Heads Up

We are getting close to deploying updates to the site, so we wanted to give a heads up, properly set expectations, etc.  To that end we have tried to anticipate some of your questions:

-”When is this thing going live?”  We plan to put the updated site up by April 21, but be advised these sorts of dates tend to move.

-”What is going to be different?”  Visually not much.  Things should break less.  Twitter and Facebook integrations should work again (though you may have to reset these connections).  Most importantly the updated backend code will allow us to efficiently make later changes and improvements (such as to the UI).

-”Hey this thing is broken!  I thought you were going to fix it not break it more.”  It is likely that the updated site will have bugs we were unable to detect during our Q&A process.  Please report any bugs by email to support@blip.fm.

-”What, this looks the same to me.  Has anything even changed?”  Sadly this is true.  This update does not add any new features or update the user interface.  That being said, these upgrades are a prerequisite to those kinds of future changes.

Please send any additional questions to support@blip.fm!