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Scheduled down time

Just to mix things up, we decided to break the site on purpose and use that time to update some server software.  So around 1:30 a.m. Friday (e.g. late Thursday night) the site will go down and hopefully will revive within a few hours.

Moved the servers - now what?

We’ve finished migrating our servers to a new provider - sorry for the pain, delay and downtime.  Up next we want to look into any new bugs that have arisen in the past week, as well as long standing bugs that persist.  Let us know at  Thanks!

Server Changes

We are making some changes to the Blip servers. There may be some greater than usual glitchiness as a result over the next 24-48 hours. Apologies for any headache this may cause.

Grooveshark Integration Arrives

UPDATE: Site is back up. Also forgot to mention that the -video search flag is also working again.

Hey Everybody,

First off, we’d like to thank everyone for their patience. We know this transition hasn’t been handled well and that getting Grooveshark tracks integrated took longer than we and you would have liked. That said, there are now nearly 1MM pristine MP3 tracks available via our search in partnership with Grooveshark’s api. Again, we know this is in no way a replacement for the tracks that are now unavailable, but we hope that it will at least serve as an initial attempt to improve the content quality while adhering to our licensing arrangement. Here is a small sample of some of the artists that are now available for blipping and streaming:

Bright Eyes
Daft Punk
Beastie Boys
The Dandy Warhols
Depeche Mode
Milton Nascimento
Talking Heads
David Guetta
Arcade Fire
Grizzly Bear
She & Him
Lily Allen
Katy Perry
David Bowie
Kate Bush
Dr. John
Ice Cube
LCD Soundsystem
Kylie Minogue
Bob Mould
Diana Ross
The Sex Pistols
KT Tunstall
Robbie Williams

We’ll be monitoring usage this week and working with grooveshark to ensure that their api can handle normal usage from our site. It’s possible that there may be some rate limit issues, e.g. unavailable tracks at times, while we work through this. Also of note is that due to some technical limitations, all of the tracks we’re licensed to play don’t actually have a corresponding mp3 to play. If this sounds a little weird, don’t worry, it is :-) Essentially there’s always discrepancies between the list of licensed tracks that are provided to us and grooveshark and the playable tracks themselves. In light of this, we’ve made our search smart so if a track is unavailable and there actually isn’t a corresponding file on grooveshark for the result, then it will no longer be shown. This means as time goes on you’ll see less and less unavailable tracks.

Finally, this is just the first step. We’re continuing to investigate options to bring back added content where possible. We also remain focused on ultimately providing a new offering that improves and expands upon the experience. Please let us know if you come across any issues with the new grooveshark tracks and email us via As always, we appreciate your support and understanding.

– The Crew

Tonight’s Maintenance

UPDATE 5:53 am PST - We’re having issues with one of our database tables. We’re in process of repairing this table, but this will likely take another hour or two.

Tonight’s maintenance will add one major new feature: the ability to follow your blip friends on twitter (if they’ve integrated their twitter account) right from within the website. There are also a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. Most notable of those is the quicker removal of YouTube links that have become unavailable. We’re also continuing to diagnose and fix the slowdown issues that have been affecting the site as of late. The blog will be updated with more details once the maintenance is over