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Twitter Updates And Other Goodies

Twitter Integration Updates

A while back Twitter announced that it would be terminating support for basic http authentication to its api at the end of June 2010. To this end, we’ve transitioned our Twitter integration to use the OAuth standard. If you’ve already integrated a Twitter account, you will see a message asking you to authorize’s Twitter application to post to your Twitter account. If you don’t wish to do so, you can either disable your Twitter integration or remove it. The transition to OAuth means that we’ll no longer need to store your actual password, making the whole process of having your Twitter account integrated with us more secure.

In addition to the OAuth transition, we’ve also made it easy for you to follow your blip friends’ Twitter accounts via an option on the gear drop down menu on that user’s blips or from the gear drop down menu on their profile. You can prevent this option from showing up in these menus by disabling your twitter account on your integration settings page. Similarly, this option will not function for any user that you’ve blocked.

Since we allow users to integrate multiple Twitter accounts, we’ve chose the first Twitter account you integrated to be your “default account”. This is the account that other users will follow when they choose the “Follow on Twitter” option from the aforementioned menus. You can easily choose which one of your Twitter accounts is your default on your integration settings page.

Other Stuff

  • Bad YouTube links should be removed from search results more quickly
  • Query tweaks to improve performance

Tonight’s Maintenance

UPDATE 5:53 am PST - We’re having issues with one of our database tables. We’re in process of repairing this table, but this will likely take another hour or two.

Tonight’s maintenance will add one major new feature: the ability to follow your blip friends on twitter (if they’ve integrated their twitter account) right from within the website. There are also a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. Most notable of those is the quicker removal of YouTube links that have become unavailable. We’re also continuing to diagnose and fix the slowdown issues that have been affecting the site as of late. The blog will be updated with more details once the maintenance is over