80 Million Blips, 1 Million DJs Strong, and Content Update

Hey Blippers!  We know it’s been a while since you’ve last heard from us, but we wanted to give you an update on changes to our content sources due to our licensing arrangements.

You will continue to be able to access YouTube, and we will be adding significant content partners shortly, but (sadly) other sources will go away.  The good news is that we have just added nearly one million pristine licensed tracks and plan to add more in the near future.

Please help us with any comments or feedback as we’ve appreciated your support over the past 3 years!  Together we’ve grown to a million Blippers who have DJ’d over 80 million posts.  We have you to thank for that and we are truly grateful.

We’ve asked our Ambassadors, @evablue, @daretoeatapeach, and @briangreene to help us in answering questions.  As always, if you have any feedback, be sure to drop us a line at feedback@blip.fm.  Thanks for your support!


The Blip.fm Crew

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Dawnrazor  on August 28th, 2011

So you broke Dropbox compatibility…Nice, real nice, really makes Blip so much better….

hajoni  on August 28th, 2011

good news! getting rid of all these crappy main-stream low-quality audio stuff, dropboxed by 9119245 Blip-DJs who dared to communicate without walls and digital frontiers… back to normal. let’s party.

Qrobur  on August 28th, 2011

Well, this renders Blip more or less unusable so far as I’m concerned. Instead of being able to specify hi-q tracks that I know work I’m reduced to a small rump of stuff, often low quality or truncated. I’ve no time to sort through such rubbish in order to find something to post, so I should that that’s the end of blip for me.

What a pity.

Metal_Rocks  on August 28th, 2011

I’ve added 1700+ quality tunes to Blip.fm for no personal or monetary gain and now, with them all being unavailable I don’t see much point in staying here.

The search engine has been throwing up some crap for the past few weeks and the -video tag doesn’t work anymore to filter out Youtube results.

I’m not going to spend hours trawling through videos of dorks in their bedrooms playing along (badly) to songs I’m looking for. If I want to do that I’ll do it on Youtube!!

After two and a half years, 12,000+ blips and 11,000+ listeners this could be the end of @Metal_Rocks on Blip.fm!!

avivajazz  on August 28th, 2011

1. You should have warned us. I put a lot of time and effort into creating MP3s and registering them with Blip’s database. Wasted effort, now.

2. You’re lying to us when you hint at “sources” that “will have to go” (ostensibly at some point in the future)…when, in fact, you have ALREADY “disappeared” us. WE are the “sources” you allude to so euphemistically. Very cowardly not to warn us before disabling hotlinks.

Very bad customer service. And unnecessary. Why didn’t you TELL us? Many of us would have understood you were signing on new licensors, and legal agreements required that “hotlinking” be terminated.

I spent HOURs registeing links over the last 2 days. I sure do wish you had warned me not to waste my time on such a project.

I don’t know who your new licensors are, or whether you’ll finally create a decent database of tunes–as you promised after parting ways with Imeem. Your users had to supply all their own music, because frankly, relying largely on YouTube doesn’t cut it for many of us.

If all you’re offering is a chance to hotlink YouTubes, I think you’ll see significant attrition, both in the near term, and over time.

If, on the other hand, you’ve found a way to really stock your “tunes” inventory, it ultimately won’t matter that you’re lying to us about these mysterious “sources” who will “have to go.”

In the near term, however, How is BAD customer relations going to be GOOD for your business model?

Weird. And unprofessional. Did you think we wouldn’t notice that we can’t hotlink any more? Did you think we wouldn’t figure out that WE were the “sources” you were dismissing?

I’d love an explanation (within the parameters of corporate confidentiality and all that, naturally).

Metal_Rocks  on August 28th, 2011

Where are the ‘1 Million DJs Strong’ that you speak of? Stats show that there were only 12412 active users over the last 7 days!! http://www.dojo.ie/donal/radio/busy_blipper.html

naapstermaan  on August 28th, 2011

dang, the main part about blip that I loved is suddenly taken away.

Can you just ban youtube next? This is a music sharing site not a crappy music video and broken link site. Dropbox was the way users could share really small bands or new songs without having to post a crappy live concert video.

Way to totally ruin Blip for thousands…

avivajazz  on August 28th, 2011

1. You should have warned us. I put a lot of time and effort into creating MP3s and registering them with Blip’s database.

Wasted effort, now.

2. You’re lying to us when you hint at “sources” that “will have to go” (ostensibly at some point in the future)…when, in

fact, you have ALREADY “disappeared” us. WE are the “sources” you allude to so euphemistically. Very cowardly not to warn us

before disabling hotlinks.

Very bad customer service. And unnecessary. Why didn’t you TELL us? Many of us would have understood you were signing on new

licensors, and legal agreements required that “hotlinking” be terminated.

I spent LONG HOURS creating mp3s and registeing hotlinks–especially over the last 2 days. I sure do wish you had warned me not to waste my time on such a project.

I don’t know who your new licensors are, or whether you’ll finally create a decent database of tunes–as you promised after

parting ways with IMEEM. You never delivered on that promise. So, your users had to supply much of the music, because frankly, relying largely on YouTube doesn’t cut it for many of them.

If all you’re offering is a chance to blip YouTubes, I think you’ll see significant attrition, both in the near term, and

over time.

If, on the other hand, you’ve found a way to really stock your “tunes” inventory, it ultimately won’t matter that you’re

lying to us about these mysterious “sources” who will “have to go” — and who are ALREADY GONE. And who were terminated without notice.

In the near term, your fake posturing in the blog is bound to hurt your membership numbers. I don’t get it. How is BAD customer relations going to be GOOD for your business model? For your bottom line?

Weird. And unprofessional, I believe. Did you think we wouldn’t notice that we can’t hotlink any more? Did you think we wouldn’t figure out that WE were the “sources” you were dismissing ~ without even bothering to tell us?

I’d love an explanation (within the parameters of corporate confidentiality and all that, naturally), for why you felt it necessary to resort to pretense in your blog about actions you’d already taken–actions which you can’t conceal from us–and shouldn’t bother trying to lie about. Just makes you look…weird.

~ @avivajazz

@SabineWe  on August 28th, 2011

Ahurie par la destruction de tous les liens vers nos mp3 ce matin ! Tant de travail depuis des mois anéanti en quelques minutes : uploads vers la dropbox, création des bons tags, recherches de musiques nouvelles introuvables sur le Net pour partager encore plus à travers le monde.
Et votre équipe ne nous a pas prévenus à l’avance…
Je ne sais pas ce que sera l’avenir de Blip.fm, en tous cas c’est une triste journée de deuil pour moi.

Bewildered by the destruction of all links to our mp3 this morning! So much work for months destroyed in a few minutes about uploading to my dropbox, creating good tags, researching new music (not found on the Net) to share around the world.
And your team didn’t warn us in advance …
I do not know what will be the future of Blip.fm, at least a very sad day of mourning for me.

Dawnrazor  on August 28th, 2011

Can we get a list of these new songs?

avivajazz  on August 28th, 2011

UPDATED + CORRECTED AT 8:00 AM, Sunday, August 28.

1. You should have warned us. I put a lot of time and effort into creating MP3s and registering them with Blip’s database. Wasted effort, now.

2. You are clearly lying to us when you hint at “sources” that “will have to go” (ostensibly at some point in the future) — when, in fact, those “sources” are history; you have ALREADY “disappeared” us. WE are the “sources” you allude to so euphemistically. Your evasive blog post won’t cover up the glaring facts—or placate us into sticking around while you work to finalize new music-licensing transactions.

3. Your posturing and pretenses in the blog are plain old BAD customer service. And so unnecessary. Blurring the facts doesn’t fool anybody. Rather, it heightens mistrust. And it discourages your users from caring, from investing time and energy in the Blip community.

I don’t know who your new licensors are, or whether you will FINALLY create a decent database of tunes–as you promised after parting ways with IMEEM. Since you never delivered on that promise, your users had to supply much of the music, because frankly, relying largely on YouTube doesn’t “cut it” for many of them.

If all you’re offering is a chance to blip YouTubes, I think you’ll see significant attrition, both in the near term, and over time.

If, on the other hand, you’ve found a way to really stock your “tunes” inventory, it ultimately won’t matter that you’re lying to us about these mysterious “sources” who will “have to go” — and who are ALREADY GONE. And who were terminated without notice.

In the near term, your fake posturing in the blog is bound to hurt your membership numbers. I don’t get it. How is BAD customer relations going to be GOOD for your business model? For your bottom line?

Weird. And unprofessional, I believe. Did you think we wouldn’t notice that we can’t hotlink any more? Did you think we wouldn’t figure out that WE were the “sources” you were dismissing ~ without even bothering to tell us?

I’d love an explanation (within the parameters of corporate confidentiality and all that, naturally), for why you felt it necessary to resort to pretense in your blog about actions you’d already taken–actions which you can’t conceal from us–and shouldn’t bother trying to lie about. Just makes you look…weird.

Meanwhile, I hope that Blip.fm does well, and that you really have managed to procure music inventory. While I will miss the ability to contribute unique, rare tracks that no licensor will ever provide, I would be thrilled to see Blip.fm thrive by supplying plentiful supplies of streamable tunes to its customers.

Sincrerely, @avivajazz

avivajazz  on August 28th, 2011

I’ve been concerned about poor membership numbers for quite a while, by the way. I keep a regular eye on blipstats at: http://www.dojo.ie/donal/radio/busy_blipper.html

…So, I’m puzzled by your pronouncement today that “Together we’ve grown to a million Blippers who have DJ’d over 80 million posts.”

This cheery boast is a little too vague and ambiguous to mean much. For example, do you simply mean that 1 million people have blipped a blip at least 1 time since Blip opened for business?

Is that what you mean by “a million Blippers”?

Or, do you mean that current active Blippers total 1 million?

Or that all Blippers, whether active or AWOL for months or years?

…etc., etc., etc.

You get my drift.

We’re not dumb, you know.

Brian Greene  on August 28th, 2011

greetings all who read this. I’m here to answer any questions I can. I will also make a few points of my own.

comments 1-4 no direct questions to answer, but I feel your pain. hardcore users who have blipped a lot of MP3 will have chunks of their previous blips unavailable. one of my other accounts @wxtc is rendered useless (no youtubes there, not much music either). Unfortunately, blip.fm can no longer use these sources, so blips containing these sources are now unavailable. :(

In my opinion I came for the music and stay for the social. Blip.fm will be adding new sources and One Million HQ audio tracks are planned to be added real soon. Normally all DJs on blip.fm get around to playing about half a million different tracks, at 1M this new source is numerically significant, and from what I hear the range of artists is not bad either.

@avivajazz this post while 24hrs in advance of the move is not and was not intended as forewarning. This may seem like I am picky on words but you misquote blip.fm having said “will have to go”. The time frame of the move was more immediate, I quote “other sources will go away”. Being the first post in over 9 months to the blog, I think its importance and immediacy is clear. Blip.fm didn’t lie. They didn’t forewarn either, this is not always possible or practicable.

@Metal_Rocks There would be beyond 1M registered users, the busyblippers figure (which I must express an interest in, I helped build it) is a reflection on active users over 7 days, it has no means of measuring passive use, as media patterns dictate, < 2% are net media contributors while 100% of internet users consume media.

These are my own opinions.

I’m here to clarify any points people may have.

Qrobur  on August 28th, 2011

@briangreene “Blip.fm will be adding new sources and One Million HQ audio tracks are planned to be added real soon. Normally all DJs on blip.fm get around to playing about half a million different tracks, at 1M this new source is numerically significant, and from what I hear the range of artists is not bad either.”

I want to promote new music so the chances are a tiny 1M tracks won’t have what I want.

I don’t want videos.

I don’t want low quality tracks.

I don’t want truncated tracks.

I don’t want badly tagged tracks.

I don’t want to have to wade through the above to find something worth posting or find it’s not available.

I streamed nearly everything from my machine to make sure of the foregoing. Blip has blocked it so I won’t use Blip. There’s no point in the limited social aspects you mention if the music I want to play can’t be posted quickly and with the necessary quality.

avivajazz  on August 28th, 2011

Thanks for your thoughtful response, @briangreene. We’re having some serious Hurricane #Irene winds right now…so I’ll respond tomorrow. Just wanted to acknowledge your comments, and say thank you.

Tomorrow, I’ll have a couple of “clarification” questions to ask. It’s entirely possible that I misinterpreted the Blip blog post, and/or the sequence of events.

I also want to say quickly that I’m not making the case that Blip should let us hotlink eternally, regardless of whether or not this “hotlinking” fits their current business plan.

I’ll explain what I AM trying to say more concisely and briefly tomorrow. Trees are bent at the waist, spiraling around in drenching torrents of rain, and the lights just blinked on and off (again).

Again, thanks for answering so quickly.


Brian Greene  on August 28th, 2011

“I’ll explain what I AM trying to say more concisely and briefly tomorrow. Trees are bent at the waist, spiraling around in drenching torrents of rain, and the lights just blinked on and off (again).”
very poetic and bleak sounding. to all blippers on the east coast and in the gulf also, take care out there.

santamistura  on August 28th, 2011

Brian Greene i think is normal that blip must be addapted a legal conditions, i was thinking many times how in blip i can hear all songs around the world ? i don´t think is over…. just a new phase! i have upload many songs also using links from many sites… but the future always is an evolution! hope all blippers djs just understand it. Blip.fm continue to me be the best, free songs for to change tastes with peoples around the world instantaneous! that´s a great and unique concept!

avivajazz  on August 28th, 2011

I agree with your points about Blip.fm being the best place to “change tastes with people around the world–instantaneously” …How true!

I also completely understand that Blip.fm is not obliged to let us keep “hotlinking” our mp3 tunes forever. I’m glad we got to do it for as long as we did.

I’ll explain what I’m worried about tomorrow, after the “tropical storm” here.

pratinsky  on August 28th, 2011

Sad, but it smells as the end of the party, thnks for all the good time.

Sylak  on August 28th, 2011

“and we will be adding significant content partners shortly,”

I hope you get on that quick! Youtube is TRASH! Thanks for breaking dropbox!

Did I mention that youtube is TRASH? Its for VIDEOS! I thought blip was for MUSIC!

spacespencer  on August 28th, 2011

… it’s not evolution if someone cuts off the chance to promote new or unknown bands and artists just due to their interpretation of the digital rights of streaming. Bilp.fm is surely not to blame if the recording music industry dictates the facts about licensing agreements for the use of copyright protected music in streaming services.
But by just banning it they miss the boat in the digital age. They’re shooting themselves in the foot!
I wouldn’t have bought the albums of several unknown bands and artists without having had the chance to listen to them on blip. And (what’s even more important nowadays) I wouldn’t have gone to their concerts. I just would have never got to know them at all.
And this will not get better if I have to watch crappy videos or pick songs from a predefined choice from now on.
Music industry, just go on flooding the market with the same types of music and turning a deaf ear to any music that does not fit into their profit margin. What you don’t hear - you won’t want to buy.
I’m not an expert in those legal rights things at all, but I’m definitely not a fan of someone else telling me what to listen to and what not.

GR8FL  on August 28th, 2011

I just got back home from taking refuge from Hurricane Irene’s wrath (on my birthday no less) to read this outrageous post from you. You must not be the same people who started blip, because settling for utubes with the degraded audio has been an awful compromise for over 2 years and the only reason many of us have stayed is because there was an alternative to listen/share other high quality audio content. And now you offer this crap as if it was a yummy dessert?

The simple formula of what made blip.fm work so well … “what are you listening to now?”, modeled after Twitter has been close to the toilet ever since you introduced video blips and imeem because you cut off most of the world outside of the U.S. and alienated the so many of key supporters of the site. Because of many of us who have a truly shared love of music, we, on our own dime and assumption of personal risk with the DCMA, still kept blip thriving by uploading to public Internet sites and then streaming mp3s. Doing this allowed so many throughout the global community to hear all kinds of music that normally is not found on commercial radio. Only through blip have I and many others been introduced to so much wonderful music, much of which is distributed license-free on the Internet by artists who understand the marketing model in this digital age.

How about you consider selling off blip and let those who actually listen to music and “get” the social interaction with others of sharing music via 160 character text message run things for a while?


GR8FL  on August 28th, 2011

@Qrobur yes, exactly what you is perfect. Right now I am so exhausted from being up more than half the night because of tornadoes touching down within 2 miles from my house. So I will repeat your words that were expressed so well.

“I want to promote new music so the chances are a tiny 1M tracks won’t have what I want.

I don’t want videos.

I don’t want low quality tracks.

I don’t want truncated tracks.

I don’t want badly tagged tracks.

I don’t want to have to wade through the above to find something worth posting or find it’s not available.

I streamed nearly everything from my machine to make sure of the foregoing. Blip has blocked it so I won’t use Blip. There’s no point in the limited social aspects you mention if the music I want to play can’t be posted quickly and with the necessary quality.”

And adding, if all I want are social aspects, Twitter does it so much better - no reason to blip about it.

treakiepop  on August 28th, 2011

I trawl the blogs to find new and interesting music to post on Blip. Seems much less point now….I don’t trust that Blip will keep up with the stuff that I like and enjoy discovering(not being a snob….I just feel the oddity Blippers which I listen to are going to have big problems with this). mainstream - ification, it’s why I’m not often on Spotify of LFM much, If I want less creativity I may as well listen to Public radio. I can understand why Blip may have been forced to do this…bowing to those in business, all good things come to an end I guess.

spacespencer  on August 28th, 2011

… props to GR8FL and treakiepop, at least over here.

@chekkov  on August 28th, 2011

Sad, sad sad world :-(
Within closing the connection to soundclound, I lost about 80% of my blips and also good new DJ’s lost their support…

¡Shit happens!

chekkov  on August 28th, 2011

Sad, sad sad world :-(
Within closing the connection to soundclound, I lost about 80% of my blips and also good new DJ’s lost their support…

¡Shit happens!

GR8FL  on August 28th, 2011

“The good news is that we have just added nearly one million pristine licensed tracks and plan to add more in the near future.” - how can these be found? You killed the filters, so all I get when searching is video after video which I will never blip. Your site says free music. LISTEN to music online.


Props back at ya @spacespencer. such a shame, really. ‹(•¿•)›

aquamarines  on August 28th, 2011

AGREE 1000% with @avivajazz & @GR8FL and so many others … Blip.FM officially SUCKS now, left with no quality music, no user(DJ)-generated content, and with no compelling reason to stay.

aquamarines  on August 28th, 2011

By the way, I can’t tell you how much music I have PURCHASED from iTunes and Amazon and other sources because of my exposure to such a wide variety of great music shared by DJs on Blip.FM in the past. Blip.FM and the stupid music industry are killing their own businesses by limiting and cutting off sources of music exposure… not to mention the artists themselves who also suffer.

One more thing… I am one of those music artists, and a music publisher.

OmeRoon  on August 28th, 2011

I understand you probably had to remove mp3’s due to copyright issues and to avoid legal crap and lawsuits.

However, we are a band and we deliberately want to share our music for free. So why were our MP3’s removed too? We own all the rights to these songs and we’d like to share em on Blip!

twanvanelk  on August 28th, 2011

I’ve been on Blip for quite some time now and I want to say this about the changes you implemented today: you broke Blip for me. Plain and simple.

I don’t need an interface to YouTube. I want to listen to and enjoy nice songs with nice people. When you introduced the YouTube stuff into the stream I wasn’t happy, but -youtube and later on -video did the trick most of the time. But now? I can’t find music, only YouTube stuff…

Blip used to be about enjoying music together. I guess you guys forgot or just don’t care anymore…

treakiepop  on August 28th, 2011

Agree with @aquamarines. Theres also an awful lot of music bloggers on here…how’re they going to post now? Just been looking through my fave DJ’s, who, to me are fantastic at driving the music industry along - countless new bands I would never have heard of, pages of blips no longer working. ( I have also purchased an lot of tunes from Boomkat solely to Blip)

GR8FL  on August 28th, 2011

major props @treakiepop to your posts here.

FUZZYFM  on August 28th, 2011

Oh Well. That’s the end of Blip for me. I’ve enjoyed my time while the fat fingers of the corporate “Industry” have allowed our independence, to discover and share new music on the site. I have no intention of trawling through Bootube videos just to find a song to blip. You used to be able eliminate those results from the search. It all smacks of big brother “telling” us what we can listen to. Not for me. Big Brother is a nasty word here at fuzzy towers. Time to fire up the studio and get back on the REAL radio again. Ciao blip tarts. Its been emotional. Thank you for listening and discovering some great new talent.

Yan  on August 28th, 2011

It’s an unfortunate consequence a new licensing agreement of ours that we had to remove hotlinking. It’s fair to say that we all wish the content situation was easier to navigate. The reality is that it’s a bit like a mine field and reconciling product goals with business realities is more difficult than it should be in the music space. That frankly sucks.

I am working as we speak on adding approximately 1M high quality audio tracks from grooveshark’s catalog to the site’s search results. However, it’s also true that, while a welcome addition, these tracks can’t fill the void left by the personal additions of a global community of djs. It’d be silly to think that. It’s with these desires in mind (high quality audio and the ability to share new and otherwise inaccessible music) that the blip team has been focused for the past few months on a new offering that combines the best parts of blip with these desires in a more friendly operating context for us. It was our sincere hope for you guys to have this ready for you guys to begin testing / using by now, but it’s just not quite ready. The Blip.fm crew remains focused, as it always has been, on providing the best place on the internet to share, discover, and enjoy music with a global community. This is how I see things, no spin, thanks for blipping!

FUZZYFM  on August 28th, 2011

Hey Yan - you muppet! How about selling out your loyal users who put effort into providing quality content. Do you REALLY want blip to be a mirror for Youtube? 1M new tracks, huh? You have NO idea about music … you haven’t implemented the “change” well at all. You have just alienated the REAL music fan. Laterz, dude. There’s no room for people like me in your silly little bubble …

Yan  on August 28th, 2011

No need for name calling. What we all want and what is possible within a business’s constraints are two different things. Do I want youtube only? No. Again, that’s why there’s motivation to solve these problems in the context of a new offering. An essential component of this is the ability to maintain the identities and relationships cultivated here. I understand the emotion; it’s particularly poignant for us. I hope you’ll give it a shot.

FUZZYFM  on August 28th, 2011

Yan: So why did you implement the change so badly? You have just created a HUGE void as far as I can see - surely you should have attempted a more “seamless” transition? I would be fired if I implemented a change out there in the real with this much abandonment.

Yan  on August 28th, 2011

@fuzzyfm valid point and to be honest, it’s just taking a little longer than expected and we were up against a hard deadline for the removal so it’s a bad limbo at the moment. I hope to have the additional content added by the end of the day at the latest. The same goes for the new offering. Ideally we would have had that ready at this point, but the details of why it’s not aren’t important, suffice to say we want to make sure that in contrast to the current situation, it is ready when we put it out.

Yan  on August 28th, 2011

to clarify, the new offering is not an end of day thing

LindyLuv  on August 28th, 2011

I also have to state my disappointment in the “takeover” of @blip.fm by YouTube (if that is what it was). I also added some tracks to @blip.fm which are now gone. I have only searched the “new” @blip.fm for a little while, but I can’t seem to find anything except songs with videos and cheesy uploads of people singing their “impression” of a real songwriter or group–very disappointing. Where are all the high-quality songs without videos?

I think you may find that your blippers will find another “station” to gravitate to if this situation does not improve. And I agree 100% with OmeRoon and other bands like his (there are many musicians here). We are exposed to their music here, and we appreciate it. How could we find it otherwise? Wes Kelley, Steven Mark, The Ducks, 3rdMachine, all these musicians have been cut off!

Please give us high-quality tracks, a decent search engine with a -video option, and please, please, allow us to upload music, which was once the backbone of this “station.”

FUZZYFM  on August 28th, 2011

Up to 27th August 2011, Blip has been FABULOUS. Sadly no longer. I wont be bothering you anymore. I’ve deleted. Thanks for everything up to today. All the best for the future. Bye.

Dawnrazor  on August 28th, 2011

I just noticed, the ability to flag tracks as covers, incomplete, etc is gone too. What’s the reason for that?

So we get these tracks from Grooveshark…Why am I thinking it’ll be mostly mainstream stuff and that those of us who liked stuff that is off the beaten path be it obscure new bands, old and forgotten tracks, B sides, album cuts, etc are screwed.

Instead of all kinds of music from around the world we’ll get to hear what the record companies let us hear, just like radio…

As I blipped, I’m not around to much during the week so I’ll see how it shakes out by Friday evening. But from what I’m reading here, I’m not hopeful.

Dawnrazor  on August 28th, 2011


Exactly, for all the power users who’ve uploaded thousands of tagged songs (and thank you for them), there’s lots of regular users who just tossed a few tracks into Dropbox etc and played them from there. We’re pretty much screwed too.

At least bands can put their own stuff up on YouTube, (I know a lot of people don’t like videos, but…)

Metal_Rocks  on August 28th, 2011


Are you adding everything from the Grooveshark catalogue or are you selecting specific artists, genres etc?

I’ve just spent 10 minutes searching their site and have found songs by all of the random and obscure artists I searched for.

Although I doubt all of the titles I had upped to Blip will be available via Grooveshark I will be happy if I can still find the majority of my favourites without having to trawl through the awful content on Youtube.

Are today’s developments paving the way for a ‘Pay to Blip’ service whereby users will have to pay subscription fees to join the blip community?

It saddens me that many users are contemplating leaving Blip.fm after today’s announcement. My initial feeling was to cease blipping also, but I will roll with it for now and wait for the new content to become available before making a final decision.

Here’s hoping all goes well??

Gary @Metal_Rocks

formalhaut  on August 28th, 2011

I just wanna stop by and say that I agree with every word @treakiepop @avivajazz @aquamarines & @GR8FL and some others said here before.

My favorite part about blip.fm was that you could discover every single day a bunch of excellent, fresh, inspiring, talented new independent artists or bands.

Especially those who were unsigned or signed to an independent or small record label. Yes, exactly those labels who already struggle hard at these times because almost the entire music industry is being ruled and dominated by major labels.

On the other hand you could also discover classic gems and rare Hi-Q tunes which some DJs uploaded with much blood, sweat and tears. Some DJs were filtering music blogs others were crawling and digging their own music collection day by day or night by night with a lot of patience and devotion just to share their beloved music with other listeners and befriended DJs.

And therefore I loved blip.fm all the way! As well as I admired those devoted power users who spent countless hours for filtering, crawling, digging and curating and introducing their favorite music off the beaten track to me and to you and to a much wider audience.

This is what made blip.fm simply fantastic, unique and outstanding compared to other mainstreamed music network sites.

This is the soul of blip.fm. I won’t find it on Grooveshark or elsewhere.

Dawnrazor  on August 28th, 2011


Pretty sure it’ll be just the tracks the RIAA says are “properly licensed”. Otherwise why would they stop us from playing what we want in the first place ?

GR8FL  on August 28th, 2011

@Yan, would appreciate if you would address some of the concerns posted by others than the ones that call you names.

First, please clarify this GrooveShark arrangement. Does this mean all titles available from GrooveShark will be available to blip? Even the ones I upload? Or is it something else?

Second, please don’t ever lose sight of what made blip the little success it was and that is the membership base of DJs. Doesn’t matter how good a tool you have… if no one uses it, then it stinks. I implore you to please read all the posts here, and especially the one before mine from @formalhaut. He summarizes my sentiments precisely about the “soul of blip.fm.”.

Yan  on August 28th, 2011

@metalrocks we’re adding all tracks that grooveshark is licensed to play through their embed player. This is a subset of all of the tracks w/i their system. We have no plans to move towards a pay for blip model.

Dawnrazor  on August 28th, 2011

” we’re adding all tracks that grooveshark is licensed to play through their embed player.”

Yep, the top 40, mainstream stuff.

plotek  on August 28th, 2011

I agree too with words of @treakiepop @avivajazz @aquamarines @GR8FL and some others here. This change in Blip.fm means simply the end of a live network for the benefit of the usual sharks of dead culture.

Especially for DJ’s like me, that plays music basically unconventional of alternative sources, means the end of my participation in this network.

Otherwise how to make such a decision has been completely unprofessional and care for the users. No explanation for your behavior toward us, unless that right now the administrators of this network due to new ‘masters’.

treakiepop  on August 28th, 2011

Even BandCamp and Vimeo are losing my business from this. I’d imagine the companies disabling DropBox produce the sort of stuff I never listen to. Way to prevent the bedroom artists,especially with their free BC downloads, well done. The internet steps backwards.

GR8FL  on August 28th, 2011

so let me get this right, @Yan. You made a deal with GrooveShark to add what they are licensed to play through their embed player and for that, you disabled DJs from streaming any public URLs. Do I have this correct?

nitologic  on August 28th, 2011

Hi :) I am no one. but I love you blip.fm.

no matter what anyone else says about you, you will always be part of me through the countless (13k+ :P) blips and reblips ive done since I opened up my account.

Thank you for letting me get to know and share feelings with people all over the world.

Thank you for existing.

I´ll see you in another life… when we are both cats.

Raquelrita  on August 28th, 2011

Dear Blip.fm,
First of all you were static all these last months. Nobody home style.
Then you come with these ‘improvements’ of yours which anyone with a little thinking is saying and thinking it’s a mistake.

It’s all in your hands to keep the ’soul of blip.fm’ so well mentioned by @formauhalt and @gr8fl

‘..it’s a cryin’ shame.. Lord, who’s to blame..’ Van Morrison, ‘New Biography’

Yan  on August 28th, 2011

@GR8FL no that’s not correct. Grooveshark is simply a place where we’re allowed to access the tracks we’re licensed to. It’s not like we approached grooveshark and said let us play these tracks and we’ll get rid of public urls. It’s a case of us doing the best we can. We can’t go into the details for legal reasons, but this was better than the alternative, which shouldn’t be too much of a leap to infer. Remember, we’re not google or some other large company with vast resources…

evablue  on August 28th, 2011

Wow. People. Really?

Nothing is perfect. Everything is compromise. Let’s all be reasonable and try a little understanding.

Every time blip.fm makes a change, so many of you make so many negative comments. Have a little empathy. If the guys at blip.fm could deliver a perfect product, I think they would but I’m sure they’re doing their best.

Sound like some of you are addicted to blip.fm. Maybe this is a good time to take a short break, wait for the update and then give the new update a chance before we make any judgement calls.

Personally, I haven’t found one music site that’s perfect. I haven’t found any perfect site for that matter. We’ll just have to adapt.

And big up for the blip team for listening to us. They could have just put the blog post up and ignored all of you but they found resources to address your concerns. Meaning, we ambassadors will do our best to address your concerns.

Be good everyone!

And everyone hit by Irene, be safe and hope everything will be ok. I’m traveling and have had to stop driving due blocked flooded highways. I’ve seen streets and houses flooded, and people in motels crying. It’s heart breaking.

Yan: Thanks for taking the time to answer people’s questions even though we’re supposed to do it. Please take that time to do the update instead of answering comments? People will probably have more constructive feedback once they actually get to experience the new changes.

Sylak  on August 28th, 2011

“The disk drives powering Dropbox, Amazon’s Cloud Drive, and Google Music likely issued a small sigh of relief Monday, after a federal court judge found that the MP3tunes cloud music service didn’t violate copyright laws when it used only a single copy of a MP3 on its servers, rather than storing 50 copies for 50 users”

Raquelrita  on August 28th, 2011

Ok Evablue..
You are telling me that us, the data base, aren’t supposed to be informed by the station we’ve been part and committed for years.
Honestly I wished I lost you before the ‘we ambassadors…’. But ok, respect.

scotlandlover  on August 28th, 2011

@Yan etc…..I stumbled upon blip about 2 1/2 yrs ago following the loss of a loved one.I can say I’ve seen a lot happen since then. Some good…some not so good. Blip has been VERY important to me. Blip has been a wonderful source of inspiration, healing, etc via the medium of music…much of which I had never been exposed to until meeting some great people who had taken the time to upload. I trust that the future of blip is going to be to improve the quality of the music that is able to be shared. I also understand that you have limited resources and yet I hope you will be able to respond to the pleas of the DJ’s that want this to be a better place.

shnabors  on August 28th, 2011

I hope the changes you made last night (early A.M. PST, 8/28/2011) do not reflect all your planned changes. I have ripped 1000s of songs from my own CD collection to share on Blip, uploaded them to Dropbox (as per an article once featured by Blip), and was still in the process of linking them individually so they show up in Blip’s search engine results: this constitutes a lot of man-hours. I even pay monthly for extra storage space on Dropbox just so I can share my music with people. Now, with the wave of a hand, all that work has disappeared. To say I am irate is an understatement.

I understand the legal challenges sites like yours face (I am an attorney by profession), and would be willing to sign an agreement promising to abide by intellectual property laws, if it would mean I could continue to share my music. Otherwise, in my view, Blip has lost the primary feature which brought me to it in the first place. I don’t know if I’ll be sticking around since the deletion of my upload links, and thus 90% of my playlist, means I can’t share the music I’ve been collecting for almost 35 years. And having to spend more time sifting through search results in hopes of finding what I’m looking for, than actually listening to music, is not exactly appealing. Ultimately, what you have done has taken the fun out of Blip for me. I know many others who share my sentiment.

Please prove us wrong.

davrocks  on August 28th, 2011

Oh Blip, The joy of discovering a new song that blows my mind, searching for it on blip, not finding it and them uploading a link so that I can share it with so many others has gone. The joy I used to get from; seeing others blip my uploaded track; sharing hard to find back catalogue recordings and obscure EPs; uploading new music to share has all gone. Gone is the joy of sharing new tunes from Ireland with @dolittle, obscure out there stuff with @by_starla, @craigz’s fantastic collection of split 7″ new releases, @epicrates’ stupidly obscure shoegaze collection and @jimmy_stagger’s outrageously awesome 80’s punk b-sides. I guess I’ll just wait and see but to say I am disappointed to lose my uploads of songs that were not available on Blip is an understatement. I understand that this may have happened really fast but the timing has sucked and to be honest until I learned how to upload tracks to blip I was considering leaving it anyway, it was the ability to upload that has kept me going on this site. The joy of sharing my 100 favourite tracks for 2011 has gone as I am sure, like @Qrobur, that they will not be online unless I upload some of them (last year I had to upload 25 of the 100 including my no 1 track). I will check back later but for now adieu, not quite farewell. Oh and @evablue could you have been any more condescending? People have every right to be upset as they have worked hard to help Yan improve this site and I am sure all the “addicts’ will return or take their cold-turkey dose and move on. As an ‘ambassador’ perhaps some empathy could go towards both sides or just let @briangreene do the talking. Thanks for everything up to now….

TheJohnC  on August 28th, 2011

How does one find the “one million pristine licensed tracks”? If we’re largely limited to youtube (most of which are crappy audio quality), what’s the point of using blip, other than a chatroom with lousy background music.

evablue  on August 28th, 2011

TheJohnC: They’re still updating the site on the backend. I’m assuming they’ll let us know when the update is finally completed.

davrocks: It is not my intention to be condescending. I’m apologize to you that you don’t agree with my manner of speaking. Oh and there’s a reason why there are 3 ambassadors. You have the choice with whom you prefer to communicate with. You can spacebar all my comments. ;)

pandabase  on August 28th, 2011

I’m not quite sure I understand what the point of blip is anymore?

The main attraction of blip is to be exposed to new music and bands. I can go to YouTube if I want to be limited to the content there. Without the content of other users, there’s just nothing worth listening to on blip.

What an absolute waste of a wonderful website and concept. Such disappointing news.

evablue  on August 28th, 2011

Raquelrita: Sorry but I don’t understand your post. Can you rephrase your question?

Raquelrita  on August 28th, 2011

@evablue: not to worry in rephrasing my question (I’m sorry my poor English), @davrocks has expressed it for me in his last sentences to you. It was not a question.
Thank you.

daretoeatapeach  on August 28th, 2011

I’d like to remind everyone that it has literally been ONE day and the new songs haven’t even gone live yet. Relax. Wait until the songs go live and then decide if you’re happy with the changes. Maybe that song you’re looking for will be on the list.

CD  on August 28th, 2011

If I wasn’t sure that blip.fm was dying based on a sudden nine month period without any updates then I’m sure by now. For me blip.fm was about sharing and discovering new music and remixes and Grooveshark top 40 and Youtube just doesn’t cut it.

@Yan, maybe it’s better to say that you had a good run and to put this thing gracefully to rest if that was the only alternative? That’s what I’m gonna do at least.

www_astrayfilm_com  on August 28th, 2011

Wow, there are a lot of pissed off users. I personally haven’t blipped since the update so I will patiently wait and reserve my opinion until the end of the week. Time will tell.

DirtyUrine  on August 28th, 2011

I haven’t had time to read all the comments but I agree with @DawnRazor in publishing a Master List of all the new content as it becomes available. This is a very efficient way to locate specific songs and/or being able to cut-n-paste them directly into Blip Search. In the past, many blippers have been using this technique to share music with fellow blippers and filter thru all the undesirable low quality YouTube videos. Otherwise, a more user-friendly Blip Search could be a second option.

DU \m/

CamelWalk  on August 28th, 2011

I am angry and thoroughly disappointed by the way we DJ’s have been treated by your abrupt move. What made blip.fm great is now gone: its open, diverse, home-grown, personally inflected, dj-directed catalogue.

@mark_till  on August 28th, 2011

I just blipped
Warpaint - Warpaint
Ariel Pink - Interesting Results HQ
Dropkick Murphys
Flogging Molly
I am ok with the way things are right now although
I am freaked out that a lot of people are upset.
Software Development is fraught with problems.
Do the best you can, guys. Thanks

http://blip.fm/Qrobur  on August 28th, 2011

http://www,blip,fm/evablue: “Wow. People. Really?”

Yes, really. Let me give you a tip; when something is made a lot worse it’s best to apologise to the people complaining rather than be condescending - and you were condescending. Not much of an ambassador, really.

To exemplify the problem, yesterday I attempted to post a ten track set of new music I wanted people on blip.fm to have a chance to hear. When I realised I could no longer stream that music from my machine I tried wading through the YouTube garbage that was my only option. Five of the tracks weren’t available, even in poor quality. I happen to know they’re not on Grooveshark either, so in the short term that’s music blip.fm users will never hear.

Blip.fm is unequivocally worse for me and that’s why I won’t use it in this form any longer.

Ladypn  on August 29th, 2011

The current copyright law - as misinterpreted by the courts - is frustrating to say the least. In the past 1.5 years, I have purchased MORE MUSIC than ever before in my life! And why? Because I wanted GOOD QUALITY SOUND! I had to pay extra to Dropbox for a larger capacity. Record companies just don’t get it - Blip.fm led me to BUY thousands of dollars of music! It didn’t COST them business, it brought them new business!

Since starting with Dropbox, at least 90% of the music I blipped came from that source - public URLs. It was so efficient as I didn’t have to spend 10, 15 or 40 minutes searching for a good quality track. Being able to blip via my Dropboxed tracks made it easy to always play good quality sound.

All that said, I refuse to give up on Blip.fm and hope you all will have some patience, give this new program a chance. The million new tracks haven’t even made it into the archive yet. I encourage all - no matter your disappointment - to reserve your final judgement until you’ve had the chance to experience the new system.

Blip.fm and the relationships I’ve built here, has proven invaluable to me. I have always known - given the copyright misinterpretation - that this day would come. So while disappointed, I am not at all surprised.

Finally - I want to THANK @Jeff, @yan and the whole Blip.fm crew for the gift that Blip.fm has been in my life. I know right now you guys must think it a thankless job - but I understand the realities which brought about this change. I will stay with Blip.fm and look forward to the new track inventory’s arrival.

I really hope all DJ’s will do the same - Please try it before you condemn it!

www_astrayfilm_com  on August 29th, 2011

Very eloquent and insightful Ladypn. I agree, we should be patient with this.

Ladypn  on August 29th, 2011

Thank you http://www.astray.com/ I know change can be difficult at times, but that’s what LIFE is all about - change! We have to keep an open mind - at least until we’ve experienced the new Blip.fm!

Diplopito  on August 29th, 2011


First of all, I want to express my gratitude to Blip.fm. As a relatively new DJ I have enjoyed my time in Blip very much, specially because of the community of DJ’s that I’ve found. It gives me a warm feeling to start my browser and listen to what they have blipped in their stations. I can also appreciate the effort of the Blip team in making all this experience possible.

What is difficult for me to understand at this moment is the decision you made (wiping all the “external sources” that are not using Youtube) without warming the community. As many dear DJs have written already, there is a lot of work invested by them on their playlists. Blip.fm feels proud of the amount of DJs and blips made so far: this is not only a technical achievement, it is mostly a community achievement. With this decision, you have disappointed (to say the least) the DJs who have contributed largely on those hot ciphers. To call them “addicts” like Eva does is, in my opinion, a poor understanding of what you have achieved.

Maybe you thought that since 75% of the content blipped has its source in Youtube, the impact of wiping all external sources wouldn’t be so bad. As you have commented already, it is a matter of getting rid of that 25% or of the whole site. Unfortunately Blip is not transparent enough about the legal terms that forced this decision: of course we all understand the copyright issues, but please let us know which other surprises can we expect from the new “legal terms.”

I’m also astonished that after so many comments there is not one single word of sympathy from Blip to the DJ’s who have invested so many time building and sharing their playlists. Furthermore, that you didn’t warn us about the passing of BlipIrene. Technically, you could have offered the option to every DJ to migrate their uploads to Youtube and to edit the links accordingly in our playlists. If you don’t have the resources for such a migration, it is better to request the comprehension and team work of your fellow DJs than wiping out their work of years without one single warning. Avivajazz is telling you that she spent many hours uploading urls in the last days while you could have told her that this was nonsense: like her, many more djs lost their work. Back2back did advise us to stop adding uploads, because they were not going to be shown on the search results, not because they were going to be rendered useless at all. This was an important piece of information that you could have provided on time.

Please Blip.fm, it’s not late to offer a community friendly solution to this problem. Is it possible to automate the migration from Dropbox (which you advised to use in the past) to Youtube (and let them check the copyright issues of the music); if we have to do it ourselves, is it possible to edit our playlists? Last but not least, please have some sympathy and empathy with the DJs who have made Blip.fm so fantastic.

LEVS  on August 29th, 2011

While I appreciate that you may be exposed to license regulations, I certainly do not have any sympathy for your attempt to sell the fact that you eliminated hotlinking as “Good news”!

I really do not know how stupid you think I am!

The vast majority of my blips were not what could be called mainstream. It took me hours and hours to upload the songs and embed them into your database in order to share them with everybody prepared to spend the time to listen.
These hours that you now elected to waste were invested to enable your listeners, and you may have forgotten that your DJs are listeners, too, to enjoy the music they would not hear anywhere else in decent sound quality or even not at all.
I would have expected at least a little note of apology, but at the end of the day it is up to you what you are doing.

You may have been forced to bow to the massive economical power of the music industry and now you are standing in line with all the other mediocre “sources of music” which are not worth a second thought but you have definitely lost me.

I can only second and emphasize what @Qrobur and @GR8FL expressed so adequately:

I don’t want videos.

I don’t want low quality tracks.

I don’t want truncated tracks.

I don’t want badly tagged tracks.

I don’t want to have to wade through the above to find something worth posting or find it’s not available.

Blip.fm has lost it’s charme to me, and I do not find the words to appropriately express my level of disappointment.
If you decided to amputate your most valuable asset, and that is what hotlinking was, it is your business. I for my part I can only tell you that I will find new ways to keep the music alive.

And this is my final thought for here:

It is not about the DJs that play the music, it is about the music that the DJs play!!!

Maybe you do not need anyone.
Time will tell …..

Ladypn  on August 29th, 2011

I agree with you @LEVS! I too don’t want the vids, the low quality sound or truncated tracks! But I am willing to reserve final judgement until I can search the new tracks that will be uploaded.

You are correct, it IS all about the music! I’m hoping that what the blog said will be true - 1 million “Pristine” tracks!

garbageman01  on August 29th, 2011

As somebody who actually doesn’t mind wading through the YouTube ‘garbage’ - just look at my name - I also must say I always considered the blippers who uploaded audio tracks to be the backbone of community (such as it is). That’s where we always knew we could find new material from acts we’d barely heard of (or never heard of) in addition to older things / album tracks / B sides that may not have been released with videos.

A million songs added? Please. Let’s leave aside any discussions about how ‘mainstream’ they may (or may not) be. A million sounds impressive, but it really isn’t even that many. It’s estimated that more than 2 million have been released just in the US/UK since WWII. That doesn’t count all the other countries, everything that came out before the war - plus whatever may have been ‘unofficially’ released.

Ever since the Napster days, the legal challenges to sharing music online have always be formidable. Nobody has been able to come up with a system that allows a totally free flow of music, because there are always people in the ‘business’ who view this practice as ’stealing.’

It seemed for a time (ever so briefly) that Blip finally found a way for music lovers to explore the world - the whole world. A million songs will never be enough to compensate for the loss of that. If people can’t explore this world on Blip, then they’ll go somewhere else.

GR8FL  on August 29th, 2011

Last year at this time, I had well over 3000 uploads on a paid DropBox account registered in blip.fm’s database for anyone to stream. Then I got in trouble with DropBox because of a 2nd DCMA Takedown notice. This has nothing to do with blip.fm, and everything to do with the greed of the recording industry and their short-sightedness in this Internet, digital-age. Some artists get it - that when their music is streamed on the Internet by thousands of people, that it increases their popularity and that in turn helps them. People will order their CDs if their music is any good. They will flock to their concerts and in turn buy other merchandise like tee-shirts. Anyway, I digress from the point of my post.

Though I got my account with DropBox cleared up, I decided to have all my mp3s removed from blip’s database. Unlike others, I did contact the blip team to ask them to assist in this removal as to not frustrate DJs if they found them on search and tried to blip “unavailable” songs.

It was then that I learned that MP3s uploaded to my public Dropbox account were searchable and hot-linked to sites all over the world. Anyone can find the status of their account by a simple Google search. Mine was http://dl.dropbox.com/u/441291/. Do yours by inserting your DropBox account in place of mine. A year later, these songs are still showing up, even though this account is gone. It’s like a disease that keeps spreading.

The only explanation that I could come up with about these leaks was because of the push for badges from blip.fm to integrate blips with external sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Last.fm, etc. Maybe it helped blip.fm’s rankings? Dunno. What I do know is it really hurt me. And what I do know is that blip.fm gained from this while assuming no legal liability from the web sheriffs.

For months after that I only blipped music from my host account that serves my blog and never kept the music in the same place. After a while, I also opened another dropbox account knowing full well of the risks of getting shut down by them because of copyright issues. Now mind you, this is music that I have paid for. And paid for several times because in most cases, I bought the vinyl once and then bought the cassette (which already was a lossy compromise) and then bought the CD. And the new music, well I buy that too and then rip from the CDs. And I pay for music bought online. But I digress.

Okay, just realized my previous post is awaiting moderation before it shows up to the world. So I will cut this short in case it doesn’t show up by asking the question to the blip.fm folks… why cut us off of adding our own URLs to blip? We, not you, are assuming the legal risks with the copyright police. None of these songs are actually be hosted by you so there is no cost to maintaining a big server for this music. No cost, no copyright risks… then what is the deal?

Sylak  on August 29th, 2011

Its not illegal to use Dropbox, Amazon’s Cloud Drive, Google, or MP3tunes. Court ruling.

Cribs66  on August 29th, 2011

Just tell the lawyers that I have discovered and purchased more music in my year and a half on Blip than I did in years. They just don’t get it, and probably never will. I am pretty sure they don’t really speak for the artists. Sad.

evablue  on August 29th, 2011

I would like to clarify that the ambassadors are volunteers. We are not paid staff. We do this because we heart blip. We were personally asked to help. The three of us are veteran blippers who have seen/heard/experienced and adapted to every blip update over the years.

I can only speak for myself… I am trying to help and sincerely doing my best but I’m human and imperfect. I am not a public relations professional. My qualification is that I’ve been on blip for nearly 3 years.

I appreciate all your feedback. I will do my best to be more sensitive about the wording I use. I tend to engrish a lot. I appreciate your patience and constructive criticism.

Enough about me…

As of 10:00 AM Monday, August 29, 2011, the update was not completed. There were glitches connecting the mp3 database so they are still working on it. It’s going to take a little more time.

The blip.fm team are doing their best and are trying to update the site as quickly as they can.

GR8FL  on August 29th, 2011

maybe this comment will go through…
@evablue: Many of us love blip too and many of us are “veteran blippers who have seen/heard/experienced and adapted to every blip update over the years.” This is not exclusive to the volunteer ambassadors. Also, just because only you 3 have been formally asked to volunteer your help, does not take away the many hours and hours some of us have spent to educate people about blip quirks in order to ensure their experience is just as joyous as veterans. And there are many of us that have helped to contribute to the overall success of blip by streaming from our own sources, assuming liability risks with web sheriffs, etc. All for free. All for the love of music and to enhance the wonderful way we have shared music throughout this global community.

GR8FL  on August 29th, 2011

@evablue: in response to your dismissive, condescending pat-on-the-head post - you are correct, no site is perfect, but without more information, most of us do not understand the reasoning for breaking one of the few parts that made blip.fm work so well. Maybe you were privy to the new rollout plans, but the rest of us were not and it makes little sense why this was shut down when the update was not ready to be implemented. If something really is in the works to make it all good in the end, much angst could have been avoided by communicating that better. Why invest so little in communication as evidenced by this “blog” that ends up alienating so many people, (and in the long run costs more because of the time needed to poorly respond)? And I say poorly, because if your only way to respond is with more sarcasm, please don’t. Suggest you go back to the safety of your own bubble. And also suggest you save yourself from the heartbreak of purposely driving into areas hit by Irene and let people recover. You have no idea of what the previous 36 hours were like.

GR8FL  on August 29th, 2011

BTW - hot-linking is bad form and should not be confused with someone uploading music to host servers and then streaming the music from there for people to listen to. Streaming, not downloading. And not leaking all over the Internet. Makes no sense other than to falsely inflate analytics. Have never quite grasped how songs I uploaded to my server and only broadcast via blip.fm ended up on China’s hot-link sites.

StreamingMimi  on August 29th, 2011

I do not usually lose my cool, but I can tell you that right now I am steaming over this! I can not believe what I’ve just read!

Without a word you decided you will no longer allow our uploads to be played? Thanks for nothing! @LEVS and the others said everything I am thinking and feeling, so there is not too much I can add, other than how annoyed I am that you will not filter out the vulgarity and smutty songs that streams on a daily basis, but you will annihilate the hard work we DJs have put into uploading songs we love and want to share.

You are adding 1 million pristine songs? That is nothing compared with the junk that will have to be sifted through in order to find them.

In conclusion all I can say is that YouTube must be paying you a lot of money to allow them to have a monopoly on what we are allowed to play. I will remain here for two weeks from today and if by then I cannot play my uploads I will be gone from Blip.fm. I know losing one DJ does not make a difference to you, but I will stand by what I have just said.

GR8FL  on August 29th, 2011

am·bas·sa·dor: an authorized representative or messenger - http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ambassador

signed by an un-authorized representative

Jeff  on August 29th, 2011

The first thing that we must say is that we are sorry about the change. We have been monitoring the comments throughout the weekend and we understand your pain and anger. For that we apologize; we know many of you have put in countless hours curating your bliplists. Unfortunately, there was nothing that we could do - we had no choice in the matter due to our licensing arrangement. And, as always, while many of you would like to know the specifics of the arrangement, we can’t go into details.

Running a business in the music space is extremely complicated - there are real costs involved, legal and operational risks, and customer service needs. With limited resources, it makes operations even more complicated. We are not a huge team, and in fact, we are group of part-time folks cobbled together to try to offer a fun free service for our users. While we understand your anger, we are doing our best to sort this out.

We have taken notes about some of the product suggestions - many are excellent so we thank you for that (particularly @diplopito). We also want to acknowledge two of our biggest users @gr8fl and @ladypn for sharing their experiences and commentary. There’s a good chance that we can implement some of the ideas, but we have to be careful about making any promises as we are still working to add the additional tracks.

We’ll continue to monitor the blog for feedback. We’re focusing our energies on making the transition and we’ll get back to you soon. We’ve been together for 3 years and I want to make sure that we can continue to enjoy and share music together… it’s going to be different, but I hope most of you will stick around for the next set.



dj420  on August 29th, 2011

WOW! No dropbox most likely means no dj420.

really effen lame…

evablue  on August 29th, 2011

GR8FL - no one is taking away the legitimacy of the users and their contribution. Blip is a community.

I’m sorry I can’t give my full attention to this as I’ve been on the road and traveling since last Thursday. I will try and continue this when I’m next on wifi but right now I have to check out of this hotel and drive for the next 6 hours.

pacoblue  on August 29th, 2011

I was talking music with a fellow DJ this morning and knowing there was a song she enjoyed I offered to upload it so she could listen here. She said “you can’t” and began explaining to me why not. I was really shook up when I found out what blip.fm has done. My station is in a “shambles” because I shared music here that was often hard to find and uploaded so many songs and then linked to them. All of the songs I blip have some sort of meaning to me. If you look at my station (and I say “look” because “listening” to most of the songs there is not possible now.) you will see that I care about songs and what they mean and how they make me feel. Music is a big part of my life. Most of you are here because you love music and love discovering new music or hearing older music again that maybe you had long forgotten. Being a part of Blip.fm for two years now (tomorrow is my 2nd year blip anniversary) I have discovered so much music I had never heard and been delighted by older tunes that awakened some long forgotten memory. It is exciting here to hear music from all over the world. Good music, like a smile or laughter, needs no translation. I have purchased a lot of new music after hearing it on Blip.fm. My musical interests have broadened to include music from many other countries and varieties of style.
I want to first of all thank Blip.fm for that vehicle in the past two years and also to thank so many DJs who care about music as I do and enjoy not only the songs here but the give-and-take of sharing music here; the replies and reblips and sometimes even the drama and emotion of the human experience with music as the thread that ties it all together. Blip.fm has been a wonderful place.
Okay so back to the news that “shook me up” this morning and my station being in a “shambles”. As my DJ friend told me this is my music history here and my first inclination to delete songs that are “Unavailable” from my station is a waste of my time and erases my past thoughts on all of the songs that I shared. She’s right. I so I have deleted nothing. I have actually been on a hiatus from blipping (and tweeting) in order to sort out some other things in my mind and life and I need to come off my blip vacation today and make myself heard here again. I usually let the songs speak for me sharing the lyrical parts of the song that have some meaning or impress me in some way. Today I will blip, with messages, of how this makes me feel, having this ability to share songs that I can’t find elsewhere or with better quality taken away from me.
All of us suffer with this news, I think, but I can’t speak for anyone but me. Maybe there are many of you, and many of my Favorite DJs, who are barely effected by this, or don’t know that they are. This changes Blip.fm for me. I haven’t looked for many songs since I got this news. I did type in the name of one band, Oranger, that is no longer recording music that I loved sharing. Nothing much came up. I can’t share them any longer now. I know some enjoyed hearing them for the first time when I shared them and reblipped them often. All of the Oranger songs that I shared are Unavailable now. So much of my station is now a silent history of songs I listened to or shared. Only words. No music to hear.
Yeah… I’m upset about that but equally upset that the powers-to-be at Blip.fm did this without a word beforehand. I was blind-sided and left with most of my blips Unavailable.
The title of this blog entry by Blip.fm is “80 Million Blips, 1 Million DJs Strong…”. How many of those “80 Million Blips” are playable now?

mz_rocko  on August 29th, 2011

I understand change - but please consider that it isn’t just a music library - its an online community that really connects people through the music. Blip has provided a platform for DJs to share not only music but life really.

With that said, some notice would of been nice on Blip’s side. Perhaps some invited feedback from your DJs prior, would of also been considerate. Especially since it was us DJS and this online community that brought Blip to the next level of having all these ad placements on our interface.

I am not bitter - I am just sad. Make it right, Blip. Do something to make these changes an easier pill to swallow for us DJs. I am going to believe Blip’s intentions are good, and for now, I’m sticking around to see your next step.

I’ll keep the music flowing for now….


Jeff  on August 29th, 2011

@mz_rocko Thanks for the feedback. I completely agree with the sentiment about advance notice. However, we didn’t have a choice in the matter and needed to act quickly. I really wish I could have provided more forewarning, but that was not in the cards.

I am sad as well and we too have put a tremendous amount of time building, maintaining, and running the site… not to mention incurring real costs which we try to minimize via ads.

As I said in my earlier post, we will figure out how to improve things and, as you say, make the changes an easier pill to swallow. It’s still a bad tasting pill, and we won’t forget that, but we will work to make improvements. Please be patient with us.



CD  on August 29th, 2011

I don’t keep my hopes up about this update. Especially not since Spotify has around 15 million songs at the moment, as I understand it, and I can still rarely find the music I want to listen to there (although I’m not really using it anymore).

The purpose of blip.fm for me personally is to play NEW music, small artists and recent singles and remixes, not the back catalogue of big record companies. I want to be able to discover or blip new music that was released earlier today, not a few odd ones that happened to make a compilation in 2009.

It’s always gonna be a lag before anything recent is added to the database and that ruins the whole idea. I guess we can always use Youtube to some extent but I don’t want to rely 100% on videos on a music site. Maybe it’s all right for other people but not for me.

dj420  on August 29th, 2011

I would have rather paid a monthly fee to blip the music that I WANT TO blip, rather than have it all taken away and be forced to blip mainstream, everyday, played-on-the-radio crap.

Maybe if we would have had the chance to weigh in more would have felt the way I do. Even though this is the end for me, I sincerely hope this isn’t the end of blip.

That is a sad, but most-likely inevitable, concept.

twanvanelk  on August 29th, 2011

@Jeff If there’s legal issues I don’t think that there’s anyone who can’t muster some kind of understanding. (Sorry for the double negative there.) ;)

But I don’t think that it’s the legal stuff that really matters here. The way you handled this whole thing is. First no warning or other communication beforehand.

And then this poor attempt at marketing. This is not something that happened overnight, right? It took ‘a bit’ of planning, I can imagine. Yet you chose not to communicate this to your users. Maybe this is what’s most disappointing to me.

@mark_till  on August 29th, 2011

From what @Jeff has said, it seems that there was an injunction and stipulations for the site remaining up.

If the choice is between _*no blip*_ and youtube blip, I chose the latter. I am thankful for this community and grateful for its survival.


Jeff  on August 29th, 2011

@twanvanelk I hear you. I know it could’ve been handled better and I am taking responsibility for that. Again, I can’t go into detail, but I really didn’t have many (read: any) options here.

I feel that we need to focus our efforts on what we can do going forward to make things better. I know it’s painful, but I hope you can give us a chance. We’ve got a few things up our sleeves…

twanvanelk  on August 29th, 2011

@mark_till @Jeff When was this injunction? Yesterday? Then props for the technicians! ;)

SlipperyDistortion  on August 29th, 2011

Hang in there people. Change is hard.

Clearly, everyone is very invested in Blip.FM through their emotions, time, effort and money spent to acquire music, upload and share it on a personal level.

The lack of forewarning is regrettable. Jeff and Yan have explained that the timing didn’t leave them much room to operate. The feelings of blippers are legitimate and worth venting. I trust that the Blip team didn’t intentionally do anything to incur such wrath. I don’t think these changes were personal in any way, but obviously the impact on blippers is personal. You can’t get the time and effort back.

Take a deep breath. Make peace with it. See what happens when more tracks are added and the changes are completed. Remember, Blip.FM is providing a FREE service. It’s not as perfect as we’d like to have it, but it doesn’t cost us to use it. There have been stumbles along the way, poor communication, etc. In the end, I think the Blip team will do their best to make it right within the constraints of business to serve this passionate community.

Blip.FM is not (and never was) the end-all, be-all for music listening and sharing. All social media (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) changes due to circumstances or ceases to exist. Having those changes affect the user experience, especially when the user has put so much into the experience, leads to a feeling of powerlessness.

Each blipper has the power to choose, to watch, wait, determine action, voice opinion and decide their course. Let’s see if this mess gets sorted out. Patience and kindness, please.

Marilia  on August 29th, 2011

It was really good while it lasted and all good things do come to an end. I want to thank all the friends I’ve made at BlipFm and all the new bands and songs they’ve introduced me. You’re all part of my life. Music connects. A luta continua! Fight for fre radio!

CamelWalk  on August 29th, 2011

Still shocked, saddened, wind knocked out of me. I sympathize with the blip team if they were caught unaware by a sudden and profound threat of legal action against them, though @Sylak’s comments above make me wonder what sort of bite such threats have now.

Honestly, I am not sure how much I’ll want to participate in the site anymore. Until yesterday, it has been a labor of love. I would personally seek out, purchase, upload and share tracks aimed at particular listener-DJs. There was something bespoke and boutique about it. Trawling grooveshark or youtube? Just too corporate, too controlling, too limiting (even at ~1 million tracks). It’s like going from “Hey, let’s all find out what this music community has for us and how we might contribute” to “Hey, let’s all find out what this large record store thought to offer.”

Not happy at all.

dickadcock  on August 29th, 2011

@SlipperyDistortion speaks my mind…

tkshaw  on August 29th, 2011

Well Blip, looks like my time here will be coming to an end. If I’m regulated to using Youtube, I think I’ll pass… most of the “official” tracks that I find on Youtube never let me blip them anyway, so I’m stuck trying to find someone’s less than ideal “ripped” Youtube version of it (which is ironic if this is all about licensing issues). Most of the music I listen to, would hardly be classified as mainstream… so who decides what’s available here other than the typical bubblegum pop crap that I can hear on any nearby FM radio? Blip was a great concept while it lasted, but sadly I think it’s time is done. I guess I’ll be interacting more with people on Last.fm or other places now. Thanks for all the tunes, people!

SlipperyDistortion  on August 29th, 2011

Props to Jeff, Yan the rest of the team for taking the heat and being resolved to make this work. I really feel for them. They are a small team faced with immense challenges sometimes out of their control (again with the caveat that communication is within their control).

I don’t think the Blip team is making a fortune from the time they put into this business. I can relate to their dedication.

I ran an online magazine for 5 years with one f/t partner. We wrote, edited, shot photos, handled sales, admin, marketing, data entry for calendar listings, answered communications via email, Facebook, MySpace, text, you name it, at all hours, seven days a week. We served a local audience of 50K that really care about what we did. All of our content was FREE. Only a handful of advertisers and sponsors paid to reach this audience and support the work of two f/t people and numerous contributors. The small amount of money made didn’t begin to compensate for the man-hours, the stress, the sleeplessness, the hustle to face competition from much bigger print and online publications. But, we did what we could for five years mostly on our terms. It was a pleasure and struggle, rewarding and exhausting.

The point of my example is that a handful of people are under enormous pressure to please millions of people. The Blip team does not have the resources of Google or Facebook. That said, they deliver a remarkably impressive, fun service that has attracted many and has adapted to change as necessary. If it weren’t worthwhile, then there wouldn’t be so many blippers in the first place, so many people grousing in the comments section or on the Blip Facebook group or on Blip itself.

These changes are hard. They suck. Blip isn’t the ideal music listening/sharing experience that satisfies each of our needs, wants and desires.

Just keep in mind that the Blip team is trying to do the best they can. They are human. They screw up, but they do great work too.

As users of Blip, we’re human too. Have some compassion and patience and faith that things will get better. If not, there’s a marketplace of ideas to build your own version of Blip, there are other services to use with limitations and attractive features.

Qrobur  on August 29th, 2011

I don’t know if a lack of revenue has forced Jeff to use a more restrictive licensing regime or if blip.fm has been threatened by legal action of some kind. Clearly we aren’t going to be told one way or another. Nevertheless, I will give the team the benefit of the doubt concerning a lack of forewarning.

I will also give the team a chance, in the sense that I will take a look at the “new offering” when it is revealed. However, blip.fm as it is today is something I no longer want to use and I won’t. The proposed track sources - YouTube, a subset of the most popular Grooveshark tracks - simply won’t allow me to put much of the music I would like people to hear in front of them.

Let’s hope the forthcoming application is a good one.

JustJac  on August 29th, 2011

I just want to say a very big thank you to all the people that uploaded music. I for one appreciate your efforts and time spent and I’m sure many others feel the same way. It made blip an adventure for me. I shall miss the music, the high quality and the feeling of excitement at finding something I’d never heard before.

That said, I haven’t been around on blip too much lately and was somewhat surprised when I looked in this weekend.

Not too surprised though, as large changes are not new to this community and we (DJ’s and Blip.fm) have survived those changes before. I’m willing to wait and see if we can all survive again.

StreamingMimi  on August 29th, 2011

Those of us who love music, and all of us here do, would have been more than happy to help with costs if only Blip.fm would have implemented a donation button. Ask for help before taking away without notice.

LEVS  on August 29th, 2011

@StreamingMimi: I cannot agree more and I totally second what you commented

dj420  on August 29th, 2011

*agrees with @streamingmimi

nemesisurchin  on August 29th, 2011

Let’s remember Blip is a free site that we have all benefitted from in various and personal ways. I empathize with all those who shared their treasury via uploads and understand their outrage. I share it, in fact. But I do not believe the course of events thus far indicate a plan on Blip’s part to somehow reap the benefits of sleeping with the music labels or intentionally screw anyone out of their right to share online. If you don’t agree with the policy change, then you are free to start your own site and see how you fare. (Be sure to have a crack legal team in place before you do.) I’m waiting to see what we can draw on once the new tracks are live… and hanging on to the friends on Blip who are as important to me as the music.

Jeff  on August 29th, 2011

Guys - I’m going to do my best to answer your questions. After this, I think I need to focus my efforts on making the transition which has still not been done and I’m scrambling to get someone to help me.

@slipperydistortion - thanks for your comments. You are so right in so many ways and get the entrepreneurial challenges of resource constraints. It’s not easy.

@qrobur and @streamingmimi and @levs- You guys are some of our power users and are some of the reasons we love Blip.fm. The unfortunate change had nothing to do with revenues (our revenue challenges are a separate issue). This was solely a result of licensing. It’s not a sob story, but I operate Blip.fm out of my basement (and, except for this past weekend, I love it). We have a buddy of mine that handles support one day every 3 weeks. Yan and Ian help when they can but both have other full-time gigs. Brian and I are working on another project that we hope to introduce shortly. Joe helps me with the Sessions in his spare time. That’s the team. Thanks for the offer to make a donation, but using the site and giving feedback is enough of a “thank you” for now.

@justjac - The community is why we are still fighting the good fight. It’s what gives me a smile about being involved with Blip.fm. I have met so many great people here and I hope we can continue to build something fun. It just takes time and unfortunately, change is a difficult process. I understand if we lose people along the way, but I hope we’ll get the benefit of the doubt after 3 long years.

I’m signing off for a while to focus on the transition, but I’ll be checking this as frequently as I can… Please keep the questions and comments coming and I’ll do my best to address them.


LEVS  on August 29th, 2011

….. and another aspect that should not be neglected.

Outside of the U.S. in some contries (including where I live) a significant proportion of the YouTube videos is blocked, allegedly for copyright protection reasons.

For me that meant being stranded in the middle of nowhere before I could play my own uploads.

Your latest move has put me straight back there.

StreamingMimi  on August 29th, 2011

How fair is that to you and other DJs who live in other parts of the world, @LEVS? You are losing much, much more than the uploaded music. You are also limited to what you are allowed to obtain from YouTube! You are being doubly punished by this!!!

SlipperyDistortion  on August 29th, 2011

To echo JustJac, I also offer thanks to the many people who uploaded music and made Blip a more rich experience from songs to choose and stream.

Few people want an experience that replicates what is heard on FM radio or other mainstream-oriented online music sources.

I hope the community network stays intact as much as possible because that is extremely valuable in itself for communicating and sharing. If we’re in touch with each other, then we can find ways to adapt and foster the love of music.

GR8FL  on August 29th, 2011

@jeff - you and Arin Sarkissian developed a wonderful & unique concept with the creation of blip.fm by mixing the functionality of music streaming (e.g. Last.fm/Grooveshark/Pandora) with social networking (e.g. Twitter/Facebook/Myspace). The entire premise of “what are you listening to now?” as a way to share music with multiple friends simultaneously was and still is brilliant. Please don’t lose sight of that, for this is what set blip.fm miles apart from these other sites.

If you need help, which it seems that way, please allow those that are willing to do so, whether it be financially or creatively or some other professional way.

For starters, bring back mad props and kill these badges that pit people against one another. And stop artificially inflating listener counts for those that have not earned it. It is bad form.

GR8FL  on August 29th, 2011

@SlipperyDistortion too bad you were not formally designated as ambassador. You have earned it. Props to you for trying to bring some sanity here.

SlipperyDistortion  on August 29th, 2011

Thanks @GR8FL.

Yesliterati aka Literati aka Edainsmom  on August 29th, 2011

Hey Jeff and Yan,

Aren’t there any lawyers on BLIP who could help here? If we can’t donate to keep our ability to add music, maybe we could donate to help pay a lawyer….just an idea :)

Jeff  on August 29th, 2011

@gr8fl If there is anyone that deserves MAD PROPS, it’s you. You have been a loyal and passionate blipper for years. I’m shocked you actually remember the brainchild behind Blip.fm - thanks for the credit, but it wasn’t me… it was Arin (@phatduckk) and Ian (@fuzzygroove).

Quite honestly, I would be honored if you were to become an Ambassador, but I don’t want to impose. You are already a blip ambassador just by being one of our most active users.

Thanks for the offer to help and for the suggestions. We haven’t lost sight of what makes Blip.fm unique - recommendations powered by actual people - the blip community. Yes, we’ve made mistakes along the way, but we also try to learn from from them and make things better. I will definitely ask for your help and feedback on a new product that we are working on… more on that later…

One update is that I’ve found another engineer to help with the transition today. I hope to have an ETA in short order.



Jeff  on August 29th, 2011

@Yesliterati Thanks for the offer. We will certainly keep it in mind, but you would be shocked if I told you how much a good lawyer costs. There’s a lot changing in the industry right now, but we want to be compliant and hope Blip.fm can adapt properly.

dj420  on August 29th, 2011

Maybe I am missing something, but if I pay for an album and want upload it and share with my friends, how is that wrong? Does the music industry REALLY need to be paid twice? (ie. i buy the album and you buy the license so I can share) It is no wonder I tend to keep my ears on the independant labels.

Most of these arists should be thanking us for introducing their music to the masses. Instead they him and haw over what amounts to be fractions of pennies per play of any given track…

It should be for the love of music, not the love of money.

StreamingMimi  on August 29th, 2011

Well spoken, @dj420! And I love your last line! That says it all!

Qrobur  on August 29th, 2011

Does the music industry REALLY need to be paid twice? (ie. i buy the album and you buy the license so I can share)

In short, the major labels used to have tight control of the replication and distribution of music when the media (singles, LPs, CDs) were physical. Even then, at least in the UK, the industry mounted vigorous campaigns against copying (”home taping is killing music” was a prominent industry slogan).

Now the soon-to-be dominant format is the mp3 and other formats. These can be replicated and distributed by informal means utterly outside of the control of the record industry.

Their blinkered response to a loss of revenues from the old physical media is to try to squash any and all outlets for digital media that aren’t big enough to resist them. Apple and Amazon can strike deals with them, though it’s clear many in the record industry hate the idea and wish those two could somehow be magicked away. Even a company as important as Spotify has run into considerable difficulties with the record industry, particularly in the US.

Leaning hard on a small project like blip.fm would present the record industry very little difficulty. If that’s what’s happened here the blip.fm team would have had little option to comply with any “take down and desist” order.

Diplopito  on August 29th, 2011

Thanks a lot for your reactions Jeff, they make a difference.

I was checking my playlist and dropbox: honestly, I would say that over 80% is music that you don’t find anymore in the market (vanished labels, independent musicians, etc.) or live recordings that I’ve made along the years. These giants have nothing to do with them, so why delete all the links? They are powerful enough to let you use their filters and determine which songs might be played. It’s really overusing “brute force” to make you delete all of them blindly with no criteria. Is there any chance that this filter can be implemented to “clean” the playlists rather than wipe them all? At least that how it seems that they do it in Youtube.

Again, thanks a lot for the site, your efforts and the community built around them.

avivajazz  on August 29th, 2011

Is it possible (at least from a legal standpoint) for Blip.fm to re-register (and re-activate) all the user hotlinks to .mp3 files NOT owned by any licensors (but owned solely by artists who’ve disseminated them freely (and often, would actually LIKE more exposure by being freely streamed from sites like Blip.fm [ http://blip.fm/home ] …?

If so, would restoring this type of “user hotlink” actually fit with Blip.fm’s business plans?

If so, is there any way I can help?

Jeff  on August 29th, 2011

@Diplopito Really appreciate the comments and helpful suggestions. I’ll do my best to answer. First of all it’s my understanding that we have not deleted the links. We have made them unavailable due to licensing restrictions. We can still access them and link them to your specific blips, but I need to get back to you on a solution as we are still thinking this through. As I mentioned earlier, we are working on a new product that should be able to breathe life into these blips again, but bear with me as we work this out.

Unfortunately, we have not built the filtering mechanisms or have the resources to buy them. That said, regardless, we are only authorized to play content that has been licensed via YouTube and Grooveshark. There’s a chance that we will be able to pursue some of the earlier suggestions - e.g. on a best efforts basis, matching the forthcoming Grooveshark and/or Youtube content to your old blips, but again, I need to be very careful about making promises here.

Again, I feel your pain and we’re scrambling to find a solution here as quickly as we can. Vanished labels, independent artists, or not, it still falls into a category of content that we need to investigate to determine if we have the right to stream.

I hope my response helped somewhat. Please keep the suggestions coming.

avivajazz  on August 29th, 2011

I would be willing to contribute my labor toward the project of identifying and restoring “user hotlinks” to music that Blip.fm would have the right to stream. Let me know if this would be useful.

avivajazz  on August 29th, 2011

Blip.fm blends streaming tunes (Grooveshark, Last.fm) with real-time sociability (Twitter). NO ONE ELSE does this. Despite poor communication with us about extenuating circumstances that I have empathy for (now that I know a bit more), it’s a GREAT site.

I hope that those of you deciding to leave Blip.fm will reconsider; your contribution to this community is important, and I’d hate to lose touch with you.

THANK YOU, Jeff, Yan, Brian, and the entire (tiny) Blip team.

avivajazz  on August 29th, 2011

Is it possible (at least from a legal standpoint) for Blip.fm to re-register (and re-activate) all the user hotlinks to .mp3 files NOT owned by any licensors (but owned solely by artists who’ve disseminated them freely (and often, would actually LIKE more exposure by being freely streamed from sites like Blip.fm …?

If so, would restoring this type of “user hotlink” actually fit with Blip.fm’s business plans?

If so, is there any way I can help?

Dawnrazor  on August 29th, 2011


“. That said, regardless, we are only authorized to play content that has been licensed via YouTube and Grooveshark.”

So you signed away an unsigned band’s right to provide their own music for them? Way to make sure Blip becomes nothing more than a major label hype machine

LindyLuv  on August 29th, 2011

@DareToEatAPeach has assured me that many tracks are coming from Grooveshark, which is a large database of music with no videos. I have personally looked at this site (recently and in the past), and I would encourage all DJs to do so as well. You can see if your favorite artists are there. I think @blip.fm hasn’t brought the tracks in yet, but they are planning on doing so soon. Fingers crossed, there may be light at the end of the blip tunnel.

Dawnrazor  on August 29th, 2011


They’ll be bringing in the ones Grooveshark licensed, not the user uploads, which is where most of the indie/obscure/offbeat content is from…

Jeff  on August 29th, 2011

@Dawnrazor Please keep in mind that there is plenty of non-major label content on YouTube and Grooveshark. If YouTube is not of interest, please note that Grooveshark is authorized to play Merlin’s list of indie labels via their player. Since you seem to be an indie fan, these include some of my favorite labels such as Rough Trade, Warp Records, Epitaph, Naïve, Domino, Tommy Boy, One Little Indian, Yep Roc/Red Eye, Kontor New Media, Naxos, XL Recordings, Beggars Group, Merge, Sub Pop, and The Mushroom Group to name a few. A portion of the artists on these labels will be available via pristine MP3 tracks via Grooveshark. We are working to expand the list as quickly as possible.

@avivajazz Another power user - thanks for the question. I can’t comment on the legality, but as it relates to independent artists that own all rights to their music, we will explore that possibility if we are able to acquire or build proper filtering mechanisms. Believe me, I have become friends with many of the bands and managers of unsigned independent artists who own their rights (many of whom have been on the Sessions (http://sessions.blip.fm) and I want to find a solution for them as quickly as possible so their music can be heard. There may be a way to explore this on a case-by-case basis.

Hope that was helpful despite the circumstances.


greentrees  on August 29th, 2011

I’ve enjoyed blip but will be forced to forget it as a result of this announcement. I took a job recently that blocks youtube but I hardly cared, because I went to blip for the music uploaded by interesting people with good music to pass along and to either share, relive or discover for the first time, and now that’s dead.

Damn near 40,000 blips, lots of friends, and WAY TOO MUCH TIME spent on blip is all for naught. I’m a music fanatic. I don’t like the video aspect and I really don’t like the poor quality selection that is left on the table if people that so unselfishly and righteously post great music like @melky @GR8FL @Dolittle @Franimal @SHNabors @cryostasium @ElDorkoPunkRetro @StreamingMimi @JimmyStagger @igetfreepie @backtoback @LEVS etc etc are no longer going to be available to enjoy.

I thought I was there in part for the social aspect of it, but in the end I guess I really wasn’t at all. I like saying hi to people and such, but I am not going to sift through 100 video clips of hacks sitting at the edge of their bed with their acoustic guitars attempting to play Bob Dylan songs. Blip.fm has little to no appeal with the current format, and a once viable means of connecting through music with people all over the world is all but done. I don’t twitter. I don’t facebook. I don’t do any of that stuff because it isn’t important to me. I don’t want to know when a random high school friend is “doing their laundry” or “washing the dog”. I’d rather shoot the computer. I do, however, want to know what a complete stranger from halfway around the world, or maybe from around the corner, with an intriguing handle and good taste in music is listening to.

@garbageman01 said it best - “I always considered the blippers who uploaded audio tracks to be the backbone of community (such as it is). That’s where we always knew we could find new material from acts we’d barely heard of (or never heard of) in addition to older things / album tracks / B sides that may not have been released with videos.”

I hate it for the people that gave so much of their time and effort to better this site by uploading all their music for no gain other than to enhance the entire experience for the community as a whole, only to have it all ripped down. I uploaded a lot of stuff, but nowhere near the amounts that many others have, and I’m sorry to see it go.


I would blip it right now, but I can’t.

Dawnrazor  on August 29th, 2011


Not so much indie as obscure…Some mainstream is fine but it’s not what I want to hear all the time and if I did well, there’s the radio.

I like a wide mix, whether it’s a new indie band, somebody who’s popular in another country, a long forgotten one hit wonder or one of those really talented bands that never quite made it, a local act, whatever… And user uploads gave me this

I’ve just searched for Lonesome Kings on Grooveshark and YouTube. one song between them. And I’m not sure if it was a licencee track or user upload. And that’s just one example..

pacoblue  on August 29th, 2011

I really enjoyed blip these last two years. And it is exactly 2 years tomorrow but I am not sure if my last 3 blips were my last ones or not. It doesn’t feel the same anymore not being able to upload and share songs. So many good times here and lots of emotion… Over 6000 blips… many which no longer work. (I had to throw that in… sorry)

Thanks to @raquelrita for talking to me this morning when I was really upset seeing my station in a shambles. And like she said earlier quoting Van Morrison: “…it’s a cryin’ shame… please tell me who’s to blame…” Who is to blame Blip.fm crew? The DJs like me who uploaded so many songs?

I don’t know if and when I will blip again but it has been a lot of fun.

Angie74  on August 30th, 2011

I was told by a very dear friend nearly 2 years ago that something like this, or worse would happen to blip.fm. He said he and others tried to help the blipfm team with this issue and others but that they were taking the cowards way out and not addressing the necessary issues back then to help prevent what has been happening recently. He has since had hardly anything to do with blip after his suggestions and offering of help were dismissed. I also have read in these comments about how there was no time to warn the blip DJs, but yet I know at least one blipper who was blipping about receiving an email and she had full knowledge that this was happening a full week prior to these changes taking effect. Both of these facts lead me to believe that the blipfm team was well aware of what was going to take place and made a calculated decision to leave the community in the dark. I find myself wondering why she was privy to this information but other DJs who put years of time and effort into uploading had no notice at all. (Those such as metal_rocks and spinningdiscs.) I think that decision was shameful and disrespectful. Having said that, I also think the blipfm creators don’t get near enough respect from their community. When I came to blipfm I was battling cancer and it was a way for me to get outside of my skin and be my vivacious self, at least virtually. I have expanded my musical horizons beyond what I had ever imagined possible before blip and I have made life long and lasting connections with many truly amazing people. All thanks to a handful of strangers whom I have never talked to. So, for my part, a huge, huge thank you to the creators and collaborators of blipfm. :) You have changed my life in many ways and I know you have touched others as well and that is pretty damn amazing for a website to accomplish. I don’t know what will happen from here on out. It feels like this community is falling apart and maybe that is the natural order of things, but it does make me sad. If anything can be learned from this I think it is this. We don’t have to be on opposite sides of the fence here…..the admin vs the community. Had communications been better and more forthcoming most of the real harm that was caused here the other day could have been avoided. I think the admin underestimates its community. I know many blippers would gladly give time and energy into the preservation of this site. I also think the community can be ungrateful to the admin. The only way I see either of these things changing is through better and more communication. I sincerely hope that happens and that blip continues to thrive. Either way, blipfm will always have a special place in my heart.

MarkMoregain  on August 30th, 2011

@Jeff and the rest of the team:

Since you cannot give full clarity on the legal aspects of the changes, the only info I have is in the blog post and the comments.
From that I take that the change is not a commercial decision, but a necessary step due to copyright restrictions. Also it looks like it is against your will.
If so, I think that all of us should give you some credit, some time and the benefit of the doubt.

You are a small team and if this change had to become into effect on a very short notice, there is little you could have done to make this any better for us.
Even with better communication, many people would feel frustration.

Jeff clearly wrote in one of the responses that they are trying to find ways in which Blip can be the way it was.
I should like to call on all fellow blippers to allow Jeff and his team some more time to work this out.

It has only been a few days now. We should all be able to wait a little longer, don’t we?

True, if they are unable to change it for the better, I understand that many of us leave. Because a limitation in the music we can find, plus having to go through Youtube cover after Youtube cover in trying to find a song… I think we all agree on that: it is no fun.

So basically, no matter how much the current situation sucks, I think we should allow the Blip team to work on this and provide a solution - fingers crossed.

If copyright restrictions would prevent to get Blip back to what it was, that would be very sad.
I would miss it. But in that case I would at least like to thank Jeff and the team, as well as all my favourite DJs, for everyone’s efforts and contributions. It has been a wonderful experience.

Oscar Gonzalez  on August 30th, 2011

Too bad, so sad. I kinda thought this would happen. I always wondered how you got away with making unlicensed mp3s available. Unfortunately, this too pretty much spells the end of blip.fm for me. I wish to stay, but going back to my playlist, there are times that an entire page or more of blips are unavailable. So all personal issues aside, I simply find the system unusable anymore.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

c3p0  on August 30th, 2011

it really saddens me to see all the rude comments here and on blip. I always thought music brings people together.But lately i’m not so sure of that. Do all of you really not think that if there was another way for blip.fm to do it differently they would have done so? It’s all about the money and the rules the big record labels make, because they think their loosing money. That’s what it’s all about. The people that started blip.fm made us all come together with the greatest gift we can have, and that’s music. Don’t let something like that fall apart just because high bosses of record labels (who we should blame)are greedy for money and power.


Dolittle  on August 30th, 2011

I fully realize these changes were beyond Blips control. And all the crap that goes with the big ‘ol labels trying to cling on to the old industry. They are not looking ahead. They’ll walk into walls eventually anyway. Just sorry for the new indie bands etc that see the power in sharing.

But the changes as an end user are not appealing to me right now and saying that as someone who blipped probably 80% of the time out of my dropbox accounts.
It’s not any different than my favorite coffee shop changing to a different coffee that I don’t like. I came for the good coffee not the seat. So for now I seek my coffee elsewhere.
My fix was maybe seeing @Davrocks getting all excited about a obscure garage band that 500 people know about. Sharing new Irish bands etcs. Uploading a track just so one or two people will have the benefit of it.

Yes Grooveshark will have x amount of tracks. Not much point in looking to see what’s on there as not all will be playable on Blip.

Any chance of getting Bandcamp or Soundcloud????

I’ll looking in again in a while.

StreamingMimi  on August 30th, 2011

I had said in a previous comment yesterday that I will stick with Blip.fm for 2 weeks (1 week, 6 days now) and if by then I am not able to play my uploads I will close my @SteamingMimi station. Well, the one thing I forgot to mention is that if it comes to that (and, regretfully, I’m sure it will)that will also be the end of YouTube for me. I will never, ever visit YouTube again!!!

spacespencer  on August 30th, 2011

… cause it’s time to look forward (and looking back is useless cause my blipstream is literally DEAD for I almost only played external linked mp3s, e.g. unknown band’s very own mp3s from their blogs or stuff I bought and uploaded):
Can you blip-team folks imagine what a great Hooray and Yay it would be if those links would work again? Or at least some?
Wonder what those “filtering mechanisms” or the tempting “new product that should be able to breathe life into these blips again” could do for that.
So like others I’m waiting for news and stay patient (and like many others I’m not rude or impatient but just sort of sad and passionate) and take a blip vacation. Dolittle’s analogy to the coffee shop is pretty good, for if I only find the standard stuff on blip that I find anywhere else it’s no reason for me to stay. For others it might be enough, fine for them. But in my case I’d like to return with the big Hooray and congratulations for a unique service and a chance to continue with spreading music. New music, and – to be frank – my kind of music. So like Mark said: keep fingers crossed! And hoping to make blip grow because of being one-of-a-kind and not shrink because of being average.
If it doesn’t turn out like that then I had a tremendous time with blip.fm and have to thank you and all the blippers out there for that.

StreamingMimi  on August 30th, 2011

Another thought: Before I uploaded my own music I did the usual ’search’ by typing in the song title and artist and would find many listings of said title/artist. Sounds good, huh? Well, of course my first click would be on the one with the word ‘original’ next to it. And what did I find? Someone sitting on his toilet seat singing and playing his guitar! Now isn’t that a bunch of you-know-what (insert your own word and pardon the pun)?

greentrees  on August 30th, 2011

Real quick - I don’t want the things I said to be construed as negative. I appreciate all that blip is/was/or wasn’t. It is by-in-large completely disabled for me. I loved the format, and hats off to whoever came up with it and the team that continued it for as long as they did. My frustration comes from a good place, in that I really enjoyed blip, because it was about music. Videos and socializing were secondary for someone like me. Or better yet, I felt inclined to be sociable with someone AFTER they had gotten my attention through their taste in music. And I left off a lot of names yesterday of people who contributed so much music for all to enjoy, namely @TheDucks @LindaTomRadio, and so many more.

Thanks blip peeps, and I hope something happens that will allow this format to exist in the near future, because it was a good one. I’m not stealing music, my ears borrow it for a few minutes, then return it. THEN I GO BUY THAT MUSIC.

This sounds a bit like goodbye, and in a way it is, I guess…Take care - Alex Chilton

Diplopito  on August 30th, 2011

Hi Jeff, the idea of the filters seems to solve a big deal of the problem. About the legal aspect, does the recent court ruling have no impact on the Dropbox links? Apparently, this is a weaver to say goodbye to the issue.

Any case, some DJs are starting to upload music in Grooveshark: is this a good idea or we better wait to the new product?

Diplopito  on August 30th, 2011

Sorry: a waiver

Jeff  on August 30th, 2011

Good morning everyone. Thanks again for all of the constructive comments. I’m reading all of the posts, but we are focusing on trying to implement the changes. Again, I feel your frustration and we are exploring a few different ideas. Yan has been up late working on a solution.

We are still working on the implementation with Grooveshark - apologies for the delay, but we’re having some technical challenges. Also, we are trying to come up with some ideas around breathing life into the old blips. Bear with us. We’re working to figure out a solution.



Jeff  on August 30th, 2011

@Diplopito Thanks for the constructive suggestions, good questions, and the dialogue. Regarding your first question, I can’t comment on the legal ruling, but I can assure you we are all monitoring it closely.

Regarding uploading tracks to Grooveshark, please do it as it’s a great product. However, it is unclear if we’ll be able to use those tracks on Blip.fm that users are uploading to Grooveshark. I just want to be transparent and make sure that the community doesn’t invest time uploading with the intention to get them back on Blip.fm only to find that we can’t use those tracks. Again, there may be a way to do this, but I’m not sure at this point. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Again, we are still scrambling to right this terrible situation… please hang in there.


LEVS  on August 30th, 2011

After my inner aggravation settled down a little of not being able to share my beloved tunes anymore, I thought a little more and really started to wonder.

Then my wondering turned through bafflement, into irritation.

The songs that I uploaded to have been able to stream on blip.fm are stored in MY dropbox account and nowhere else. It is only ME who has control over them being there, no-one else
Registering the URL in the blip database is technically nothing else then setting a pointer in blip onto these songs, they are still on MY account under MY control. If I decide to delete them, they are gone and nobody in the blip team can do anything about.

Now somebody seems to claim that license regulations are violated because my songs are not officially licensed to be streamed, again, to emphasize, not downloaded but streamed.

Therefore the pointers in the blip registry are made void.

…. and only YouTube content can be used from now on

But ….. if I look at the YouTube stuff, the vast majority of it is uploaded by PRIVATE internet users, too!!!!
I take the freedom to question that those songs are there under license.

So what has happened, is that the pointers to my (unlicensed) high quality songs have been eradicated while the pointers to the (unlicensed) poor quality songs on YouTube can still be used!!!!

I am yet to be convinced that this is not deliberate stifling of private users to the advantage of commercial YouTube interests.

Another observation is that usually my interest in many, many songs has been triggered by having heard them somewhere else (predominantly on YouTube), and in many cases at quality levels way below my personal acceptance standards (when most of the bandwidth capacity is used for video, not much is left for the music).
So I loved the song but not the way in which it came.

Then I started searching where I could find them and when I found them it happened repeatedly that they were on compilations and often enough being just one song on CD-sets of two, three, four or even ten.

Guess what?

I purchased the whole set.

Then I converted the songs into mp3, and uploaded the ones I liked most to MY dropbox account to be made available on blip.

Now someone comes along, claiming that streaming my version is violating license regulations whereas the availability on YouTube is not????

In my opinion something is seriously wrong here, and the smell of that is not one that I like!!.

Believe me, I respect the blip.fm team, their visions, the effort they spend and all what they have done for me and so many others, to an extent beyond just adoration.
But if, in two weeks from last weekend on, I am still not able to stream exactly the music I want in a quality that I approve of, then I will, as @StreamingMimi announced for herself, be gone from blip.fm, too.

You can congratulate yourself to it!

StreamingMimi  on August 30th, 2011

@LEVS:”So what has happened, is that the pointers to my (unlicensed) high quality songs have been eradicated while the pointers to the (unlicensed) poor quality songs on YouTube can still be used!!!!”

OMG! You are absolutely right!!! Double standards at play here!

So, what have you got to say about that, Jeff???

Interozetor  on August 30th, 2011


Things to be learned from this:

1) Be social

You’re in social media business, so be social. Talk to us. We’re not your enemies. Treat us as friends … or, well, at least like you would treat friendly neighbours.

2) Gather allies

I think bonding to sources like Soundcloud is essential for YOUR success. So take the right steps. Seduce and marry the Chairwoman of Soundcloud, if necessary. Be creative!

3) Be creative!

Don’t whine! Think over new ideas of how to grant User-Uploads access to blip.fm. Once there was a possibility for independent artist to share their work at blip.fm. Some 2 1/2 years ago, if I remeber correctly, soon after the general uploading was canceled. That’s the right way!

Ok, there’s some Paperwork involved. You’ll have to check, if the content to be embedded is kosher. But this would make it possible for independent artist and Labels to share their music on Blip.fm out of their own free will. no law against that!

So get an intern to do some communications for Blip.fm. Do not seduce or marry her - she should do the dirty work!

4) Bring the fun part back to Blip.fm

Yep, do that, Bozos!

Jeff  on August 30th, 2011

@levs and @streamingmimi Thanks for the comments. As I have said, I won’t be able to comment on the legal parameters. They are highly complex and something I simply cannot discuss (even though is merit to what you and other have written).

Yes, right now we can only surface YouTube and Grooveshark (still working on that) content on Blip.fm. Thus, the tracks that will be available for the time being are only songs from YouTube. This includes songs that already exist in your historical bliplist and also songs going forward.

We are exploring filtering options via Echonest’s API but again, this is highly complex and is further compounded by the fact that I don’t have a full-time engineering staff.

Guys - I know this sucks and the comments constantly remind me of that fact. I know you are angry, but we are doing the best we can.



star45  on August 30th, 2011

Shouldn’t blip.fm be collecting royalties from the Record Industry for promoting potential sales and band exposure?, after all the music has been posted already and the variety and DJ quality is amazing (I’m talking about DJs that upload their own selection, too many to mention for now).
If you ask me, when it comes to enabling the connection with twitter, that is where the problem started, people having access to the songs without having a blip.fm account. I’ve blip’d songs that rendered my server bandwidth useless (some of those songs were accessed 8,000 times a day), so I disabled twitter and that solved that problem after a few weeks.

Then again maybe is the structural design of blip.fm and you have to ask yourself, do you want the social interaction with facebook, twitter, etc.? or do you want an already loyal blip.fm community to grow with the Industry and become what you intended it to be in the first place?

My point is, you talk about the 1 million users in blip.fm - maybe 5,000 blippers logged on at one time, all streaming music to a 100,000,000 twitter community, so can you see the exposure to piracy and liability? this is something to think about, and I’m sure that’s how the Recoding Industry noticed potential loses - a solution would be a playback restricted to blip.fm registered users only or disabling twitter altogether to avoid piracy! if that is the reason why these changes are taking place! I don’t know - and one more point, blip.fm is not twitter or facebook or u-tube!

I remember the fiasco with blip.up servers, uploaded over 600 songs in a week and after a few months, the servers were taken down, and I found myself trying to delete the broken links, and it was taking about 30 seconds each, after a while I gave up. Then the IMEEM partnership was not too bad while it lasted, and again without notice, IMEEM took their servers and vanished. U-tube has been a complete disaster from day one, FLV files for the most part use audio with a Sampling Frequency Rate of 22050 Hz or 32000 Hz, meaning bad sound quality at best. It reminds me of MTV coming into the picture in the mid 90s and ruining it for everybody, while the industry might had profit it became a posser video circus show. There is people in blip right now, that are not even aware that these changes have taken place - If you are reading this, you know what I mean - lame songs, bad quality sound, yuhuuh!

I don’t know what the future holds, but I just want to say thanks to the blip.fm team and to all the amazing DJs from all over the world. In my eyes, every DJ is a new world of music, style, perception, taste and to be honest it would have been nice if blip.fm would have shared the problems they were facing and ask for an opinion before making an unannounced decision.
Is it the mp3 format?, a copyright issue?, is the recording industry watching their monopoly slip away?, is it the fat guy with a cigar sitting on a leather chair making uninformed decisions to protect their bottom line? Grooveshark? yeah right! I’ve seen that movie too!!
An exchange of ideas would actually yield better results and alternatives for the future of blip.fm. I don’t understand the 1 million songs issue, the way I see it that would not even cover the 50’s! - What about all the unsigned bands that are not part of your Shark Package Deal?, what about the bands that want to promote their own material?, what about the Beatles for crying out loud? I have the vinyls, tapes, CD’s, how many Beatles’s collections do I need to buy? - and then again the monsters (twitter, facebook, u-tube, etc) lay dormant and unexposed.

Allowing hot-linking from the search line does not tie the link to blip.fm but to the DJ’s blipping the song, it promotes band exposure & potential sales in the industry, allows DJ flexibility to use their desired servers and shared their favorite music and it makes blip.fm a unique and much better musical experience!


LEVS  on August 30th, 2011


Please let me draw my hat for your structured and differentiated comment.

So much - and so true !!

My own experience on leading through successful transformations without grinding gears, bitter tears, desperation and painful losses is setting priorities

1 - Communication
2 - Communication
3 - Communication

All of that wrapped in empathy and transparency


dj420  on August 30th, 2011

what if I make a generic video on youtube of all the tracks on my dropbox…? shouldnt those be void as well? I am confused… lol

LEVS  on August 30th, 2011


I do understand that at this point in time that your options to explain or discuss may be constrained.

Doesn’t help too much, unfortunately.

My only suggestion is to try to explore the opportunities to TELL what comes next and stretch to the limits of it.

The alternative to that may be the slow but inevitable slide into mediocrity. There are loads of internet sites proliferating well-known and (often too boring) content, you’ll know them better thant me.

The UNIQUE feature of blip.fm, as far as I can see, it the opportunity for EACH individual Jock to play the songs that he/she PERSONALLY loves and longs to share.

Please take my advice and try to keep this invaluable feature as your primary asset.


The mass stuff is thrown at us in tons and to express my personal opinion, I have not ever felt even the faintest desire to own music that I can not escape from at any streetcorner.

The individually valued tunes, close to the heart of similar minds is what moves my heart and that I want to wait for me in my shelf to play it at the place where I feel most comfortable.
That makes me wanting to pay what it is worth.

Tell THAT to the folks trying to force you to bow to their advantages, whatever those may be.


LEVS  on August 30th, 2011

Please accept my apologies for the typos in the above. I should have known that typing too rapidly does not do my orthography any good …..

star45  on August 30th, 2011

I think the way blip.fm was set up, has the drawback of linking blip.fm to a DJ’s links page and that makes blip.fm liable for the licensing and copyright issues. Maybe the partnership with Grooveshark could have its advantages, having a basic set of mp3 coupled with direct hot-linking from the search line could be the solution, if the playback is restricted to blip.fm registered users. Exposure generates sales, what I mean is that for years Radio Stations have collected revenues from Air Play, well the same applies here. Recording Companies are your best asset. DJs shuffle through thousands and thousands of songs to put a blipping set together and to undermine this, is to discredit the amount of work a DJ goes through just to make this happen, and what blip.fm is all about. It is difficult for me to pretend that this is not the case. Of course the industry wants to make money and would argue othewise.
I think flexibility to work out this issue, is a must. DJs have their songs uploaded to thousands of servers already, and should be allowed to copy the links directly into the search line to access their songs, while Groveshark can provide a basic 1 million set of mp3s to get things going. U-tube has to go, I think it represents a bad picture of the music industry. Every DJ is a Radio Station and blip.fm should collect royalties for making available the music of a particular Recording Studio and build from there. In other words, they need the exposure and blip.fm is the vehicle to provide that service. Is a win win situation. I’m a listener and I know there is tremendous amount of talent in the blip.fm DJ world, just listen! - is not about the new bands or the 80’s, is about the set of songs and the taste that DJs share in a session and should not be undermined but cherished! - If record companies want the exposure charge them for it!! - Make blip.fm the desired place to listen to music!


Qrobur  on August 30th, 2011

Also, could you comment on this from the same blog?

Some blippers complained that they wanted more high quality mp3s, so Jeff has been working to secure some kind of deal. Now I don’t know the details, but I take it that the deal they worked out doesn’t allow hotlinking.

HowieWard  on August 30th, 2011

I made this suggestion to Votebox, an arm of Dropbox:

BlipFM DJs have uploaded countless songs via Dropbox.
Can songs that have been uploaded to Dropbox be sanctioned by Youtube? What kind of deal can be worked out to permit Youtube to search Dropbox? Blip.FM no longer is supporting Dropbox!

StreamingMimi  on August 30th, 2011

I doubt it would work, @HowieWard, since YouTube is all about videos. DJs who uploaded their music from Dropbox to Blip.fm did so to eliminate the videos.

Catoon  on August 30th, 2011

Pondering… how about the content available from archive.org. How could this fit in? Lots of great treasures there. From the site description:
This library contains over two hundred thousand free digital recordings ranging from alternative news programming, to Grateful Dead concerts, to Old Time Radio shows, to book and poetry readings, to original music uploaded by our users.

NeueBote  on August 30th, 2011

While I admit that I *can* still blip the studio version of Ray Charles’ “I Can’t Stop Loving You”, I suppose I *also* have to admit that the only option to do so now (a youtube video version featuring footage from some gun-totin’ computer game) doesn’t really capture the intended *essence* of the song.

StreamingMimi  on August 30th, 2011

Sounds great, @Catoon, but unfortunately, all Blip.fm is allowing right now is YouTube stuff. All the many, many hours of work fellow DJs have put into uploading music to be shared and enjoyed there has suddenly and without warning been wiped away!

AmyisImaginary  on August 30th, 2011

@streamingmimi You took the words right out of my mouth!!! “”Without a word you decided you will no longer allow our uploads to be played? Thanks for nothing! @**** and the others said everything I am thinking and feeling, so there is not too much I can add, (((((((other than how annoyed I am that you will not filter out the vulgarity and smutty songs that streams on a daily basis,))))))!!!!! but you will annihilate the hard work we DJs have put into uploading songs we love and want to share.

You are adding 1 million pristine songs? That is nothing compared with the junk that will have to be sifted through in order to find them.”" <<<—-REPLY….It take hours to find good quality music with no crappy, sex, dope, fondling, smut, video and Download, then upload, then tag into Blip. Hours. It can take AT LEAST 10 minutes to pull a tune on Blip search that is a quality piece. Who has that time when all we want to do is play music?

I’m not jumping ship. There will be a resolution to all of this, I am sure. It just may take a little bit of time. I really believe this. It is rather disappointing to all of us DJ’s who have spent the time to put in some fabulous pieces of music for Blip, especially those of us who pay for space to store them. Yet, I remain positive in the idea this will be resolved and in the meantime at least we can still play some music.

I’m just a little boat on that big Blip Sea, but I use the site daily, sometimes for hours-


star45  on August 30th, 2011

Here’s a link to a post by Angus MacDonald, General Counsel at Live365, Inc. regarding a recent court ruling that could have significant impact on the streaming audio industry.

The decision represents a significant victory for other cloud-based music services – such as Google, Amazon and Dropbox – who should have renewed confidence in operating their cloud services without a license.


The cloud locker service founded by Michael Robertson, scored a partial victory in the copyright litigation brought by EMI. In his August 22nd decision, Judge William H. Pauley III agreed with MP3tunes that the safe harbor provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) protected it against many of EMI’s infringement claims.

There are several key-takeaways from this important decision. First, this decision provides significant legal cover for cloud-based music locker services to continue providing their storage and play-back services without obtaining a license. (When Amazon and Google launched their respective cloud services earlier this year, the record labels were “upset” and clamored that licenses were necessary.) While the decision does not specifically address the legality of MP3tunes’ music locker business model or other similar cloud-based services, it is clear that MP3tunes would have completely escaped copyright liability if it had removed the specific songs listed in EMI’s takedown notices from its users’ lockers.

Second, the ruling re-affirms the DMCA as a powerful shield against copyright holders, who claimed that the DMCA did not apply to MP3tunes. As the court observed, “the DMCA does not place the burden of investigation on the Internet service provider.”

Finally, the ruling indicated that playing back songs stored in a user’s digital locker was not a “public performance” requiring a license, contrary to EMI’s contentions. This holding was a natural extension of an earlier decision – commonly referred to as the Cablevision case, which determined that a public performance license was not required for the play-back of television shows that were stored on a remote DVR at the direction of Cablevision’s subscribers.


JimmyStagger  on August 30th, 2011


I’m not angry, I’m just sad. I’ve made some really good friends on this site (and I’ve been around since this was an offshoot of Fuzz.com). I’m not interested in blipping YouTube vids and whatever 1 million “officially licensed” tracks the proto-corpses of the RIAA say I can hear. A large, and I’ll think you’ll find, crucial part of the Blip community was people sharing incredibly obscure, forgotten, or criminally overlooked music. Often that meant uploading things to their Dropbox. That functionality being taken away, well, that just sucks. I wish I could be more eloquent.

I don’t listen to popular music or music that has ever been popular. Blip was home to people who shared my tastes and people who share with me new ones. This all happened light years away from the mainstream. From what (admittedly scant) information I can glean from this blog post, it sounds like what we’re being offered is less choice of music…which invariably means mainstream, in my experience.

I’m willing to see what the “new” Blip is like, I’m not going to delete my account just yet, but I’m not hopeful. I’d like to personally thank all of the people who enjoyed the weirdo junk I played since December 2008.

Palma non sine pulvere!


c3p0  on August 30th, 2011


what a difference 2 years and not touching mp3’s make………..

CD  on August 30th, 2011

You could fix a database with ten thousand or ten million songs, it wouldn’t make a big difference to me. I want to be able to play and discover new music, not necessarily obscure, but new as in newly released.

Therefore, I wish that you would focus your attention on finding a way of allowing dropbox/hotlinking because that’s all I care about, and I’m sure that I’m not alone here. I would be perfectly fine with Youtube + hotlinking and nothing more.

Eri_Z  on August 30th, 2011

This is going to drive me away for good, I think.
I loved learning about new-to-me music. Loved chatting with some people of like mind. Loved propping up righteous DJs and loved receiving props in return.
I uploaded 1005 from my DB account and I know that’s not a hell of a lot compared to some but my only aim was to delight my fellow music lovers. And make them easily searchable, so you wouldn’t have to wade through crap, whether video or audio.
This is especially egregious because Dev Team has been so silent for the past few months. And then we get hit with this.
I’m angrier and sadder than I can possibly write.

purewaves  on August 30th, 2011

These changes are whack. What were you guys thinking, I can’t find anything I want to play. Bah

jong  on August 30th, 2011

Your also having another issue with the youtube files. When i preview a track, enter my text and blip the video it ceases to work and i have to refresh the page. Another annoyance.

StreamingMimi  on August 31st, 2011

Another day in Blip.fm hell!

Jeff  on August 31st, 2011

I just wanted you to know that I’m continuing to read and process your comments. To those of you that are offering constructive solutions - thank you as it’s helpful to hear ideas. To those that are upset, I can only say that I’m sorry that this had to happen as we did not have a choice in the matter. Just so you know, we haven’t given up and we’re working to find a solution here.

Also, many of you have been asking about when we will integrate the new tracks. Unfortunately, we are still working on it and it’s taken a lot longer than we thought. Please note that while we think this will be an improvement, we know that this in no way replaces the links that have been lost.

I’ve just posted an update at http://blog.blip.fm/2011/08/31/apologies-we-are-still-working-on-the-update/ - It’s nothing different than what I have been posting in these comments, but it is meant for those that have not been able to follow the discussion thread here.

Please keep the discussion going as we are checking back here frequently.



StreamingMimi  on August 31st, 2011

Jeff: “Please note that while we think this will be an improvement, we know that this in no way replaces the links that have been lost.”

Nothing will replace our time consuming work, Jeff, and I am so sad about that. I don’t want to leave Blip.fm, but I have lost so much heart in it now. I wish you could just get our ULs back.

SpinningDiscs  on August 31st, 2011

Just want to let the Staff of Blip.fm & the “Ambassadors” know, that while I may be upset with the direction that Blip.fm has taken, I cannot fault you on the creation of this site. I have been here almost from the beginning & have taken pride in uploading quality MP3’s to Blip.fm, (1304 to be exact) for streaming purposes only, so that good content is available for all. I have even spent my “HARD EARNED” money to make sure that they were “hosted” so that they could be searched and played on Blip.fm.

I like @Metal_Rocks & @backtoback, @Ladypn amd many others have taken the time to not only upload, but also to “tag” the MP3’s so that others know that when then searched and found any with our tags, they were assured that they were getting quality sounding songs.

Now, I am first, lost, because I received NO notice about the “change” and subsequent removal of ALL my uploads, second, just a bit sad, because I feel like I am losing an great outlet to play my music for others to enjoy. Thanks for the two years of fun & friendship. But, I think it’s time I “upgraded & updated” my music site.

Robert aka @SpinningDiscs

dj420  on August 31st, 2011

I am confused as to why I search youtube, find the track i want in the quality i want… Then I come to blip and that video is unavailable.

So are we only getting SOME of what is on youtube then?

StreamingMimi  on August 31st, 2011

Hey, dj420, you are not the only one confused! I am confused as to why this all happened in the first place! And, more so, why it was dropped on us without any warning! Since we were told we could only use YouTube to stream music on Blip.fm, you are right in thinking that everything available there should also play on Blip. What a mess, huh?

CD  on August 31st, 2011

@dj420: Not all Youtube videos allow embedding and that might the problem as far as I know. It’s an option to be selected by the uploader.

A lot of the official videos and high quality stuff on Youtube is therefore blocked because the record companies want you to go there and watch the VEVO advertisement or whatever it is that they’re concered about.

slipperydistortion  on August 31st, 2011

I’m going to miss those blippers that jump ship if we crossed paths on blip. (Rhyme unintended). It’s understandable that you do so.

And I want to thank the blippers that uploaded thousands of mp3s to make Blip a rich experience for all. I don’t think I realized before this uproar how much time and energy people put into uploading music for the benefit of all. For that, a well-deserved round of applause. I hope, somehow, your efforts are a loss forever. For now, I just want to acknowledge your contribution and your loss.

slipperydistortion  on August 31st, 2011

Clarification: I hope, somehow, your efforts are NOT a loss forever. For now, I just want to acknowledge your contribution and your loss.

Sorry for the confusion.

StreamingMimi  on August 31st, 2011

So nice of you to say, slipperydistortion, and so much appreciated by me and, I am sure, all other DJs who lost uploaded songs. We loved sharing them on Blip.fm and we are extremely sad that we’re no longer able to do so. Thank-you!

heb3  on August 31st, 2011

At the risk of reiterating the many voices above I just wanted to add how saddened I am by the recent changes to blip. As a relatively new user of blip it has been a delight to discover new tracks, hear old ones again and become part of a social community uniquely devoid of any pretensions.

I realise that the blip team are trying to resolve the situation, but with 80% of my tracks now deemed unavailable it would be great if the solution could find some way to reconnect the original music with the empty links.

In the words of avivajazz “Blip.fm blends streaming tunes (Grooveshark, Last.fm) with real-time sociability (Twitter). NO ONE ELSE does this.” It would be shame to lose this…

twentyfour  on September 1st, 2011

Linking mp3s great artist share, is what made this community open and great!

Closing it off to youtube, your own database and/or any other reviewed and censored base is putting you in the same company with all the others out there.

FYI: most new artist/blogs who freely distribute their mp3s, don’t post everything on Youtube or whatever.

I was here for the new music, if I wanted Youtube content, I can just stay on Youtube.

twentyfour  on September 1st, 2011

p.s: Looking for webs devs to make the alternative old Blip.fm ripoff site :D

fss34  on September 2nd, 2011

wow. i saw this coming when they hosted the dr.pepper phisher for like 3 days. lol. this blows. peace out blip. u fail.

for those that enjoyed GL1TCHG0R3 while we were here, u can still listen to our music thru links here: http://glitchgore.fss34.com

it’ll take us a bit to switch gears and find a new place to set things up and re-connect our DJ feeds for #Ch34.


Dawnrazor  on September 3rd, 2011

Ok, one day into the first weekend since the change… it’s frustrating not having some of my favorite songs available, and the greatly increased number of “unavailable” tracks in the search results sucks…

However it wasn’t a total disaster, (despite the absence of some of my favorite DJs), but it wasn’t nearly as fun as it used to be… Still undecided

evablue  on September 4th, 2011


The ability to blip MP3s HAVE NOT BEEN ADDED YET.

The Blip.fm dev team are still working on the updates this weekend. They hit some unexpected glitches connecting to the database/api etc so it’s taking longer than expected.

HOPEFULLY the update will be completed in the next day or so. Watch the MAIN BLOG PAGE http://blog.blip.fm. There will be an announcement when the update has been pushed through.

Thanks for your attention.

FUZZYFM  on September 14th, 2011

I’m glad I deleted my account 2 weeks ago - coming back to this thread 2 weeks down the line and reading everyone’s frustrations has meant I havent suffered any more than I needed to. Its perfectly OK though, I still have my archive on 4shared, blip only stole the means to share them with the blip community. I will still discover new music, its in my blood. I feel really sorry for those listeners/Dj’s struggling with the changes. I miss you all. FB is the “best in class” model for “sharing”. Ciao for now, friends.

weltherrscher  on September 17th, 2011

fuck you blip!

StreamingMimi  on September 19th, 2011

Just a quick announcement to anyone who may care:

My @StreamingMimi station has been ‘Temporarily Closed: Under Protest’ since 12:01 AM, 9-13-2011.

I miss everyone and I am hoping to return as soon as I see some improvements being made of the mess Blip.fm has become.

Warm love,

StreamingMimi  on September 19th, 2011

Hmmmm…it’s amazing how the listener count works these days. Early today I got 4 new listeners and then this evening just 10 minutes after I had last checked I lost 26. Since I am not blipping (see post above) I can understand if I lose listeners, but 26 in 10 minutes? I smell a Blip.fm rat!

itisthesong  on September 21st, 2011

So basically, you’ve fucked us. For revenue-sharing potential that will amount to nothing. Because the service model is devoid of value to USERS. That’s a relatively important component of a service model: someone to whom to provide a SERVICE to.

NotWilWheaton  on September 28th, 2011

With music manager status I uploaded many tracks including one tonight. Then, NONE of them are available, including the newest one. All of these tracks were creative commons share alike licensed, so you can’t say it’s a licensing problem. You also did this with no notification that it was happening, or that it happened. I just come back and none of my stuff is working. Guess you just lost another DJ and a source of great music that would not be heard otherwise. Thanks for nothing.

translucent  on September 28th, 2011

I have been having consistent problems with the songs that I have blipped from Grooveshark. They do not transition into the songs that follow them, but remain suspended indefinitely. Because I conceive of my Blip experience as an exercise in crafting seamless “sets”, rather than a discursive romp through random genres, the dismantling of my previous playlists due to the “licensing” agreements is demoralizing. Considering the current economic doldrums, in which the common people have been systematically stripped of all the little amenities that made resiliency possible, the submission of Blip to scum-sucking corporate pigs functions as an exclamation point to what has gone wrong since Bush stole the election. Sorry for the rambling, poorly-written rant, but I’m sick of a world in which everything innocent and joyous is relegated to a “business model” and licensing agreement. F–k capitalism, and f–k the lack of transparency.

translucent  on September 29th, 2011

All of the conjectures about the licensing trangressions ostensibly responsible for the recent purge give Blip to much credit. Call me cynical, call me dull, but it seems to me - on the basis of the hard evidence - that You Tube bought out Blip and now owns it. THAT is the reason for all of the secrecy. Prove me wrong.

StreamingMimi  on October 19th, 2011

No one has proven you wrong yet, @translucent! Still waiting…

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still a little frustrated with the service but I will give it another try

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