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Love Mom? Enter The Mother’s Day Badge

We’re happy to announce a new badge to add to your stash. Earn the Mother’s Day badge by blipping a song in her honor and including the hashtag #iheartmom. We will feature all these Blips in a special #iheartmom channel in the Tag Tuner. You can only earn the badge between now and end of 11:59 PDT on Mother’s Day (May 9th).

Also included in tonight’s maintenance were some other improvements to the badges system. All badges are now calculated relative to a particular user’s timezone (you can set that on the account settings page) and not just what we store in our database. We also adjusted the Big Spender and Headliner badges to look at a true 24 hour trailing time period, so no longer do the props you get / receive in order to earn these badges have to fall witihin the same day, just in the past 24 hours.

Thanks for Blipping!

– Yan

Major Email Snafu

Here’s an overview (my words) of what happened from MailChimp:

Due to the large size of our list, the http request to send the email timed out, resulting in no confirmation page being shown despite the fact that the email had been queued for sending. Subsequent attempts to send the mailing then caused the mailing to be queued again and again. MailChimp was able to manually stop the process during the 4th send. Their developers are currently patching their code so this will never happen again and improving the interface so that this is completely transparent to the end user.

Many of you are already aware that we have had a significant problem with our regular weekly user activity updates. These usually go out once a week, but in the last 48 hours the same email update went out to each recipient up to 4 times. Our sincerest apologies for the hassle this has caused many of you. We are working with MailChimp to identify the cause and make sure this does not happen again.

We will provide an update once we have identified the problem and fixed it. Thanks for your understanding and, again, we can’t say enough how sorry we are this happened!

The Team

Tonight’s Maintenance

Hey Everybody,

We’re upgrading one of our essential servers tonight. We hope to have the site back up in less than one hour. See you soon.