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Tonight’s Update

Hey everybody. Wanted to give a quick rundown of what tonight’s maintenance is going to cover. Unfortunately, it’s not that exciting, mostly just small tweaks and fixes.

  • Tweaks to the search. “-” (dash) and ” ‘ ” (apostrophe) characters have been causing some weirdness / bad results. That has been fixed. The new search also has a number of cool advanced options that we haven’t really covered - look for a blog about that soon.
  • Tag Tuner improvements. The tag tuner should be much better at finding blips for artists, genres, and hashtags that you enter manually, not just those in the tag cloud itself. Pagination has also been improved a bit.
  • Badge email preference. We like the badges and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, but it was always our intention to make this an optional part of the experience. You can now choose on your settings page to not be notified about new badges you’ve earned.
  • Badge email improvements. We’ve added the particular blip that triggered the pioneer badge, and also a general description of each badge in their respective emails, so you know exactly what you did to earn them.
  • Fixes to the “block user” function. You will no longer receive any communication (emails) from users that you’ve blocked.
  • Backend stuff. As always, there are a number of bug fixes etc… that can’t really be tied to any particular part of the user experience, but they’re important too :-)

See you on the other side!

Mainenance: Debut of the TagTuner and Badges

We’re updating the beta site ( with some huge new features. Details to come after we get the site back online… hang in there, you’re going to like what you see!

All of these features will be on the beta site while we work out all the bugs. We’ll be acknowledging the people who help us squash the bugs, so make sure to send us your feedback!

#1: The TagTuner
This is a big deal in terms of music and DJ discovery. Now instead of sifting through all the noise on the “All Blips” page we make it easy to tune into the music that you want to hear. You are presented with a tag cloud of recent trending topics (broken down into hashtags, artists, and genres). When you select tags, only blips that match those categories will filter through to your blipstream. If you want to hear U2, Madonna and Acid Jazz right now, you got it. Nobody else does this. In fact, we have a patent pending on the concept.

#2: Badges
We’ve been seeing a ton of people do extraordinary things on Some people find the best music before anyone else, others know how to work the crowd, some DJs get props from tens of thousands of listeners, then there’s the guys that blip all day everyday. We wanted to do something to let you guys show off a bit. After this update, you’ll see a box in the right column with the different badges that you can earn for reaching certain achievements. Some of them are pretty easy to get, others will take a bit more work. We plan to keep coming up with new badges as time goes on, so if you have any ideas for something awesome, send it our way.

NOTE: We’re going to reset these badges once we push all these updates to the main site, so that everyone can start out on a level playing field. Don’t worry though, for helping us work out the kinks you’re going to get something that can’t be got otherwise.

#3: DJ Quick Add/Props
Add any DJ to your favorites or give them props without having to go to their profile page. This is something we’ve had lots of requests for.

#4: Block DJ
Prevent a DJ from sending you @replies and adding you as a favorite DJ. You’ll never see their blips in your personalized blipstream again.

#5: Weekly Update Emails
This one you might not get to see for a little while, until we push the stuff to the main site, but it’s rad. Every week we’ll send you an email with the activity that’s happened over the past seven days (who’s given you props, reblips, new listeners, etc.).

#6: Faster Page Loads
We’re going to spend the next few weeks trying to get your pages loading and playing music super fast. This should be incremental if you use the beta site, so it should keep getting faster as we tweak things.


Zombies in the Matrix

A little unplanned maintenance to take care of this evening. We should be back online in just a few minutes.

Wow, you guys blip a LOT. We tracked the problem back to a corrupt table in the master database that stores all the blips that people post. Don’t worry, they’re safe, but due to the total number of blips it takes a while to get things back in order.

We’re already planning some changes that will keep the site up in case of failures like these, but as luck would have it we got hit with the ghost in the machine just a few days before we had planned to move over to the new setup.

If anyone is interested in the more nerdy side of running things, I plan to write a series of posts about the kind of hurdles and pitfalls you might run into when you’re building an internet company. There seems to be a common path from initial release through to scale that you don’t find out about until you’re dealing with it.


Maintenance Tonight (9 PM PST)

Hey all,

We’ve got a scheduled maintenance window of approximately 2 hours this evening at 9 PM PST. Here’s a quick rundown of what will be new and improved once we’re back up:

  • 1st round of Facebook integration - push blips to your Facebook profile using Facebook Connect. The next round will have support for finding friends and deeper integration from the Facebook side of things.
  • Improved services interface - we’ll tell you when there’s connection issues with your integrations.
  • Changes to our contact importer scripts to prevent accidental sending of mass invites.
  • A smattering of bug fixes.

We’re going to start sending out newsletters soon as well. The initial one will be the first of what will become monthly installments. We’ve also got plans for other small emails such as tips and tricks for how to get the most out of In preparation for this, we’ve added a preference for newsletters on your settings page so make sure to update that if you don’t want to hear from us on occasion.

Yan and Ian

Exclude Video Search Results, Add Youtube links and more

As most of you know, we recently added support for blipping Youtube videos. We think this has been a great addition, but we also realize that we won’t please everyone with every new feature. We like to add new features as soon as they’re ready and then refine them based on user feedback. To that end, you can now type -video along with your search term to filter out video search results. For example:

  • Searching for “Rolling Stones” will still yield the mixed search results of video and audio as it used to.
  • Searching for “Rolling Stones -video” will produce results with videos filtered out.

We’re aware that not everyone has unlimited bandwidth, so we do plan to allow you to skip over video blips in the future. However, there is some groundwork we still have to lay in order to make sure that the user experience of this feels right.

We’ve also had some questions about how to add videos that are difficult to find through or maybe just haven’t shown up in Youtube’s search results yet. Well, you can now paste the full url of a youtube video (e.g. ) into the search field to blip that video.

There were also a couple other additions / fixes in this round of maintenance:

  • Problems with credits being attributed correctly have been fixed and credit counts have been rectified based off our master records.
  • More songs now have iTunes links since we realize this is a preference for many. We’re also working to expand purchasing availability for our international users.