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Ready?  OK, now panic.

You would think that 250%+ growth in active users this year would be cause for celebration.  If servers were free, that would be the case.  As you are all aware, we have made an effort to convert a fraction of our users into the paid/premium category.  While we appreciate everyone who opted in, and who reached out to others to do the same, at a macro scale we have failed miserably.  Despite the growth in traffic, due to changes in how our ad partners allocate ads/revs, and the lack of paid signups, our beloved Blip is approaching the precipice.  Since at this time we cannot predict being around anywhere near 12 months, we have withdrawn the annual membership option.

If we can scrape together funds, we may try a few painful, ugly changes, like constricting some or all features for unpaid users, raising prices on existing plans, and whatever other mischief we can conjure.  What can our paid users expect for their hard earned dollars?  Uh…not much.  Only this: hopefully we don’t shut the thing down, but it ain’t lookin’ good.  As if on cue, Blip is super glitchy today and we will try to fix it.It would be a huge gamble, traffic may tank, etc., and we may not be able to do it at all, but such may be the last cards we have to play.

For all of you paid users, past crowdfunding contributors, and unpaid advocates for keeping Blip alive, thank you!  And for everyone who has been a part of Blip at any time these many years, thanks for making it a fun ride.

It’s the Blip apocalypse, and I feel fine.

Moved the servers - now what?

We’ve finished migrating our servers to a new provider - sorry for the pain, delay and downtime.  Up next we want to look into any new bugs that have arisen in the past week, as well as long standing bugs that persist.  Let us know at  Thanks!

Server Changes

We are making some changes to the Blip servers. There may be some greater than usual glitchiness as a result over the next 24-48 hours. Apologies for any headache this may cause.

Can we Work Together to Keep Alive? (I think so!)

Team Blip,

I wanted to move this to a separate post.

I can’t thank you enough for your outpouring of support and kind words.  Quite honestly, it’s the community of wonderful and diverse diehard music fans that keeps me incurring the painful personal debt for server and bandwidth costs every month.  I have read every single one of your comments and I’m really impressed with the level of passion and excitement that you write and describe… some of you are amazing writers btw!

Since I can’t help myself, here are some of my favorites:

All of us appreciate this site, as it has grown to have special meaning to many of us.” - @LindyLuv

There is nothing like Blip anywhere else.” - @Bob0

Many of the other music sites do a better job of streaming high quality music, but no one does a better job than Blip of connecting music lovers socially.” - @Foggieloaner

To us, the dj interaction at blip is the site’s primary advantage over any of the other music sites, and so this feature of should be enhanced by whatever means possible in the future.” @webbedradio

Blip may be small compared to other online services but we are a close-knit community.” - @surreality

There were so many more great quotes that I want to include, but this one floored me!

I’m a musician. Music is my life. I’ve performed it and participated in it in many different ways but almost always with others. I’ve purchased tons of music, yet there’s something missing when I listen to it or perform it alone. This is why is so important to me. Psychologists agree that relationships are a basic human need and that humans seek “belongingness” defined by Wikipedia as the “human emotional need to be an accepted member of a group.” It also states, “This desire is so universal that the need to belong is found across all cultures and different types of people.” is more than just a music [site]. It’s a community of avid music lovers.

That said, is much more. It is unique. It is therapeutic. It is a support system. It is an outlet for creativity. It is entertainment. It is a vehicle for advertising/discovering new music and becoming educated/educating others. It is a place to make friends almost anywhere in the world and foster understanding/respect for diversity worldwide. It is a way to expand one’s foreign language skills. It is a musical “Twitter”. It is art. It can promote physical education, dance, studying a musical instrument, or music history. It is fun. And all of this in REAL TIME. You can’t get much more amazing than that!” - @GeorgeSand / Kathyrn

Thank you to @Scott-hn @8Oclockstart @playfulx and many others for the helpful brainstorm of ideas as well!

To summarize, here’s what I’m hearing from the group.  Please let me know if I missed anything.

Blippers would be open to:

1) periodic donations


2) a monthly subscription

In exchange, Blippers would like:

1) periodic maintenance of the site

2) better communication from me (sorry folks, I’ve been really bad about this admittedly)

3) fixing outstanding bugs (please help point these out)

4) a way to integrate more music content or partner with other streaming services like Spotify, Rdio, and/or SoundCloud (this one is harder than you think due to a whole host of issues)

5) Upgrade the totally outdated server infrastructure (this one will not be easy either)

6) I’m sure more - please keep adding them in the comment section

Also, I would like to address a few questions.

1) What are you going to do with the money if the community helps out?

First and foremost, I would likely need to hire engineering support to keep the site up and going.  Second, there are ongoing server and bandwidth costs.  Third, still resides on some completely outdated and brutally slow (and expensive) servers.  (This will be a PAINFUL cost and process, but let’s not get into detail here.)  Finally, I would like to slowly try to dig myself out of the massive debt of paying from these servers month after month.  I know that making a donation requires trust and I hope you can put that trust into me to help keep alive.

2) Where have you been and why have you neglected

I’ve been focusing my efforts on building  We also built Fuzz as many of you know as means to showcase the API behind  As many of you acknowledged in your comments, I’m grateful that you understand that I do need to run a business to support my family. is the latest endeavor that best meets that need.

Forgive the brief commercial, but for those of you that don’t know what it is, provides a legal way to add popular music (THINK: Deadmau5 to Zeppelin) to websites, apps, and games to drive engagement, retention, and revenues.  If any of you run a US business interested in adding popular music, please hit us up at  I’d love to work with you!

Running a start-up is brutally hard and quite frankly, I need to focus my energies on efforts that show the most promise. was once that glimmer of that promise and maybe with your help we can grow it again.  Maybe a mobile app?

3) What’s the timing of the changes if we decide to contribute our hard-earned dollars to the cause?

To be honest, I don’t know.  I still need to think this through and figure out what resources I would need.  I would also like to understand what in your mind is a reasonable monthly charge.  $5, $10, open for what you think it’s worth?

An initial donation might really help to get things started.  We would then possibly move to a monthly subscription.  I’m honestly not sure yet, but I just want to share some of my initial thinking here.

Also, some of you asked about the ads.  They barely provide any revenue.  If we can figure out a reasonable revenue model, I would be open to turning the ads off… again, I need to think all of this through but more on that later.

Anyway, thank you again for your efforts here and all of the great comments.  I’m going to periodically check back and I’d love to start the conversation if you are up for it.  Also, let’s all agree to be civil to each other as I’m sure you will have differing opinions.  Please also be patient with me as these things take time.

Looking forward to your comments!



Grooveshark Integration Arrives

UPDATE: Site is back up. Also forgot to mention that the -video search flag is also working again.

Hey Everybody,

First off, we’d like to thank everyone for their patience. We know this transition hasn’t been handled well and that getting Grooveshark tracks integrated took longer than we and you would have liked. That said, there are now nearly 1MM pristine MP3 tracks available via our search in partnership with Grooveshark’s api. Again, we know this is in no way a replacement for the tracks that are now unavailable, but we hope that it will at least serve as an initial attempt to improve the content quality while adhering to our licensing arrangement. Here is a small sample of some of the artists that are now available for blipping and streaming:

Bright Eyes
Daft Punk
Beastie Boys
The Dandy Warhols
Depeche Mode
Milton Nascimento
Talking Heads
David Guetta
Arcade Fire
Grizzly Bear
She & Him
Lily Allen
Katy Perry
David Bowie
Kate Bush
Dr. John
Ice Cube
LCD Soundsystem
Kylie Minogue
Bob Mould
Diana Ross
The Sex Pistols
KT Tunstall
Robbie Williams

We’ll be monitoring usage this week and working with grooveshark to ensure that their api can handle normal usage from our site. It’s possible that there may be some rate limit issues, e.g. unavailable tracks at times, while we work through this. Also of note is that due to some technical limitations, all of the tracks we’re licensed to play don’t actually have a corresponding mp3 to play. If this sounds a little weird, don’t worry, it is :-) Essentially there’s always discrepancies between the list of licensed tracks that are provided to us and grooveshark and the playable tracks themselves. In light of this, we’ve made our search smart so if a track is unavailable and there actually isn’t a corresponding file on grooveshark for the result, then it will no longer be shown. This means as time goes on you’ll see less and less unavailable tracks.

Finally, this is just the first step. We’re continuing to investigate options to bring back added content where possible. We also remain focused on ultimately providing a new offering that improves and expands upon the experience. Please let us know if you come across any issues with the new grooveshark tracks and email us via As always, we appreciate your support and understanding.

– The Crew