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ALO at the Sessions TODAY (February 24th) at 11AM Pacific

Hey everyone!  One of our favorite bands, ALO will be playing at the sessions today at 11AM Pacific.  Check it out here

Blipping and Propping not Properly Working

We understand that there are currently problems with blipping, propping, and re-blipping.  Please bear with us as we sort this out.

UPDATE: Yan has found a temporary fix and we will continue to investigate over the next 24 hours.  Please let us know if you come across any issues.


Jeff and Yan

Apologies - We are Still Working on The Update

We just wanted to let everyone know that we are still working on integrating the new content into the site.  We are testing the new search results and the playback in our staging environment and we hope to have everything working within the next few days.  It’s taken a lot longer than we expected and we apologize for the delay.  Also, it’s important to note that while we think the new tracks are an improvement, we understand that this is not a replacement for the hard work that you have gone through with the hotlinks.

We know this has been a difficult time for many of you with the recent content changes and we are investigating some possible solutions to improve the situation.  As many of you know, we’re a small team and we’re hustling to do the best we can with limited resources.  We have been reading, processing, and doing our best to respond to your comments, questions, and frustrations.  Again, we appreciate your patience as we work to find possible solutions that exist within our licensing arrangements.

Please check back here for updates as we will report back to you on a timely manner.


The Crew

80 Million Blips, 1 Million DJs Strong, and Content Update

Hey Blippers!  We know it’s been a while since you’ve last heard from us, but we wanted to give you an update on changes to our content sources due to our licensing arrangements.

You will continue to be able to access YouTube, and we will be adding significant content partners shortly, but (sadly) other sources will go away.  The good news is that we have just added nearly one million pristine licensed tracks and plan to add more in the near future.

Please help us with any comments or feedback as we’ve appreciated your support over the past 3 years!  Together we’ve grown to a million Blippers who have DJ’d over 80 million posts.  We have you to thank for that and we are truly grateful.

We’ve asked our Ambassadors, @evablue, @daretoeatapeach, and @briangreene to help us in answering questions.  As always, if you have any feedback, be sure to drop us a line at  Thanks for your support!


The Crew

Blipathon Is Back

Thanks to @briangreene, the Blipathon is back. For a second year in a row, we ask DJs to do their thing all day Valentines Day to raise donations for charity.  Blipping will kick off at 12:00AM on February 14th and run for 24 hours ending at 11:59PM in your local time zone.  DJs will be blipping messages with the hashtag #blipathon and a link to ( seeking donations for this years chosen charity Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders.  Donations should be made directly at

Just to say thanks for participating, we’ll give 100 credits on a random basis to 10 participants that use the #blipathon tag.

Open your heart & open your wallet this Valentines Day and give as much as you can. DJs are needed to take part and push the viral one day campaign in social media. More details via