Exclude Video Search Results, Add Youtube links and more

As most of you know, we recently added support for blipping Youtube videos. We think this has been a great addition, but we also realize that we won’t please everyone with every new feature. We like to add new features as soon as they’re ready and then refine them based on user feedback. To that end, you can now type -video along with your search term to filter out video search results. For example:

  • Searching for “Rolling Stones” will still yield the mixed search results of video and audio as it used to.
  • Searching for “Rolling Stones -video” will produce results with videos filtered out.

We’re aware that not everyone has unlimited bandwidth, so we do plan to allow you to skip over video blips in the future. However, there is some groundwork we still have to lay in order to make sure that the user experience of this feels right.

We’ve also had some questions about how to add videos that are difficult to find through Blip.fm or maybe just haven’t shown up in Youtube’s search results yet. Well, you can now paste the full url of a youtube video (e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIyWrNEeMcI ) into the search field to blip that video.

There were also a couple other additions / fixes in this round of maintenance: