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Blipathon Is Back

Thanks to @briangreene, the Blipathon is back. For a second year in a row, we ask DJs to do their thing all day Valentines Day to raise donations for charity.  Blipping will kick off at 12:00AM on February 14th and run for 24 hours ending at 11:59PM in your local time zone.  DJs will be blipping messages with the hashtag #blipathon and a link to ( seeking donations for this years chosen charity Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders.  Donations should be made directly at

Just to say thanks for participating, we’ll give 100 credits on a random basis to 10 participants that use the #blipathon tag.

Open your heart & open your wallet this Valentines Day and give as much as you can. DJs are needed to take part and push the viral one day campaign in social media. More details via presents Hypnogaja’s Valentine’s Day Blipaway

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve teamed up with our friends in Hypnogaja to spread a little musical love. Up for grabs are a FREE LG Chocolate Touch Verizon cell phone and a FREE collection of albums from Hypnogaja. All you have to do is simply click here and blip your favorite Hypnogaja songs to your Twitter account (click “more options” when blipping to integrate your twitter account if you haven’t already done so) with the hashtag #ilovehypnogaja. A winner will be chosen at random, so the more you blip, the better your chances of winning! Entry closes at 12 midnight/PST on February 15, 2010. Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day from Hypnogaja and!”

Tonight’s Update

Hey everybody. Wanted to give a quick rundown of what tonight’s maintenance is going to cover. Unfortunately, it’s not that exciting, mostly just small tweaks and fixes.

  • Tweaks to the search. “-” (dash) and ” ‘ ” (apostrophe) characters have been causing some weirdness / bad results. That has been fixed. The new search also has a number of cool advanced options that we haven’t really covered - look for a blog about that soon.
  • Tag Tuner improvements. The tag tuner should be much better at finding blips for artists, genres, and hashtags that you enter manually, not just those in the tag cloud itself. Pagination has also been improved a bit.
  • Badge email preference. We like the badges and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, but it was always our intention to make this an optional part of the experience. You can now choose on your settings page to not be notified about new badges you’ve earned.
  • Badge email improvements. We’ve added the particular blip that triggered the pioneer badge, and also a general description of each badge in their respective emails, so you know exactly what you did to earn them.
  • Fixes to the “block user” function. You will no longer receive any communication (emails) from users that you’ve blocked.
  • Backend stuff. As always, there are a number of bug fixes etc… that can’t really be tied to any particular part of the user experience, but they’re important too :-)

See you on the other side!