and would miss not being able to share great tunes and comments with them on a daily basis. I can only hope that we can all find an alternative to Blip where we can once again interact together with some great music?

It was great while it lasted but if this is the end, thanks for the memories!

oboreruhito  on May 16th, 2009

“legitimate bands and labels approved in our systems”

So out-of-print or independent artists who have released their works to the public domain or under CC-SA licenses are out of luck unless they personally apply?

The bigger problem is blip’s silence on the issue - and silence even on the reasons for refusing to speak to us. If it’s because imeem’s lawyers, or record label lawyers, or your lawyers say so, then tell us. If it’s because your investors don’t want us to know, then tell us.

Don’t tell us you can’t tell us - we both know that’s not true. You won’t tell us because you’ll lose something if you do.

DeAnn  on May 16th, 2009

It’s all good, I have just one question: What good does an embeddable widget, it it won’t play my songs? I really would like to get rid of the comments, because those are blip network related, and I don’t want them on my other sites, but the songs I really would like to have.

Am I off the track with my point of view?


jeff  on May 16th, 2009

First of all, thank you so much for all of your comments and passionate responses. WE HEAR YOU. The four of us are going through your responses both on this blog as well as other posts, but it’s important that you understand that we are doing what we can and improvements will take time.

I also just wanted to mention that the folks at imeem are working on this challenge to improve the situation for ALL users. They are an important partner for us and are just good people. We are working closely with them to make things for the better as soon as possible.

Finally, I also wanted to point out one blog post from one of our more active DJ’s, evablue ( She has written an insightful and inspiring post in the community on Ning ( She has done an excellent job in honestly conveying her sentiments, but also bringing to light many of the business issues that we face everyday. Please read it.

So many of you have provided great suggestions and possible solutions - I wish I had more time to reach out to more of you individually. I appreciate the time many of you have taken to formulate and write your posts. The lifeblood of runs on the passion and commitment that all of you have put into this.

We are listening. We are here. We don’t have all of the answers. BUT, we are committed to making improvements as fast as possible.



Miss_Bella  on May 16th, 2009

You guys need to calm down, The Blip guys aren’t responding because they are busy trying to make Blip better for us. Not like they sit here refreshing the page every 2 seconds to see new comments. That’s why they post like once a month. Just relax and give it some time, they are working on it! And like they said…they take into consideration what we all write, don’t underestimate that. :)

Diordan  on May 16th, 2009

As it’s all about 0111010010110010101’s I believe everything is crackable…I know that many hackers are busy doing useless and evil schemes such as viruses and browser hijackin’ but I know there’s some hackers doing good stuff too I Count with ‘em ;-)

MrEstall  on May 17th, 2009

To everyone at — thanks for creating a terrific site and service, it’s made me aware of so much more music from around the world, a lot of which I have subsequently bought on iTunes. It’s also given me an opportunity to publish what I like to my friends on Facebook, which in turn has given them a broader music experience. However, now I understand that because I live in the UK, I will only have access to 30 second snippets of tracks? Sorry guys but that’s of no use to me whatsoever, why would I want to listen to that? I’ll stay on blip for a few weeks more to see what happens but, if this is the way the site is heading, then I’ll get my coat and bid you all a fond farewell.

IMI  on May 17th, 2009

Wow. I was excited about blip because there was potential to hear new music that wasn’t mainstream. Out of my favorites, 3/4th’s didn’t appear in blip yet. Some that did appear were poor or versions I wasn’t happy with (live only, etc). I was frustrated with Pandora because they didn’t offer a lot too.

Switching to Imeen only is crazy. The majority of music isn’t with labels anymore. The industry isn’t struggling outside of labels - there’s more bands now playing different stuff than there has ever been in history. emusic has done fine without labels and itunes went for about a year without labels. You don’t need them either.

Seriously. Going to imeen only would kill the potential of this site.

robotnik  on May 17th, 2009

I just checked Pandora and they seem to have similar trouble as blip:

“Dear Pandora Visitor,

We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S. We will continue to work diligently to realize the vision of a truly global Pandora, but for the time being we are required to restrict its use. We are very sad to have to do this, but there is no other alternative. ”

Now I’m really worried for…

In their FAQ I also got the answer to a question some of us have:

“Q: Why not set up shop in where the laws are different?

A: This is a very common misconception.

The relevant law is determined by the country where the LISTENER resides, not where the webcaster is located.

Relocating our business to another country would have no effect on the situation.” (

Mich D. aka @MichDdot  on May 17th, 2009

I have followed from Fuzz and still love your concept. Really wish you made it easier for and old Dj not to fade away though :(

I always follow your system & upload mixes to the places you tel us…. Yet we never get a heads up when it changes. My 2 whole fans [lol] want my music :)

Keep it real folks, peace

Mich D aka @MichDdot
the DJ once known as FeinX

Digimuse  on May 17th, 2009

Why don’t you build Blip over the YouTube database like does?

avivamagnolia  on May 17th, 2009

@Zarabeth, I’ve stayed away from the blog for a few days…got burned out on the whole thing May 14th + 15th, blogging for hours here, on BlipFM, and inside my blips, about the Imeem fiasco.

But I just had to check in and see what, if anything, had developed in my absence. I just discovered your responses to my posts. Thanks!

I haven’t read them yet…but will get back to you when I do.

avivamagnolia  on May 17th, 2009

@Miss_Bella, I’m not sure what exactly you’ve heard about how folks are going to “make it better” for international listeners.

As far as I can tell, there’s really nothing they CAN do to provide anything but 30-second clips.

As far as I’ve heard, all they can do is create better tools for international users to filter “imeem” tracks from search results and blips.

However, has stated that they’re removing ALL non-imeem tracks in the near future.

Of what use these “better filters” would be to international users, I really don’t know.

There will be NOTHING but IMEEM tracks to listen to here. I believe that this change is due to occur within the month.

I already see evidence of many tracks that were once “non-imeem” that are now “imeem” or non-functioning.

If you have information about something is actually going to do to make the service better for international users, please let me know. Thanks!

avivamagnolia  on May 17th, 2009

For anyone who decides to stick with, the only way you’ll be able to hear independent music (unless the band has chosen to “sign” with is to contact the musicians yourself, and ask them to “apply” to for “approval” to upload their music here.

avivamagnolia  on May 17th, 2009

I think it’s imperative for tech-savvy folks here to help create an alternative to

The “replacement” or “clone” would have to preserve the “Twitter-like,” real-time features.

The “real-time” blipping is one of two things that makes superior to all other music-sharing and music-discovery websites.

The other is the ability to upload tracks.

Not being “tech-savvy,” I don’t know how difficult or expensive it would be to recreate these aspects of

I wonder if anyone here can address this issue?

avivamagnolia  on May 17th, 2009

Zarabeth, I’m reading through the article you recommended (The Long Tail of P2P). It’s great!

I still have much more to read, but already, I’ve found something I want to quote:

“Even as music labels and movie studios try to sue peer-to-peer networks out of existence, these same networks have been preparing music labels and movie studios for the emerging social-media world, in which sales form only a small slice of the revenue pie, and what really matters is who
likes what, and who pays attention to them.”

Exactly. What really matters here on is who likes what, and who pays attention to them.

If it’s true that 80% of existing users are going to flee, how will make money? depends on its users. Without us, is nothing.

Zer0_II  on May 17th, 2009

I agree with the majority (you should keep that in mind) of people commenting here when I say that this is NOT the answer to your problems. If you take away the member’s ability to upload their own mp3s then you are digging your own grave here. I just recently discovered this service, and even wrote a lengthy post encouraging my visitors to join up here. That was shortly before I discovered that the blip team made this horrible decision. Just like many others, I have enjoyed discovering new music from those living in other countries. I can only imagine how horrible this service would be if all of the international users were left and we were only left with the option to listen to tracks available on Imeem. I didn’t come here to listen to stuff that can easily be heard on any radio station across the United States such as Green Day and other mainstream bands. I came here to discover the unknown gems of the music world, which I have. If you follow through with your plans to self-destruct, then I refuse to be a part of it.

U like something buy it  on May 18th, 2009

To all those complaining i wont use it anymore because it’s not free need to get a life and pay for what they enjoy!

I use to love to download from P2P all the music and movies and whatever I wanted. I thought F the people Im taking from they have enough anyway. Yet before the Internet I bought their goods and enjoyed them. Though in ‘99 I just began enjoying them (stealing) without paying for it.

Ten years later I am changed after running a business that has nothing to do with copyright, but it’s obvious after ten years that advertising does not pay the bills and ultimately we all need to pay for what we enjoy … as we did before the Internet. I no longer use any p2p program or whatever….

We all should enjoy all the free content we do now because in a few years it’s not going to be free.

So u like something or enjoy something you buy it .. Fuck tards!

Shahi  on May 18th, 2009

It’s not a radio any more, it’s a bullshit. Just set of 30sec musical ads. People blip them I don’t know why, it’s impossible now to stay here. By. Untill all the changes are canceled. There is loads great musical services.

Zer0_II  on May 18th, 2009

@U like something buy it: Do you honestly think that we are going to take advice from someone calling us “fucktards”. Get a clue, and learn some grammar while you’re at it. This isn’t about buying what you like. I have no problem getting what I need in terms of music. This is about standing up for basic internet rights. The people pushing the goods are the ones trying to control how music is played and listened to, not just bought. Wake up!

Johnny_the_Boy  on May 18th, 2009

While i am NOT happy about the “no upload” thing i can adjust. There is actually a fair bit of music on Imeem. That being said, there needs to be a way to determine what album tracks come from, as there are bands that release a lot of live material (ie Grateful Dead, Phish and others). As such there will be different available versions of the same song by the same band, and there needs to be a way to deferentiate between those versions.

Johnny_the_Boy  on May 18th, 2009

also, it needs to go both ways. blip needs to get itself placed in the “post this track” menu with twitter, myspace etc.

collymolotov  on May 18th, 2009

It must be nice to live in the US, to have actual functionality on sites like, to be able to USE Pandora and Hulu…I can only dream (esp. now that Hotspot Shield has gone dodo.) I joined only a few days ago and now because I’m from Canada, a country that consumes American entertainment material more than its domestic product and shares virtually the same musical culture, I am cut off from actual functionality here. Great. I could have been promoting musicians on twitter, but why would record labels care about that?

Honestly, the RIAA has gotten you to put the pistol in your mouths. I’m sure you know this and didn’t want to do it…but they won’t stop until they’ve killed us all. They do not think the internet is a good thing. Thats what we are collectively up against.

it bugs me that they allow such freedom of content in the US but think its somehow different in regards to other nationalities. it’s the great paradox between 21st century technology and 20th century capitalism…theres no reason they can’t come along for the ride, they just don’t want to.

Sandman5  on May 18th, 2009

It’s sad that this is the direction Blip is taking going forward. It definitely hampers the ability international users to play songs that all will enjoy.

I can understand the pressures that are most likely being put upon you by outside entities that want to enforce copyrights and regulations.

Hopefully this is only a temporary solution to appease the RIAA and the like but I fear that Blip will lose listeners and Blippers due to these restrictions.

daihard  on May 18th, 2009

U like something buy it,

I don’t think you understand it. THe majority of the users are not here to “get” free music. After all, we can only listen to the blipped tracks, not copy them. It’s not much different than tuning into your favourite radio station.

What sets apart from music radio is its ability to let the users exchange tweets as well as music, thereby making it extremely easy for us to share our passion for music as well as other fun things to talk about. It’s really music sharing and social networking combined. At least that’s what I love about.

As for buying music, I have in fact bought quite a few songs and albums just because I’ve been introduced to them through

Digimuse  on May 19th, 2009

Why doesn’t team up with Spotify? This would make things for the non US users like me much better than the 30 second iMeem tracks.


tomatocoast  on May 19th, 2009

Thanks for all the hard work to keep the music in our lives. Peace~

JamLegend  on May 19th, 2009

Hang in there guys.

I trust you guys will be able to pull out of this rough patch and provide an even more stellar product to Blip users.

Much love from JamLegend.

Digimuse  on May 20th, 2009

Hi guys great! YouTube integration, just as I suggested! Please let me believe it was me who brought you to do this ;)

Digimuse on May 17th, 2009

Why don’t you build Blip over the YouTube database like does?

@briangreene  on May 20th, 2009

@Digimuse I second that suggestion. We do NOT want computers picking the next song, we want democratic DJs. This is the kernel of what blip is doing correctly. Imagine if twitter was based on you reading tweets of like minded folk you didnt know, because the computer matched so, wouldn’t work would it.

poccuo  on May 20th, 2009

May we suggest that add the ability to filter out youTube results from search?


RickyC  on May 20th, 2009

I’m with poccuo - We really need the ability to filter out the YouTube results.

GR8FL  on May 20th, 2009

I hate the videos… personally find them a huge distraction from listening to music. To me it’s the equivalent of a movie interpretation of a good book - I would rather do my own imagining. In addition, I find the flicker of these videos annoying in blip & it keeps me from reading blip msgs and deciding what to blip/reblip. Have the same reaction to websites that use animated gifs & flash… just because we can, doesn’t mean we ought to.

Anyway, thanks to @dojodub there is a work-around. If you use Firefox (and you should anyway over IE), then use this Doesn’t take the video away, but very nicely hides it from view.

@greenie  on May 20th, 2009

It really is a shame that the labels, etc. just cant adjust to how people really WANT to find new music in a social kind of way, circumventing the labels telling us what they want us to listen to. Blip was/is such a good medium for everything fans love about listening to music. all the improvements you guys have planned like separate play lists, searching blips, i was really looking forward to. As a US resident, i dont have problems… i just wish there was an easy way to avoid playing imeem songs if i want to… i cant tell which are which until i blip it, and then most likely leaving a majority of my listeners with a tease of a song… any way to visually label imeem songs?? i wish you guys luck. i’ll be sticking with you :)

diegoconsolini  on May 20th, 2009

I understand and appreciate all the hard work is having to keep up with the good work, one thing all of us need to understand is that all this is for free and still for free! It just awesome. Things change, sometimes for for better, sometimes not… this is life. I appreciate and really would like to thank for all the hard work! PS. YouTube integration was a really great thing, my congratulation for that! Whatever happens I am with you guys!

cripplesmith  on May 20th, 2009

I have personally bought dozens of tracks and albums after hearing new stuff on blip…Would now be a good time to point out that imeem lets its registered users upload their own music (from itunes, at least)…and/so/but: if I do that, imeem will only let me listen to 30 seconds of a track I donated to them? And blip won’t let me upload at all? What part of this does not feel like software “development” do I need to explain.

poccuo  on May 20th, 2009

I also have noticed the search functionality, since introducing the youTube, has been rather unreliable and annoying at the results its pulling up.

Any way to add strict queries to the search by use of quotes?

Love the service, just wanted to throw this out there. Keep up the great work!

lenrasoon  on May 20th, 2009

There are videos now?
i mean i understand the partnership with imeem but youtube? why would i be here if i wanted to watch videos?
I know that you guys are probably fixing this and i have to say Thanks to are so open to suggestions and complaints.

@briangreene  on May 20th, 2009

search: yes use of quotes is more important now than ever. Also you can filter out imeem and youtubes from the results by adding -imeem and or -youtube which will end up giving you just MP3 really, so an easier way is like this “madonna” +songUrl

also if the Video player is a visual distraction the brother @dojodub made a toggle off bookmarklet for it see it toggles to blip adverts to please the sponsors!!!

BTW. There are different results to quoting a single word serach term and not to not quoting. Quoting is more accurate. try “Madness” v Madness

poccuo  on May 20th, 2009


Thanks for the tips on the search! Very cool of you.


I couldn’t agree more, if I wanted videos I surely wouldn’t be here. I can understand the iMeem integration but really don’t think that the quality of content on youTube is up to snuff.

Still loving the

GR8FL  on May 21st, 2009

I can cover up the video distraction using @dojodub’s nice app (works in Firefox), but there still is the issue of the poor audio quality of the YouTube versions. In best cases the YouTube version sounds like it is from a tin can…

I challenge you to take any song that has both a video version and a non-video version - LISTEN to the difference. If you need examples, try Pulp “My Legendary Girlfriend” or Deep Blue Something - Breakfast As Tiffany’s or Richard X – Into U with Jarvis Cocker.

I thought this was an audio site, but it seems the video has taken precedence. Please correct my assumption.

INTVGene  on May 22nd, 2009

Imeem sucks for international users. Get rid of it.

eugeniorise  on May 23rd, 2009

I’m sure you’re trying very hard to overcome this problems, but as you recognize, the 30-seconds Imeem’s kind-of-song is a kick in our undersides.

For now, I’ll be hanging here with you.

Chris Charabaruk  on May 26th, 2009

Please, give us an option to hide the videos. The audio quality is no better than 64kbps MP3, and so many of them are live recordings from someone in the audience of some concert, making them sound even worse. For me, if it’s a choice between blipping a YouTube video of a song and not blipping the song at all, it’s not going to be blipped.

RichardOn  on May 26th, 2009

Interesting site, but much advertisments on him. Shall read as subscription, rss.

me  on May 27th, 2009

Agree with others. We need a way to prevent the YouTube videos from showing up in our lists.

As an aside, why is playing music from YouTube OK, but playing music from Skreemr/Seeqpod not OK?

euskir  on June 7th, 2009

Hello Jeff:
Well, taking a new look at how the things are happening right now, I’m not so angry as the first time.
I’ve got to say that the YouTube option is much better than Imeem, and I can see that full songs are available again.
Sorry for my previous “tough words”.
Best wishes, as always,

Federico (aka euskir)

asael2  on June 12th, 2009

Im sorry … but I thinks to start moving to grooveshark

hellomilo  on June 16th, 2009

I really enjoy, primarily ‘cos it links with twitter and it’s great for sharing with others. I use Spotify as my main music streamer (which is absolutely brilliant but only free in the UK and Sweden).

Digimuse  on June 19th, 2009

@hellomilo Too bad Spotify lacks the social layer that Blip has. If we could Blip with music provided by Spotify I would sign up for a Premium Account today.

Joachim  on June 29th, 2009

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