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Bug Fixing Update

Thanks everyone for letting us know about the bugs you are seeing on blip.  Please email us at if you are still experiencing these bugs or have other issues.  Be sure to identify the bug as
-long standing (from early September or before),
-triggered by the server migration (issue began around September 18, 2015), or
-brand new issue

See update notes below to confirm status of your particular issue:

*reblips: not displaying and/or not getting email notifications
STATUS: fixed

*incorrect date stamps
STATUS: fixed

*missing/broken profile pics
STATUS: server side issue fixed, BUT you may have to re-upload the image to clear out the problem (sorry)

*blips missing from /all stream
STATUS: fixed

*Twitter integration issues
STATUS: fixed, BUT you may have to toggle it off/on to get it to work (if that doesn’t work, delete and then reconnect with Twitter at

*Blips not playing when selected (have to also click play button on YouTube player)
STATUS: unknown, please report if you are still seeing this issue and describe the behavior

Thank you, again! And a word on the golden rule…

Thanks everyone for your patience and support - sometimes its been more generous than we have deserved.  As I said before, the devs are figuring out how this excellent but dinosaur-era code works, and undoubtedly we will break something again, probably about the time this posts, so heads up.


Now for a word about user conduct, aka the golden rule.  In case anyone was wondering, here is our take, in a nutshell:

-blip is a place where passions sometimes reveal themselves, and that is mostly a good thing

-if a conversation turns negative most folks will (and should) either steer clear of each other or apologize

-if you violate our terms (e.g. hassle people on the site), and do it again after a warning, you should expect to be deleted

-its almost painless, just like getting a flu shot, except afterword you have no blip account

-we might even miss seeing you/hearing your music on the site, but that won’t save you

-it takes about 4 clicks to do it, so its really no trouble at all

-did we mention you’ll be deleted?

Bug Infestation, and a Question…

All,  thanks for continued feedback.  We are aware a major issues under the heading of ‘missing blips’ (home feed, all stream, etc.) and we are actively working it - not that that makes anyone feel any better about it.  Sorry.

On an indirectly related note, enough folks have suggested it that we feel we should ask the question, how would folks react to a Kickstarter campaign to: (1) fix all that is broken and keep Blip going for another 12+ months [$100K+], (2) do a major refactoring of the code to bring it into the current decade and improve performance/reliability [$250K+], (3) add an iOS app [$500K+], (4) aggressively pursue growing Blip, new content, new experiences, etc. [$1MM+].  Just throwing it out there to see how many folks would definitely jump on board.  Probably would be structured at $50-100 per contribution, maybe contributors would get a unique badge not attainable by any other means, and free iOS app (if it ends up being a paid app) - that sort of thing.

Feel free to throw up all over it if you are so inclined.  Send thoughts to  Thanks.

Migration Migraine

Hi All!  The good news is all the recent activity you have seen means that real live human developers are once again working on Blip.  The bad news is we managed to break a few things along the way.  Well, the developers didn’t actually break them, Blip just isn’t a plug and play fit in the new server environment.  It will take a few more hammer blows to drive this thing home.

A number of you have asked why the change in servers.  The simple answer is the old setup was breaking the bank, and no money means no blip.  The change had to be made.  We realize it is very frustrating for a service you know and love to be buggy, and we are working hard to fix it.

Short term you can expect us to fix things at about the pace we are breaking other things.  Mid and longer term, the future’s so bright…

Quick update on servers

Several of you have been kind enough to point out that we did not include server stability in the list from the last post.  We are experimenting with some configurations to try to get both performance and cost in balance, so that means there may be a few more days of spotty performance.   This is happening in parallel to the other dev work that was listed.

Thanks again for your patience!