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Love Halloween? Enter’s Musical Halloween Costume Contest! Win 100 Credits

Contest Entry Rules:

1. Upload a Fan photo of yourself in costume to the Facebook Fan page (include your Blip DJ name)

2. Blip a theme song that matches it, with a link to that Fan photo

We will announce the winner on #MusicMonday. Entry deadline: 9pm Pacific, Sunday.

Good luck and Happy Halloween from the Team!

Visualize The Difference

Thanks @evablue for putting together this diagram of the new UI updates. It makes the transition a little easier for anyone looking for things that might have been moved around a bit.

New Interface Features (Oct 2009)
(Flickr Photo)

Shiny! New UI

Today we give a bit of a facelift. We’ve reworked the current feature set to make everything simpler, faster, and cleaner. There’s not a whole lot of *new* stuff in this update, but you’ll notice that all the existing functionality is just more refined.

Under the hood there’s a lot going on, and it’s getting us ready for a big set of new features we’ve already started working on. Here’s a partial list of what’s been changed:

  • Simplified top-level menu to get you to the three main streams (everyone, your favorite DJs, and yours)
  • Easy access to all your stats and pages at the top right of every page
  • Continuous scrolling for each station (eventually it’ll be continuous play throughout the entire site)
  • Easily pause / resume the blipstream (auto-update when new blips are available)
  • Easily add and toggle social networks you send notifications to on a blip-by-blip basis
  • Sort favorite djs and listeners by last blip, by date added, and alphabetically
  • Bandwith-limited users can now easily skip video blips
  • Improved profile page
  • Improved site performance

We’ve been testing this new UI at our beta site and taking feedback from users (email It’s been a great way to let everyone check out the changes and keep us in the loop regarding what work and what doesn’t. In fact, the system has had such a positive response that we’re going to continue to push new stuff out to and let interested parties bang on the wheels before pushing it live.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback for this set of updates. We’ve gone through several rounds of changes and we’re pretty excited to let this loose on the masses. Don’t worry, we’re not taking any breathers either, we’ve already begun the next round of features. This next round is going to bring new features to both DJs and listeners.