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Quick update on servers

Several of you have been kind enough to point out that we did not include server stability in the list from the last post.  We are experimenting with some configurations to try to get both performance and cost in balance, so that means there may be a few more days of spotty performance.   This is happening in parallel to the other dev work that was listed.

Thanks again for your patience!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks very much for the robust response to our request for feedback and bug reports at  Please keep them coming!  Wanted to let you know what is in the current development/bug fixing queue.  If you don’t see your own personal most important fix listed, it doesn’t mean it has been forgotten.  And you are welcome to pester us again at the support email.  I cannot give an exact timeline (they are always wrong), but this is the current active list.  In no particular order:

*reblips: not displaying and/or not getting email notifications

*incorrect date stamps

*missing/broken profile pics

*blips missing from /all stream

*Twitter integration issues

Please continue to post bugs and other issues to  Thanks!

Moved the servers - now what?

We’ve finished migrating our servers to a new provider - sorry for the pain, delay and downtime.  Up next we want to look into any new bugs that have arisen in the past week, as well as long standing bugs that persist.  Let us know at  Thanks!

Server Changes

We are making some changes to the Blip servers. There may be some greater than usual glitchiness as a result over the next 24-48 hours. Apologies for any headache this may cause.