Dial It In

Tonight we release a few much-anticipated updates to the Blip.fm community. Bear with us as we get the servers ready for world domination. While you’re waiting for the site to open back up, the following will give you a little rundown of what we’re doing right now. BUT: Because I completely forgot to write this blog entry before scheduling the update, I’m going to give you one feature at a time, while simultaneously running update scripts and checking for last-minute bugs. Yes, I’m that good. I hope.

1) The Fabled TagTuner
Fabled you say? I just looked it up in the dictionary widget, and a “fable” a short story with animals and a moral. So I guess it’s not really “fabled”, but more like just “awesome”. Right, so, the TagTuner will debut on the “All DJs” page (http://blip.fm/all), allowing you to filter the overwhelming stream of blips by any combination of artist, genres, and hashtags (those #special #keywords like on Twitter). You can save tag presets for easy access, and easily select whichever one you want. This is huge because it lets you discover both new DJs and new music based on your
criteria, and you can change it up to fit your mood.

2) Achievement Badges
At Blip.fm being an active blipper is a very good thing, and we think you should be rewarded for your time spent avoiding the pile of work on your desk. That’s why we’ve come up with an initial set of–hang on, let me count them. Twelve?–12 Badges. Some of them are pretty easy to earn… for level one anyway. Most have at least three ranks you can achieve, and you can read all about how to get the full set of them. We’ll be adding more as we think of them, so don’t think this is the end of it! The icons were created by a badass designer out of Brazil, Everaldo Coelho with Yellow Icon Studios.

For those of you who helped us beta test these new features, we’ve given you a special “beta tester” badge. There’s also one only for those of you who were using Blip.fm back in the early days, back when we were just getting started. Thanks for that.

3) Quick Add/Props
This is a power user feature that has been requested for a while now. Instead of having to go to a DJ’s profile page to add them as a favorite or give props, just roll over any user icon in the blipstream. You’ll see a little bubble menu pop up that gives quick access to the two most often used user actions. Hopefully you’ll stop emailing us about this now. Just kidding, we love you.

4) Block DJ
Ditch the stalkers. ‘Nuff said. OK, a little more could be said. You block them by going to their profile page, and selecting “Block User” from the actions menu (at the bottom right of the info box containing the user info. It has a gear icon on it. You can’t miss it).

5) Weekly Update Emails
We’ll let you know all about what’s been going down at Blip.fm as it pertains to you. We send a condensed weekly email containing the total number of props you’ve received, including the people who sent you the most props, your latest listeners and what they blipped, and the top five blipped tracks of the week. There might be some more stuff in it too, but I forget what it is right now.

6) Better Facebook
We’ve slightly modified the Facebook integration to include the YouTube video or embed a little player whenever possible, so you can hear the song right in your Facebook feed. We figure it’s a helluva lot cooler to be able to hear the music right away. We think you’ll think so too.

There’s probably a few more things in there. We’ve definitely sped up the page load a bit, and fixed a few bugs in the process. The next update to this blog entry will be to let you know that the site is back online. Right now we’re just waiting for all the blips to be processed for the new artist/genre/hash tagging system and we’ll be back. Something like 1.5 million blips in the last couple weeks left to process. Not bad guys.

We heart you.

UPDATE: We’re live again :) Sorry to make you wait so long. The TagTuner will get better with age, so start blipping now and blip often!