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Update re: track availability

The track availability issue continues to plague some users (actually all users to at least some degree).  While we do not have a comprehensive solution, we do understand the issue a bit more and this information may help some users improve their experience.  Here is what we know:

-browser choice can effect availability; we have found that running latest edition of Chrome has produced the best results in internal tests

-Flash settings can effect availability and functioning of the player; individual users will have to assess their own comfort level with potential security issues that are associated with allowing Flash to run; in many cases this is an all or nothing proposition (if you allow Flash, the player works)

-beyond browser choice and Flash settings, track availability is primarily a function of API and content settings that are not in our control, due to Blip’s reliance on third party APIs to source content

-please email us at if you have found other browsers, settings, etc. that improve availability, particularly less commonly known browsers we likely have not tested

We are looking at replacing the flash player, which would help the availability issue and likely broaden browser compatibility.  This is a part of a larger set of code fixes that will require what is for us a significant expenditure of funds (e.g. more than we have).  We will update the blog when and if that moves forward and we give it a better than 50/50 chance.

Thanks for still being a part of Blip!


After an initial investigation, it appears the sudden decline in available tracks is not related to anything in the Blip code base or architecture.  As we dig deeper, we will likely be able to confirm this assessment.  We will revisit status of this issue in 30 days and update as to any changes to this or other open questions.  Sorry for the emotional roller coaster ride.

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A brief update:

-Improved Search Results: Well it was fun while it lasted.  Actually there is still hope, but it is not 100% in our control.  We are working on it.

-Bugs: please continue to report bugs via email to; these will be tackled as resources permit (which means your most hated bugs will probably be there for a while).

-Ad Blockers: we have detected a substantial rise in the use of ad blocking tools. While we understand that ads can be annoying (ok, very annoying), we can’t put it more bluntly than to say that this may pose an imminent existential threat to  Users are up, but ad revs are down and the math just doesn’t work.

-Fundraising: We continue to explore financing, but have not landed any firm commitments on appropriate terms.


A brief update:

Bugs: please continue to report bugs via email to  We will prioritize and tackle them as resources permit.

Fundraising:  we are exploring with a number of interested parties, but cannot report anything definitive at this time.

What about crowdfunding:  we keep getting inquiries about this, so we will continue to reevaluate this option from time to time.  Some have mentioned the idea of doing what is called ‘equity crowdfunding’ (such as through,, etc.), so we will also consider this.

Thanks for being a part of Blip!


Wanted to update folks on various items of interest (basically same topics as last time around):

What about those !#$@ bugs? We have stomped out a few more, but the intermittent ’sometimes I can prop, sometimes I can’t’ bug is still causing us headaches.  Feel free to send us more detailed descriptions if you are experiencing this one (email

Blip [still ]needs new tires and a paint job, are you gonna raise some money to do something or what? Still exploring, which we could share more but we can’t.  Still no certainty.

I missed the Rockethub campaign, are you going to run another so I can contribute? Not currently planned, but will consider it if we keep getting these inquiries.

What did you do with those gazillion dollars from Rockethub? Spent every last cent on locking in our servers at a much lower price for the next couple years.

Thanks for being a part of Blip!