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Maintenance Tonight (9 PM PST)

Hey all,

We’ve got a scheduled maintenance window of approximately 2 hours this evening at 9 PM PST. Here’s a quick rundown of what will be new and improved once we’re back up:

  • 1st round of Facebook integration - push blips to your Facebook profile using Facebook Connect. The next round will have support for finding friends and deeper integration from the Facebook side of things.
  • Improved services interface - we’ll tell you when there’s connection issues with your integrations.
  • Changes to our contact importer scripts to prevent accidental sending of mass invites.
  • A smattering of bug fixes.

We’re going to start sending out newsletters soon as well. The initial one will be the first of what will become monthly installments. We’ve also got plans for other small emails such as tips and tricks for how to get the most out of In preparation for this, we’ve added a preference for newsletters on your settings page so make sure to update that if you don’t want to hear from us on occasion.

Yan and Ian

Exclude Video Search Results, Add Youtube links and more

As most of you know, we recently added support for blipping Youtube videos. We think this has been a great addition, but we also realize that we won’t please everyone with every new feature. We like to add new features as soon as they’re ready and then refine them based on user feedback. To that end, you can now type -video along with your search term to filter out video search results. For example:

  • Searching for “Rolling Stones” will still yield the mixed search results of video and audio as it used to.
  • Searching for “Rolling Stones -video” will produce results with videos filtered out.

We’re aware that not everyone has unlimited bandwidth, so we do plan to allow you to skip over video blips in the future. However, there is some groundwork we still have to lay in order to make sure that the user experience of this feels right.

We’ve also had some questions about how to add videos that are difficult to find through or maybe just haven’t shown up in Youtube’s search results yet. Well, you can now paste the full url of a youtube video (e.g. ) into the search field to blip that video.

There were also a couple other additions / fixes in this round of maintenance:

  • Problems with credits being attributed correctly have been fixed and credit counts have been rectified based off our master records.
  • More songs now have iTunes links since we realize this is a preference for many. We’re also working to expand purchasing availability for our international users.

Maintenance, Tonight @ 1am (Tuesday, April 21 08:00 GMT)

Here we go again! We’ll need to take down the site for some database upgrades tonight at 1am PST (that’s 08:00 GMT). We’ll be doing everything we can to keep you from going through blip withdrawal. The update should take no longer than 2hrs, more likely less time than that.

This push contains a pretty significant batch of updates. I’ll post a longer entry talking about the changes once everything is live. But as a little teaser, you’ll soon be able to blip from a much larger music pool with more reliable playback. So there will be more relevant tracks and less “unavailable” songs and 30 second clips showing up in the search results. We also added a one-stop-shop integration service that’ll allow you to broadcast your blips to a ton of external services.

I have to thank everyone for sending us your feedback. We read all your emails and even though we might not be able to respond to everything, we take it all into consideration. Thanks for making my job awesome.


Maintenance: Tonight @ 11:00pm (Tuesday, April 7, 7:00am GMT)

Hey blippers,

We will be upgrading a few things on the site that will require a 1-2 hour maintenance window. As usual, we’ll try to get things done as fast as possible. This set of updates is getting things prepared for the iPhone app release, which we hope to submit to the Apple store in the very near future. The wait is nearly over!

There’s also a few other updates in there to get us ready for some new features that lots of blippers have been asking for (no @phatduckk, no comments yet).

Stay tuned!

Maintenance: Tonight @ 12:00am (Friday, Feb 27, 8:00am GMT)

So this time I’m saying “tonight” at 12:00am, even though it’s technically Friday. Completely inconsistent, maybe, but it just sounds better.

This maintenance window will last about 2 hours and, unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot of sexy stuff to show for it. This update is predominantly back-end work, along with bug fixes and configuration changes, that will allow us to start collecting additional information in preparation for new features down the line. The good news is that the site should be a bit faster once it’s complete.

Thanks for your patience. We try to get this stuff done as fast as possible at the slowest part of the day, but unfortunately for those in the GMT +n zones of the world, that’s prime Blipping time. We’ll keep it as brief as possible!




Update: Things are going a little overtime. We’re just optimizing some database tables, then checking to make sure everything works, and we should be back in 20min.