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Weekly Twitter Updates 2009-08-31

FoxyTunes Adds Player

Yahoo! has released a major update to FoxyTunes that, among a host of other new features, now supports playback. FoxyTunes is a FireFox add-on that controls a variety of music players including iTunes,, Pandora, and even YouTube directly from the browser status bar. It allows you to listen to your music while browsing other sites, without the need to switch to the player to change the track or find out what’s currently playing.

What’s got us excited about the latest release is the addition of as a music player. Now you can control any stream from the toolbar, without hunting for the tab that’s playing the music. The FoxyTunes add-on supports all the standard playback options you would expect, like play, pause, next and volume control (yes, they even beat us to a volume slider). in FoxyTunes

In addition to playback, this release of FoxyTunes lets you update your status on Twitter, Facebook, and Yahoo! with the currently playing track. It doesn’t support posting to yet, but you can bet we’ll be working with their team to get that added in the near future.

FoxyTunes Status Update

The FoxyTunes team has done a great job adding an extra layer of information about the currently playing track that makes this add-on indispensable. A compact breakaway information window tells you the artist and title, along with album art (when available), and contextual menus for “Search” and “Explore”.  These menus get you quick access to search results, lyrics, and FoxyTunes’ own mashup artist page containing Flickr photos, YouTube videos, and a ton of other stuff. Ahem, this page is obviously lacking “recent blips” by the artists… something we shall hope to remedy.

FoxyTunes Now Playing Info

Download FoxyTunes and check it out. Also make sure to send feedback to let them know how you like the support. Their development team (like us) thrives on comments, so let ‘er rip.

Weekly Twitter Updates 2009-08-24

Weekly Twitter Updates 2009-08-17

  • Just for kicks I’ve started a ( userscript for #
  • Whoops, just fixed the Growl notifications: #
  • Network issues at our ISP ate causing the site to be unreachable. #
  • We’ll be having about 1hr of downtime tonight. This one is nothing special, a few bug fixes and adding additional servers to help w/ load. #
  • @BrianGreene Probably at 11 PM Pacific, but we’ll confirm and announce it a few hours before. in reply to BrianGreene #
  • Maintenance tonight at 12am Pacific. Shouldn’t be more than 1hr. #
  • Maintenance delayed until tomorrow. We’re going to improve some monitoring tools in the meantime. Keep on blippin’ through the night :) #

Zombies in the Matrix

A little unplanned maintenance to take care of this evening. We should be back online in just a few minutes.

Wow, you guys blip a LOT. We tracked the problem back to a corrupt table in the master database that stores all the blips that people post. Don’t worry, they’re safe, but due to the total number of blips it takes a while to get things back in order.

We’re already planning some changes that will keep the site up in case of failures like these, but as luck would have it we got hit with the ghost in the machine just a few days before we had planned to move over to the new setup.

If anyone is interested in the more nerdy side of running things, I plan to write a series of posts about the kind of hurdles and pitfalls you might run into when you’re building an internet company. There seems to be a common path from initial release through to scale that you don’t find out about until you’re dealing with it.