Archive for 'Maintenance' is online but data migration is in progress

During maintenance the counters of props, listeners and blips have been reworked and will show zero values the next couple of days. This issue will be fixed soon. We apologies for the possible inconveniences.

Blip is offline for maintenance

Blip will be offline for 2-4 hours beginning 3 am Pacific Standard Time on April 11 , while we make updates to our servers.  After coming back online, please report any bugs to

Scheduled down time

Just to mix things up, we decided to break the site on purpose and use that time to update some server software.  So around 1:30 a.m. Friday (e.g. late Thursday night) the site will go down and hopefully will revive within a few hours.

Moved the servers - now what?

We’ve finished migrating our servers to a new provider - sorry for the pain, delay and downtime.  Up next we want to look into any new bugs that have arisen in the past week, as well as long standing bugs that persist.  Let us know at  Thanks!

Server Changes

We are making some changes to the Blip servers. There may be some greater than usual glitchiness as a result over the next 24-48 hours. Apologies for any headache this may cause.