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Development Update

Just a quick update on development work and timing.  Work is underway, but it will be quite a while before anything is visible (May).  Keep in mind that the work being done is focused on updating the core code and fixing bugs (including FB and Twitter integrations).  Something more fun like a design refresh is not in this round.


Development Update

Thanks to some modest success in fundraising, we are about to commence a significant amount of development work to improve  If you have particular bugs that you want to see fixed during this work, make sure you email details to Please note that posting @replies to the blipfm account is not a good way to get bugs on the fix list.  That account is not monitored for bug reports, so please use the support email.

Since the work being done constitutes a major rewrite of much of Blip’s code, in many cases it would be inefficient to go in and individually fix those bugs, only to have to rewrite that same code a couple weeks later.  Sorry for any frustration this causes, but we have to be judicious with our limited resources.

Thanks for being a part of Blip!

Pain and progress

Happy 2017!  Thanks for all the helpful feedback on the on the move from FLASH to an HTML player.  A few people are still reporting errors and issues with the new player, but we will continue to track those and hopefully iron them out soon.  Moving forward, the good news is we are going to upgrade the code to current standards and fix outstanding FB and Twitter connectivity bugs. Although this will not result in a fancy new UI or new bells and whistles, we are excited just to make some long overdue code fixes. These fixes are necessary in order for Blip to continue to function, so yes they are the priority. Regarding content, we will do everything we can on our end to maximize availability, but ultimately content owners (artists, labels) determine what they make available to Blip.  Please continue to email with detailed bug reports - these are extremely helpful.

Thanks again!

Quick Update Re: Player

We have begun work fixing the player, but it will probably be next week sometime before you can see any difference.  Basically Blip uses neolithic-era versions of third party APIs, and those third parties have stopped supporting the most ancient versions, so we have to update.  Some users have had no issues, while others have been encountering a major problems.  We will update you when the work is completed.

Update re: track availability

The track availability issue continues to plague some users (actually all users to at least some degree).  While we do not have a comprehensive solution, we do understand the issue a bit more and this information may help some users improve their experience.  Here is what we know:

-browser choice can effect availability; we have found that running latest edition of Chrome has produced the best results in internal tests

-Flash settings can effect availability and functioning of the player; individual users will have to assess their own comfort level with potential security issues that are associated with allowing Flash to run; in many cases this is an all or nothing proposition (if you allow Flash, the player works)

-beyond browser choice and Flash settings, track availability is primarily a function of API and content settings that are not in our control, due to Blip’s reliance on third party APIs to source content

-please email us at if you have found other browsers, settings, etc. that improve availability, particularly less commonly known browsers we likely have not tested

We are looking at replacing the flash player, which would help the availability issue and likely broaden browser compatibility.  This is a part of a larger set of code fixes that will require what is for us a significant expenditure of funds (e.g. more than we have).  We will update the blog when and if that moves forward and we give it a better than 50/50 chance.

Thanks for still being a part of Blip!