Ready?  OK, now panic.

You would think that 250%+ growth in active users this year would be cause for celebration.  If servers were free, that would be the case.  As you are all aware, we have made an effort to convert a fraction of our users into the paid/premium category.  While we appreciate everyone who opted in, and who reached out to others to do the same, at a macro scale we have failed miserably.  Despite the growth in traffic, due to changes in how our ad partners allocate ads/revs, and the lack of paid signups, our beloved Blip is approaching the precipice.  Since at this time we cannot predict being around anywhere near 12 months, we have withdrawn the annual membership option.

If we can scrape together funds, we may try a few painful, ugly changes, like constricting some or all features for unpaid users, raising prices on existing plans, and whatever other mischief we can conjure.  What can our paid users expect for their hard earned dollars?  Uh…not much.  Only this: hopefully we don’t shut the thing down, but it ain’t lookin’ good.  As if on cue, Blip is super glitchy today and we will try to fix it.It would be a huge gamble, traffic may tank, etc., and we may not be able to do it at all, but such may be the last cards we have to play.

For all of you paid users, past crowdfunding contributors, and unpaid advocates for keeping Blip alive, thank you!  And for everyone who has been a part of Blip at any time these many years, thanks for making it a fun ride.

It’s the Blip apocalypse, and I feel fine.