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Weekly Twitter Updates 2009-08-17

  • Just for kicks I’ve started a ( userscript for #
  • Whoops, just fixed the Growl notifications: #
  • Network issues at our ISP ate causing the site to be unreachable. #
  • We’ll be having about 1hr of downtime tonight. This one is nothing special, a few bug fixes and adding additional servers to help w/ load. #
  • @BrianGreene Probably at 11 PM Pacific, but we’ll confirm and announce it a few hours before. in reply to BrianGreene #
  • Maintenance tonight at 12am Pacific. Shouldn’t be more than 1hr. #
  • Maintenance delayed until tomorrow. We’re going to improve some monitoring tools in the meantime. Keep on blippin’ through the night :) #

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-11

  • @helenmosher why thank you =) Let us know if you have any feedback! #

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-02

  • almost there… #
  • Our poor lead dev is working at 1am and ran out of cigarettes. its a tragedy! #
  • @mmemaledicta we were moving Blip off last night and for a little while something was messed up with login. sorry about that #
  • Blip now lives entirely on #