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Crowd Sourcing Search Results

Why Crowd Source?

Tonight’s maintenance includes the first phase of something we’re really excited about: crowd sourcing search results. Most of you have probably experienced the frustration of finding someone singing a cover version of a song or a poor quality live version filmed from a cellphone instead of the track you were looking for. If all youtube videos had some sort of metadata that identified it as a cover or a live version (or even if people titled things similarly), we could do this ourselves. Unfortunately, that’s not the case; so we need your help!

Phase 1: Flagging Tracks

You’ll find a flag icon to the right of the preview link in search results. If you feel a track should be removed from our results, simply click the flag, choose one of the applicable reasons why the track is bad and click OK.

Phase 2: Independent Review of Flagged Tracks

While the process of flagging bad tracks is going on, we’ll be working on phase 2 of this solution - allowing users to independently verify that a flagged track is indeed bad. The independent review of flagged tracks is necessary to ensure that we only remove bad tracks and not those that are flagged inaccurately or accidentally. Since this process will be a little more tricky than simply flagging tracks, it will likely be gradually rolled out so that we can tweak things along the way.
Stay tuned for that!

As always, there are some small bug fixes included here and there in this code push as well. Thanks for blipping!


Facebook Integration Update & More

We’ve updated our Facebook integration to the new open graph api and OAuth 2.0 authentication method. What does this mean to you?

  • No more expiring sessions, i.e. blips not posting to Facebook
    The old authentication was session based and the sessions would expire after a certain amount of time.
  • Post to pages other than your profile
    If you manage multiple Facebook pages, you’ll now be able to choose which pages your blips get sent to.
  • Choose Facebook page to receive blips

  • Find out which of your Facebook friends are on
    When viewing your account details we’ll show a list of all your Facebook friends who are also DJs.
  • Facebook friends who are on

If you’ve already integrated you’re Facebook account, you’ll need to update your Facebook authentication to see these updated options by visiting:

Click the “update authentication” link.
Update Facebook Authentication Example

Also In This Update

Also included with this update were a number of performance improvements and bug fixes. If you’re interested in this geeky stuff like us, let us know and we’ll shed more light on some of the steps we’ve taken and what else we’ve got planned to make the site even more snappy!

Exclude Video Search Results, Add Youtube links and more

As most of you know, we recently added support for blipping Youtube videos. We think this has been a great addition, but we also realize that we won’t please everyone with every new feature. We like to add new features as soon as they’re ready and then refine them based on user feedback. To that end, you can now type -video along with your search term to filter out video search results. For example:

  • Searching for “Rolling Stones” will still yield the mixed search results of video and audio as it used to.
  • Searching for “Rolling Stones -video” will produce results with videos filtered out.

We’re aware that not everyone has unlimited bandwidth, so we do plan to allow you to skip over video blips in the future. However, there is some groundwork we still have to lay in order to make sure that the user experience of this feels right.

We’ve also had some questions about how to add videos that are difficult to find through or maybe just haven’t shown up in Youtube’s search results yet. Well, you can now paste the full url of a youtube video (e.g. ) into the search field to blip that video.

There were also a couple other additions / fixes in this round of maintenance:

  • Problems with credits being attributed correctly have been fixed and credit counts have been rectified based off our master records.
  • More songs now have iTunes links since we realize this is a preference for many. We’re also working to expand purchasing availability for our international users.

New Noise

The past few months have brought hundreds of thousands of new users to In fact, we are currently doubling the number of DJs every 10 weeks. Thanks to your efforts, we have rocketed up the charts on all the definitive website ranking sites and continue to see people stick around for DJ sessions way longer than most other social networks. Fortunately, we’ve been able to bolster our infrastructure to keep ahead of the new traffic and we will continue to make improvements along the way.

Today, Papa’s got a new bag of tricks. What tricks? Well, for starters we’ve just increased the number of songs in the song catalog by more than double, with even more to come. Yep, there’s a whole lot more stuff to blip. We’ve partnered with imeem to deliver all the full-length tracks they offer. And, because imeem stores all of the songs on their own super fast servers, you’ll see far less “unavailable” tracks from now on. You don’t have to do anything different, will pretty much behave the same as it always has; you search for music, preview and select a song just like before, but there’s just a whole lot more music to choose from.

The other big update is the addition of in the external services. Which effectively means we’ve added about 30 new social networking sites you can broadcast to. is like the swiss army knife of updating social networks. You set it up once and from then on it’ll update all your accounts with one post. You can automatically post blips to facebook, myspace, imeem,, and all of these other sites. Just sign up over at, set up all the accounts you want to broadcast to, and add the external account in your settings. Happy broadcasting, blippers.

Some of you might also notice that we’ve changed “props to give” to “credits”. There’s a good reason for this: it was confusing. It was hard to explain the difference between props given to you and props to give. So, now you have props and credits. You use one credit to give props, and the person getting props also gets one credit. When you invite someone to sign up, you get a credit, etc. See? Simpler, right? OK, maybe there’s another reason for the change in nomenclature, but you’ll have to wait for that one.

Finally, there’s a long list of bugs and updates that are like candy sprinkles to make things even sweeter.

  • New badges for 5,000, 10,000, and 25,000 listeners
  • Cleaned up the UI just a bit
  • Less short clips in the search results
  • Fixed the playlist player for Windows users
  • correctly shows last 10 scrobbles again
  • Changing account info on external services correctly verifies the info
  • More less-interesting-but-good bug fixes

We’re always working to improve the service. Keep the feedback coming, we’re here all day looking at the computer screen and your emails give us a nice little break, and sometimes a good laugh.


Reblip those blips

We’ve added a new feature today to Blip: reblipping. I’m sure you’re all like us and have from time to time come across a blip you really liked and wanted to blip it yourself to share it with your listeners. This used to require you to search for the song, preview etc… basically a lot of work and worst of all the DJ who played it never got any cred for it! Well it’s dead easy now to reblip, just click the circular arrow icon (kinda looks like refresh or recycle) in the lower right hand corner of a blip and boom, the song will be preselected. You can of course edit the message to your satisfaction. The reblipped blip will have a text link “(reblip)” after your message that will link back to the original blip.

And just to sweeten the pie, we’ll hook you up with a credit whenever someone reblips one of your blips. You can adjust your notification settings for reblips on your settings page at So get out there and start reblipping some tracks, it’s easier than ever!